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Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

The Outcast VW Club was formed about 2 years ago by Claude Buisan, Stuart Munro and myself because as VW owners we wanted a regular meet of local like minded people. The idea was to meet once a month on a very informal basis to discuss everything related to our VeeDubs. We could pick each others brains on any issues we had with our particular ride, or give advice and assistance where we could to help keep our beloved VW on the road. In the last 2 years the club has grown and our facebook page has 151members. (check out our fb page here):!/
Since those early days the format is still the same, with help and advice given freely by our members, but the social side is also an important factor, with members becoming friends over the years and discussing all sort of things not related to Volkswagen's. The success of our club is due ( I think) to not having anyone in control of the club. It is a members club for the members, and the members attend the monthly as and when they can without any pressure. Our club meet is held at The Charter Pub, on the Bicester Road in Aylesbury, Bucks. HP19 8AW from 7.00pm onwards.

Steve came along to our anniversary club
meet in his lovely 1970 Beetle finished in
brilliant white.

This is a really clean looking Bug. The roof-
rack, wide rear wings and deck lid hinged
away from the body give the beetle a very
distinctive look.

My '69 bay enjoying the company of other
VW's at the Outcast Club monthly meet.

Just for a change I thought I'd treat you to a
picture of my rear side window, complete with

It doesn't matter what condition your ride is
in, you always think it's the best, well I certainly
think that about my bus!

Sam and Kevin came along in Sam's '69 trial
look Beetle. This is a true RAT looking bug,
and I think it looks awesome. Sam & Kevin
have just replaced the front brakes on this
bug, not before time from what I heard!.

Rear end of Sam's Beetle, I'm loving the
camber of those rear wheels. The 2 spare
wheels on the engine lid are to aid traction
when Sam goes off road Trialing.

Dave popped down to our club meeting his
lovely white over blue 1967 split screen, with
matching colour coded bra.

This spilt screen is so clean, it is also one of
the most reliable buses I know of... mind you,
Dave does keep it very well maintained.

A rare photo of Dave's 1955cc motor. How
clean is this motor. If only mine looked like
that. A neat touch was the gas strut on the
engine lid.

Dave and his partner Angela spend so much
time in this splitty that this sign is very apt.

Another split screen in a very similar colour to
Dave's, except this has a satin finish and is
an earlier model an easily identified by the
bullet front indicators. The chrome bumpers
really make this bus stand out.

This gorgeous bus is owned by John who is
a relatively new member. This may be a bold
statement, but I think this is one of the best
split screens I have seen.

Nice photo showing the 2 splittys showing
off their rear ends.

Pete popped down in his graphite grey T4.
This '75 model is really nice and the more I
see these T4's, the more I'd like one.

Very straight and very clean, proved by the
super straight reflection along the side of
Pete's ride.

Scott came along in his lovely 1981 Lupo
finished in a lovely deep green. Scott has been
busy by adding a bra / wind deflector and a few
other modifications.

This is such a clean and straight car that
anyone would like to own, especially to use as
a daily driver.

Stuart and Tim came along in Stuart's '71
bay window. This bus is so recognisable with
it's painted chequered front, and the red oxide
painted body.

A better look at Stuart's bay with his company
logo on the drivers door.

Judging by the rear and side of Stuart's bay,
maybe the rumours are right, maybe Stuart
is going to finally paint his bus.

Kerry came along to our club meet in her
gorgeous looking '79 late bay finished in,
I think Sierra Yellow. Whatever colour it
is I like it. Kerry has been polishing her
bay and doesn't it look good for it.

Kerry hasn't had the best of luck with this bay,
however now she has a replacement 2.0l
motor fitted and a few electrical problems
sorted out, hopefully it'll prove to a reliable
ride now. Fingers crossed Kerry.

The Outcast VW club line up early in the
evening, a few more did turn up later in the

We had a visitor from a guy just driving past
our club meet and he decided to pop in to take
a look at our vehicles, and we're glad he did.

This may look, at first glance like a normal
Mk 2 Golf but upon closer inspection it soon
became apparent this was something special.

Yes, it's an original G60. These G60's were
produced from 1988 to 1993 and I believe only
a limited number were produced. They have
a 1781cc engine with a supercharger.

Continuing the Golf theme, Amanda came
along in her very clean looking sliver Mk.3.

Her very distinctive registration number
(reading as 'kiss arse') always makes
people smile and now that she has a
complete set of matching wheels this Golf
looks even better and stands out from the
other Mk. 3 Golf's.

A close up of Amanda's wheels. For ages
Amanda ran her golf with different wheels,
at front and back but now she has a set of
these bad boys fitted it makes her Golf look
so much better.

Amanda's partner, Simon followed Amanda
to the club meet in his 1976 T4. The light
in the grill is Simon's trademark and I think
this has been fitted in almost every vehicle
Simon has owned.

A nice looking T4, with Simon and Amanda's
company logo in the rear window.

So that was the September monthly meet of
the Outcast VW club. Overall a very enjoyable
evening with some good friends, and plenty of
cool VW's, both air cooled and water cooled.
It's difficult as I think any club will tell you,
to get all the members together for a club meet
as we all have family / work commitments but
the Outcast club members are a loyal bunch
and they attend whenever they can. We are
an open club, so if your local and fancy a
drive down on the first Thursday of the month
you'll be made to feel very welcome.

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