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Outcast VW Club monthly meet

Throughout the year and especially during the summer months there are several local VW clubs that have monthly meets, The Wolfsburg Weedhuggers, The House of Dub, The Outcast VW Club and Oxdubz, to name but a few. Unfortunately a couple of these club nights fall on the same day, The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers and The House of Dub both hold their monthly meet on the last Wednesday of each month and as they are on different sides of the county I can't visit both so I have to decide which one I attend. I find this somewhat annoying as I'd like to attend both, so I've decided from now on I will visit each one alternately. That way I get to see more VW's and do a blog write up on each club meet and you the reader can see what's happening and what's new at each VW club, and it also means I can keep in touch with friends at both venues. I wish I  had thought about this at the start of the year... Anyway onto tonight's VW club meet, The Outcast VW club hold their monthly meet at The Charter public house on the A41 Bicester Road in Aylesbury, HP19 8AW on the first Thursday of each month. As the venue is just across the other side of town and less than a mile from where I live, it makes getting to this club meet an easy one to get to.

A newcomer to the Outcast club meets was
John in his newly acquired 1960 split screen.
John was saying he only purchased this bus
about 2 weeks ago after looking at several
not so nice ones, and even travelling to
Edinburgh in Scotland to view a potential

This really is one nice bus, finished is blue
and white satin paint with chrome domed
hubcaps, chrome bumpers and the chrome
window trim.

This California import is absolutely solid, as you
would expect coming from a 'dry' state. I don't
know what price John paid for this bus, but
whatever it was, it was worth it.

As the sun set, the satin paint and the chrome
bumpers seemed to come alive and change
the appearance of this gorgeous split.

The interior of John's '60 splitty isn't bad either
with lovely cream tuck and roll seat and
matching door cards and colour coded dash.
Very nice. 

Scott was back from Uni so he was able to
join us in his cool looking Lupo. This is a
nice clean car in a lovely colour and although
Scott talks about getting something else, I
wouldn't be in any hurry to change it.

Very clean and straight, economical and cheap
to run.. if only my bus was the same!

I did like the sticker in Scott's rear window...

Making their first appearance for almost a year
was James and Helen, who came over in Helen's
beetle, named 'Fanny'. To be fair to them both
they have recently just bought their first house
and have been decorating it throughout and
getting settled in, so it's no wonder they haven't
been over to the club meets.

Such a nice looking bug. James works on
classic cars all day, so keeping 'Fanny' in tip
top condition isn't going to be a problem.

Just to prove the beetle's name...

I recognise that rear end. My '69 microbus
looking a bit RAT, but forget the paint and the
rusty bumper, look at my newly purchased 3
bow roof rack.

I saw a guy on '' selling the rack
at a very reasonable price, and well sometimes
you just have to go for it and buy it.

Colin came along to the mid summer club meet
in his lovely red '70 deluxe bay. This is another
US import bus and very clean and straight it
is. I do like those side marker lights, if only
I could find some.

A gorgeous bus in a nice colour. I do like the
US style all red rear light lenses on a red bus,
especially if it has the deluxe trim as Colin's does.

The inside of Colin's '70 bay, very nice. I did
like the licence plates hanging up and the
'Vans' table. Colin seems to have much more
room than I do, but then I have a cooker unit,
and buddy seat etc.

Simon and his partner Amanda came to the
club meet in separate vehicles. This is Simon's
T4 that he has big plans for, watch this space
for the progress on his plans.

A nice looking and straight T4 that I think Simon
said he may get painted at some point.

Amanda followed Simon over in her silver
Golf. Apart from the odd wheels (!) this is
a really nice car, again very clean and straight.

Amanda's 'kiss arse' registration always makes
me smile.

Steve is having some running issues with his
white 1970 beetle so he came along in his
daily driver, a white Golf. Hopefully Steve will
sort the bug out soon so he'll be able to come
to next month's meet in his air cooled ride.

It doesn't really matter what vehicle club
members turn up in, it's always nice to see
them. Steve's Golf is very nice and looking
stunning in the immaculate white paint.

