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DTA, VW and Porsche Club, End of Season Show, part 3 of 3.

Welcome to my third and final instalment of the DTA end of season meet, which was held on Sunday 19th October at the old James Cond printing works in Birmingham, England. The review continues as my friend Claude and I wander around the old printing works which has now been converted into a car park, admiring all the classic air cooled Volkswagen's on show. If you have missed the first two instalments on this review, or you just want to see plenty more reviews on other VW shows and events, you can find them all in 'My Blog Archive' to the left of this page. Simply click on an arrow next to a particular year, then click on an arrow for a particular month and this will give you a drop down menu for all my blog entries for that month.
This Mk1 Golf was absolutely insane, It was sat
virtually on the ground with a super narrowed
front beam and some really cool 'Centreline'
look-a-like wheels that were highly polished. 

You can see just how low this Mk1 really is.
I think the body was sat on what looked like
a modified beetle floor pan.

I had no idea what engine powered this Golf,
 but I'm sure I heard someone say it was a
3 cylinder rotary engine.

A 1959 Rometsch Lawerence coupe, with a
hand built aluminium body, over a steel and
wooden frame which would have taken
approximately 1000 man hours to create.

The Berlin based workshop only created about
250 of these coupe's, and to buy one new
would have cost 8000 Deutsche marks, which was
twice the price of it's rival at the time, the
Karmann Ghia. This Rometsch in this condition
is probably now worth well over US $40,000. It
was designed by Bert Lawerence, and the body
sits on modified beetle chassis, the radical design
won the Golden Rose Award of Geneva in 1957.

The interior of the Rometsch is a bit sparse,
but where would you even start looking for
original interior trim for this car?

Looking across one of the halls at the DTA
end of season meet. The early bay on the left
has featured on my blog before, it suffered from
quite a serious fire in the engine bay. The bus
was rebuilt but the owner decided not to repaint
the body, he just lacquered over the damage.
And I have to say, it does look good like that.

Every parking place was full of lovely air cooled
Volkswagen's. Every model, most years and
every style imaginable.

Fantastic photo showing the diversity of all the
vehicles at the DTA meet. Early Beetles, a very
rare Rometsch, and split screen buses all in
one great covered location.

Karmann Ghia's, early Porsche's, Beetles,
early / late bay's and spilt screens were all on
show at this annual end of season meet.

This really was an ideal location for the DTA
clubs end of season meet and the allocated
parking spaces were full by 10.00am.

These beautiful classic VW's looked great with
the industrial brickwork of the old printing works
in the background.

Outside in the overflow car park these two
deluxe split screen's parked up together
in the overflow car park. A green 1964 with a
slight RAT look going on, and a 1965 white
over silver bus all painted. Two splitty's, but
they look so different yet both are so nice.

Also in the car park was this gorgeous jet black
single cab split screen pick up. The finish on
this paint was amazing and it shows in the
mile deep reflection.

The overflow car park had some seriously
cool vehicles which would not have looked
out of place inside the venue.

I loved the colour of this imported early bay,
it looked like something straight out of the
1960's with it's white over bronze paint. I did
like the high ride height on this deluxe bay and
the twin roof racks.

This baby blue 1969 Karmann Ghia looked
great parked up in the sunshine. This really
was a clean and straight car and it was quite
unusual to have the roof painted the same
as the body, but it works really well.

This mint green Beetle stood out in the car
park, as the colour was so bright. I do like
those BRM wheels, and the twin yellow spot
lights on that towel rail front bumper. A nice
accessory were the 'Empi' badges on the
cars A posts.

This 1979 late bay panel van was really nice.
I have a liking for panel van's and this light
blue van was really straight and finished to
a very high standard. A neat touch was the
mesh sun visor.

This 1967 Beetle looked like work in progress,
but that that's OK, its on the road and attending
the shows and that is all that matters.

A lovely 1965 split screen in light grey paint.
There is nothing flash or fancy about this bus,
but it's simple plain look is what I liked about it.

This lovely 1970 imported bay looked great
in it's new colour. I have seen this bus on
the 'early bay appreciation society' page on
face book when it was blue, but the owner
spent 3 weeks sanding off the blue paint to
reveal a much better patina'd red colour. 

Looks like the owner still has a little bit more
sanding down to go to get the rest of that nasty
blue colour off. This is such a sweet looking bus.

A late bay on the left and an early bay on the
right parked up opposite the venue. Both these
buses looked great especially against the stark
 industrial buildings in the background.

This gorgeous U.S. import belongs to friends
of mine, Zoe and Spike from 'The House of Dub'
VW Club. This solid bus is from the sunny state
of Arizona and has a 1641cc engine and is 
currently up for sale on e-bay for a modest
£11,995. This really is very a nice looking
bus and very reliable too. So if your looking
for a nice solid imported early bay check
out e-bay (Item No. 301350769704) or 
send Zoe or Spike a message via the
'Official House of Dub' face book page:!/groups/houseofdubvwclub/

A 1970 Beetle parked up on the outside the
old printing works on the old cobbled streets
of Birmingham city centre. This Bug had a few
knocks and bumps, but that's OK, it was road
legal and still on the road attending shows.

 I was trying to get all artistic here... looking at
the reflection of the old printing works in the
(above) 1970 Beetle's hub cap.

Back in the car park I noticed the stunning
early split screen, in a lovely shade of brown
over white with matching steel wheels with
white wall tyres.

This bus was finished to such a high standard,
just look how straight that rear upper rear
quarter is, and how well the reflection is.

Opposite the overflow car park and just around
the corner from the DTA meet venue, I saw
two low loader recovery trucks and a T25 with
a trailer.. you'd never guess there was an air
cooled VW gathering taking place.!!

On the way back from Birmingham City centre
Claude and I decided to take a break from the
motorway driving and have comfort stop and
get some much needed caffeine. Claude's 1960
kombi and my 1969 bay parked up in the car
park at the M40 services.

So that was the DTA end of season meet for
2014. I am so glad I saw the post on face book
about this VW event, as it was a fantastic day
out. There were so many amazing VW's of
all descriptions at the meet and many of which
I hadn't seen before. This event will definitely
go on my calendar for 2015. A massive thanks
and well done to all the DTA members for putting
on such an incredible, very well attended meet
in such an ideal location. See you all in 2015.

My next review is of the Slough Swap meet. (to
be posted next Saturday),The Slough Swap meet
is an air cooled VW table top sale / auto jumble event
held in the Montem Sports Hall, in Slough. So don't
forget to come back soon to read all about the event.

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