Friday, 7 March 2014

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

The Outcast VW Club are a Volkswagen club based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Charter Pub / Restaurant on the Bicester Road, in Aylesbury HP19 8AW. This months meet. although relatively small was encouraging due to numerous new vehicles attending.
Kevin came along in his lovely long wheelbase
T4, named The Grinch.

Kevin is a regular attendee, when work permits
and I never get tired of looking at his bus...
maybe it's the colour.!

Kevin has recently fitted a tracker to The
Grinch, well you never know.. there are a lot
of VW thefts.

My '69 US import, sparkling in the pub car
park lights.... or maybe not.

I'm so looking forward to the summer when I
can get about to shows and events in my bay.

OK not the prettiest bay, but in my eyes she
is. I recently put the dark window film on the
sliding window as the old stuff was peeling off,
Mmmm... not quite the colour match I was
hoping for.!!

The first of the newbies to attend the Outcast
Club was this cool T4, owned by Shaun (I think)
Really nice clean and straight bus, Shaun was
saying he has just had his wheels refurbed and

Shaun came along with his young son who was
happy to watch a DVD in the back while Shaun

Stuart came along in his '71 bay with it's 1671
cc motor with a turbo. Stuart is owner of
The Oil Droppers VW workshop, check out
his facebook page:!/oildroppers

Stuarts bay, Stuart keeps threatening to
paint his bus... yeah OK we believe you.

This lovely 1969 blue Karmann Ghia also
came along to our meet for the first time. It
belongs to a guy called Tom, I'm not sure
where he is from but he knows one or two
other Outcast members so hopefully he come
along again soon.

The Karmann Ghia is such a good looking
car, it was human it'd be Kylie Minogue, I

Why can't motor manufacturers make cars like
this anymore, instead of the usual box shapes
where they all look the same?

I do like this photo, it shows off the classic
shape of this early Karmann. 

Even the script is a work of art.

Kevin is a regular, but tonight Kevin brought
his son, who owns this lovely looking 66/67
beetle. Such a sweet looking car.

I think Kev's son (who's name I have
forgotten, but it's OK because I said I would
forget!) is a member of the Milton Keynes
Roundabout Club, another VW club based
about 20 miles from us.

How good does this bug look. I love the ride
height and those Fuchs wheels, oh and the
roof rack, and the colour....

Is that the perfect combination of ride height
and choice of wheels. I think Kevin said he
bought his son the wheels as a present.

Maybe a 'safety star' to finish off the rear end,
but apart from that nothing else required.

Dave is a regular member and came along in
his super clean '67 split screen. Dave was
saying he has just sorted out the throttle cable
due to it not operating as smooth as he
would like.

A really nice looking splitty, that Dave and
Angela intend to go travelling in later in the
year. Dave was saying he wants a photo of
his bus in front of the casino in Monte Carlo.

Another newbie to the club was this very nice
T4 in what looks like graphite paint. The owner
is Pete and hopefully we'll see him again.

Very clean and tidy bus. Pete was saying
he also had a MK1 caddy which he might bring
down to one of our meets one day, that's
something to look forward to.

Matthew and Caroline came down in their '69
US import in white over blue. This really is
a nice bus and like Dave's split screen, it's
always immaculate.

Such a sweet looking bus and you could eat
your dinner off Mathews wheels... as long as
Matthew didn't catch you doing it.

Rear end of Matthew and Caroline's bay. Their
tailgate is soon to have a design painted on,
watch this space for more information.

Another first timer was Ryan who owns this
1970(?) bay. I saw this at the Wolfsburg Weed
Huggers meet last week so I'm assuming Ryan
is a member of the WWH.

As I mentioned in my write up of the WWH
club meet, I do like the yellow headlight lenses
and the single yellow spot light.

This really is a nice looking bus, in white over
beige. It looks like another US import.

Jail bars, safety star and numerous stickers
add to this buses character.

Claude had to come along in his daily driver,
as his split screen Kombi is having some work
done on the interior.

James popped down in his cool looking high
top Type 25. I do like this bus.. with that high
top the space inside is amazing.

I do like these T25's, and is I didn't have my
bay I could easily have one myself.

The Outcast VW Club vehicle line up, not a
bad turn out considering it's still March and still
quite cold in the evenings. There was a lot of
regular members that couldn't attend for different
reasons, but hopefully they'll be back in the spring.

Kevin and his son leaving the meet, this bug
sounded as good as it looked.

A pair of RAT bay's, Ryan's '70 and Stuarts '71.

As usual Stuart and I were the last ones to

So that was the March monthly meet, not a
bad turnout all things considered. As the
nights get lighter and warmer, I'm hoping
the numbers will increase. It was really good
to see some members of other local clubs
as I believe we should try to attend each
others club meets to show our support
for each other.

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