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Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

On the first Thursday of each month the Outcast VW Club hold their monthly club meet at The Charter public house on the A41 Bicester Road in Aylesbury, Bucks from 7.00pm. This months club meet was basked in summer sunshine which in Britain, even in the summer is to be appreciated.
Sam came down in his '69 / 70 off road style
beetle. Sitting quite high and with the running
boards removed it's designed to give more
ground clearance.

The twin wheel set over the deck lid is there to
aid traction when competing in a muddy hill

Close up of Sam's bonnet with decal.

Home made exhaust system utilising a Micron
motorcycle silencer, again tucked up out of the
way for more ground clearance.

Kevin came along in a beetle I hadn't seen
before, a nice looking blue '69 model.

Kevin normally attends our club meet in a red
beetle in a very similar style to Sam's red bug
above. It must be a family thing as Kevin and
Sam are father and son.

My '69 microbus with the newly purchased
3 bow roof rack. It looked a bit bare once I
had fitted it so I found an old army green
jerry can I had lying around, so on the rack
it went just to stop the rack looking so bare.

About the only thing on my bus that shines is
the Porsche 356 replica wheels with domed
VW hubcaps.

Another recent purchase is the small rusty
figure of  'Mr. Bobblehead'. I made a bracket
up to use the bumper mounting bolts rather
drilling a new hole in the bumper.

Dave and Angela came down to the club meet
in their '67 white over blue split screen.

Dave and Angela and their daughter Louise
have just got back from a road trip to the
south of France, taking in Monte Carlo. The
round trip in their bus was just over 2000 miles
and the bus never missed a beat, very impressive.

Where Dave and Angela spent a lot of their
time on the road trip. It looks like a comfortable
place to eat up the miles.

Custom interior in Dave's split screen, looks
smart and functional

The rear of Dave and Angela's bus looking
very comfortable and well equipped.

Stuart and his son Tim came along in Stuart's
1970 beetle.

A nice looking bug in a nice shade of green
that attracts a lot of interest wherever it goes.

Stuart found this cool looking spotlight at a
car boot sale and I think he paid less than £5
for it, and that's why we go to car boot sales.

Andy popped down in his gorgeous1970 baby
blue and white deluxe early bay. The full length
roof rack came off Andy's split screen panel van.

Andy and his partner Annaliese have owned
this US imported bay window for about 18
months and it is now on the road. This bus
was a non runner when Andy and Annaliese
bought it but Andy has done a lot of work to
get it to the state including replacing the engine
with the unit out of his split screen into it.

OK, the bay is on the road and everything
works, it just needs some cosmetic tidying.
But then again if it works, why tempt fate
and start moving wires around.

Tom and his Sara came along in their super
straight and super clean 1970 royal blue and
white Karmann Ghia.

Karmann's are such beautiful looking cars with
lovely flowing body lines, add to that super
straight body panels coated in a flawless coat
of paint and it's about as close to perfection as
you can get.

Unmistakable rear end of the Karmann.

Interior looks standard and finished to an
extremely high standard.

It's all about the detail and the head rests of
the high back seats have some neat stitch work.

Kevin popped down in his lovely T4, named
'The Grinch' This bus always looks immaculate
and the green colour looked amazing in the

A new addition to Kevin's bus in the tail gate.
Kevin used to have barn doors, but these were
not practical and not to Kevin's liking so he
purchased a tail gate. The colour match on the
tail gate and also on the rear spoiler is excellent.

A custom badge on Kevin's new tail gate with
the van's name engraved.

Scott had a break from University so he came
down to the club meet in his lovely looking
Lupo. Green was definitely the 'in' colour
at this months club meet.

Very nice looking Lupo which is cheap to run
and as any University student will you that's
what they want, no it's what they need.

Ellie and her daughter Esmé came down in
Ellie's 1974 Golf. This Golf has had a fair
amount of work done on it over the last year
or so, but when you dad owns a VW repair
shop it's not a problem.

From this photo, I actually thought Ellie had
washed 'Nancy' but it must be a trick of the

Ellie recently added 2 decals with the car's
name on. I wonder if those mud splashes
are decals too?

I didn't catch the name of the owner of this
1973 late bay, but I know he's friends of
Andy and Annaliese and lives local. This
is a very clean looking bay.

The reflection shows the body to be very straight
and the colour choice accentuates this. Hopefully
we'll see this bay again at our club meet again
in the near future.

Custom interior in the late bay has everything
you need for the van life.

Claude came along in his 1960 split screen

This is such a lovely looking Kombi that has
done some serious mileage over the years with
Claude regularly visiting some European VW

A rare photo of Claude's interior, looking in
from the rear window.

Simon popped down to the meet in his '76 red
and Black T4. A nice clean bus that does
exactly what it says on the tin.

I do like these T4's and Simon has had a few
over the past couple of years. I would like one
as a daily driver, and keep my bay just for
pleasure use.

Amanda followed her partner Simon down to
the club meet in her silver Golf.

Profile photo of Amanda's Golf looking good.

Steve and Pauline came down to our monthly
meet in their 1970 Beetle finished in brilliant

Nice shot of Steve's '70 bug parked up in the
spacious car park at The Charter.

Interior of Steve and Pauline's bug, all looks
pretty much original and just as VW designed.

A neat looking decal on Steve's petrol flap.

A random photo of my bay, alongside Kevin's
and Sam's beetles.

So that was the August Outcast VW Club
monthly meet. Overall a great night with
some good friends and plenty of VW's both
air-cooled and water cooled. It's good to
have a monthly meet, as it enables you to
catch up with friends and just to keep in
touch. We meet on the first Thursday of
each month and everyone is welcome and
guaranteed a warm and friendly greeting.
So we'll see you next month at The Charter
pub, on the A41 Bicester Road, Aylesbury,
Bucks, HP19 8AW.

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