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Brill Village Fun Day with Classic Car Show.

Each year on the August bank holiday Sunday the small picturesque hilltop village of Brill, nestled deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside holds a fun day with beer festival and a classic car & sports show. This really is a good one day show that I and a few friends have attended before there is always plenty to do including: Craft stalls, face painting and junior disco and merry-go-round for the children, steam engine display, penalty shoot out, cream teas, Beer festival with plenty of traditional local beers to try and of course plenty of classic and sports cars. I created an event on Facebook so fellow Outcast VW club members could see the event and attend if they wanted. Check out the Outcast VW club facebook page here:!/
We had arranged to meet James and Helen en-route at the Thame service station, in Thame at midday.

I arrived at the Charter Pub first, so while I was
waiting for the others I decided to take a photo
of my cab area, not the prettiest but so far it's
been reliable.

Ellie, Andy and Esmé arrived shortly after me
in Ellie's Golf.

After a 9 mile cruise we met James and Helen,
in Helen's bright yellow and white '73 beetle
at the service station, which had a Burger King
on the site so it would be rude not to get a
burger and coke, right.?

James and Helen led the cruise to the show
in Helen's beetle named 'Fanny' which was
about 2 miles from the service station.

We arrived at the show and immediately saw
Mathew and Julie's 1972 crossover bay.
Matthew has been a 'facebook' friend of
mine for some time and this was the first time
we had actually met.

Matthew's bay is really clean and straight and
the Savanna Beige paintwork was immaculate.
Matthew and Julie were very nice people as
were their 2 little girls and I hope to see them
again at another show somewhere.

Air-cooled line up at the classic car show, more
VW's did turn up, but by then, due to the parking
they were all parked up around the show.

Stuart, Tim and Amelia turned up shortly after
us, and managed to get in the same line as us.
Stuarts '71 early bay, which rumour has it
will be painted soon.

Stuarts bay has been in red oxide for so long
now, it'll seem strange to see it painted.

The interior of Stuarts bay is, I think a Devon
weekender which is all original and by all
accounts quite rare.

My '69 microbus enjoying the bank holiday

Looking across to the shiny side of the line up,
Helen's beetle and Matthew's Bay both
freshly polished and both looking good.

A lovely 1970 Mini Clubman with wide wheels,
flared wheel arches and bonnet straps. These
are getting quite rare and this race inspired
model looked great and in such good

A gorgeous 1967 series one bright red Jaguar
E-Type coupe. This one had the 4.2 litre
engine and with super straight body work with
the classic lines only an E-Type has.

The E-Type was produced from 1961 - 1975
and has been ranked in the worlds 'top 100
most beautiful cars' and it isn't hard to see why.

A classic British hot rod is the Ford Popular
and this super bright yellow example was a
really nice looking rod. Featuring Centerline
wheels and a louvred bonnet and single
colour paint.

The power plant in this rod is a tried and
trusted Rover V8, with an auto box. The
Eddlebrock air filter adds a bit of sparkle
under the hood.

With oversize rear wings, to accommodate the
huge wheels and 'tear drop' tail lights, a
'frenched' boot lid, and exhausts exiting the
car in front of the rear wings this 'Pop' has
all the requirements needed to be a true
British rod.

Continuing the British rod set up, this '60's
Ford had the Jaguar chromed rear axle.

This Chrysler Valiant Charger looked awesome
in it's yellow and black paint scheme. A true
American classic from 1973. This one had the
265ci engine with the 3 speed manual box.

Such a tough looking muscle car, from the
era when cars were cars and not hybrid
monstrosities of today.

Joe and Kerry are members of the Wolfsburg
Weed Huggers VW Club based in Amersham
and they drove over in Joe's newly acquired
beach buggy. Even in August in the U.K.
it can get chilly.. just ask Joe and Kerry who
were a bit cold having drove over here with no

Joe also owns a gorgeous early bay, so this
buggy is his fun play thing.

Looking forward from the rear of Joe's buggy,
super high back seats with 4 point harness
make sure Joe and Kerry are at least safe, if
not warm.

The unmistakable shape of the Triumph
TR6. The TR6 was produced from 1969 -
1976 and almost 95,000 were made.

The TR6 featured a 2.5 litre six cylinder in line
engine with a 4 speed manual gearbox with
the option of overdrive.

An immaculate 1966 Chevrolet Nova. These
compact muscle cars had a 194 cu in in line
straight six engine and either a 3/4 speed
manual or a 2 speed power glide gearbox.

The '66 - '67 Nova's featured the semi fast-
back roof, which I think makes the style very
tough looking. Add to the tough styling a
super coat of red paint and a set of
polished American racing wheels and you
have one tough looking ride.

I do like American pick up trucks and this 1970
F100 is a beauty. This is the fifth generation
of the F series pick up. The fifth generation
had a choice of six engine sizes and came in
either a 2 door or 4 door models.

Another mate of mine Mark, came over in his
very distinctive crossover bay. Mark is a
member of The House of Dub VW Club.
This bay has a 2 litre motor fitted which Mark
makes full use of.

Mark has so many accessories / stickers on his
bay that it almost qualifies as a show by it's

This mk1 Ford Escort Mexico is a blast from
my youth. These were the only car to have if
you wanted to get noticed. During the 1960's
- 1970's Ford were practically unbeaten in
rallying with  Hannu Mikkola winning the 1970
London to Mexico rally.

Classic paint scheme on the 1973 model made
the Mexico stand out from the other Ford Escort
models available at the time.

The Classic car show at Brill is a very chilled
out one day show. Time for a natter with
Stuart, Helen and James while I make a cup
of tea.

Tony (Big T) came over in his super clean
square back. This super straight gloss black
beauty never fails to draw a crowd at shows.

Tony's '67 rides on air suspension and features
a super narrow front end. The reflection in
the gloss black down the side of the square
looks like a mirror.

Nathan, popped over in his bright yellow
beach buggy. I do like this buggy, with the
polished side pods.

Nathan couldn't stay long due to family
commitments, but it was great to see him and
his buggy at the show.

Anthony came over with Tony and Nathan
in his RAT looking notch back. Tony, Nathan
and Anthony are all members of Ox-Dubz VW
Club, based in Oxfordshire

This is another of those cars that I never get
tired of looking at.

Rear ends of Nathan's buggy and Tony's
square back.

Anthony's notch and Nathans Buggy drawing
the crowds at the show.

The rear ends of my bay, Helen's beetle and
Matthew's crossover bay. Matthew's wife
Julie, overheard a comment from some people
looking at my bay, they said that if I used a
particular product it would remove the rust
from my rear bumper....What!  it has taken
me years to get it looking like that.!

So that was the Brill fun day with classic
car show and beer festival 2014. A really
good day out for all the family, a good selection
of classic cars and a good selection of
air-cooled VW's were on show this year.
It was great to catch up with old friends and
to make new friends, the weather was good,
and the company was better. Overall a
very good day out.

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