Joe brought his awesome looking Baja along
with it's freshly painted patina paint scheme.

This is a seriously cool ride, I love the paint,
all those lights on the front and those massive

The paint was done by 'Paint shop pro's' and
looks the business. This looks like it would
be so much fun to drive around in.

Now that's what you call a rear end.

A random photo of the club meet early in the
evening. The location for our club meet is ideal.
We have a proper car park virtually to ourselves.
And with cold beer and good food available from
the pub what more could you want.

Another couple we haven't seen for some
time was Elliott and Alanna who came over
in Elliott's daily driver this lovely red Polo.
Elliott has a bad back and didn't think driving
his 1970 beetle over to the club meet would
help much, wise choice Elliott.

Another very nice water cooled VW in bright
red. Elliott's beetle is also red, albeit a cherry
red. Funny how both Steve's Golf and Elliot's
Polo are in the same colour as the air cooled

Dave and Angela also came along in Dave's
daily driver, this Volvo estate. Dave and
Angela are off soon on a road trip to the
South of France and Monaco in their '67
split screen. Dave wants to get a photo of
their bus outside the casino in Monaco.

Stuart and Tim came along in Stuarts turbo
powered '71 bay. Stuart is the owner of 'Oil
Droppers' VW workshop and works on a lot
of the outcast vehicles.

As the saying goes, 'if you've got it, flaunt it'
and Stuart regularly does by showing off that
big turbo.

Adrian came all the way over from Oxfordshire
in his '69 bug with a couple of friends. Adrian's
bug is very similar to my bus in the looks
department, but then it's a personal choice.

As well as this bug, Adrian also owns a late
bay Fire Bus which he uses to move all his VW
stuff to and from shows. Adrian will be trading
at VW Island next month so if your going to
this show, stop by and say hello.

Kevin came along in his distinctive red and
white '71 beetle. I like to see shiny show
winner VWdubs, but I prefer to see home
grown VW's built with the owners influence.

A perfect setting for a club meet on a hot
summers evening.

Richard came along with his partner to their
first Outcast club meet in their lovely red
Golf convertible. Richard was saying he
bought this for next to nothing, which was
a real bargain.

A lovely looking rag top in glorious red paint
with a straight body. This was a very good

Claude and his partner Jean came along in
Claude's lovely 1960 split screen kombi.
Claude purchased the bra in the states and
I think makes the front end stand out.

Claude's 'Tesoro' kombi shining in the evening
sun. The narrow front end is that narrow the
front wheel is only just showing under the bus.

A rare glimpse into Claude's engine bay and his
1641cc motor with twin Dellorto carbs with a
Scat C35 cam.

Pete posing with his lovely grey T4. Pete
has a new sunroof fitted which explains the
chuffed expression.

That's far enough back Pete... !

Gary came along in his newly acquired '72
bay. I think Gary bought this for something
ridiculous like £4000 after the previous owner
had spent thousands on restoring this bus.

Such a nice looking bus in a nice colour
scheme. I understand the next thing on Gary's
list is to lower the bus, then maybe a set of

Kez came along in her Mazda daily driver.
The last time I mentioned Kez, I said that I
think she has got all the teething problems
sorted out and that her bus seems to be
getting reliable. Recently Kez and her mate
went on a road trip to Croyde in Devon, and
halfway there the engine gave up. It needs
new pistons / barrels and heads. Maybe that
was the writers curse, so in an attempt to
reverse Kez's luck, this time I'm going to say
that Kez's '79 bay is so unreliable and always
breaks down, and that it cannot even get out
of town without something going wrong.
There Kez, that should do it.

So that was the mid summer Outcast VW
Club monthly meet. Overall a brilliant evening
with some really nice VW's, great company
in a great location. It was especially nice
to see those members we hadn't seen for a
while, and we hope they don't leave it so long
before coming back again. I think I counted
19 VW's a one point during the evening which
is really good. So here's to next month which
we hope has an equally impressive number
of vehicles.

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