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Slough Swapmeet 2014.

The Slough Swap meet is a table top sale / auto jumble that is held in late October or early November and it is traditionally the last VW event of the calender here in the south of the U.K. For various personal reasons I have not attended this event for at least 2 years, so I was quite looking forward to revisiting this annual event to see what, if anything had changed. This years Swap meet was held on Sunday 2nd November at the Montem Leisure Centre, Montem Road in Slough SL1 2QG and it was being being run by a new team as the old organisers had moved onto different things. The new organisers had done a good job of promoting this years swap meet through the usual social media channels, and for the first time they were giving away 'goodie' bags upon entry to the event and had even organised 'King of the car park' trophies for the best vehicles parked up in the public car park.

I met Claude, Stuart and Tim, bright and early
on the Sunday morning at the local superstore.
 My green 1969 bay, Claude's 1960 Kombi and
Stuart's 1971 red oxide early bay.

En-route to the sports centre we drove through
torrential rain, but by the time we arrived the
rain had virtually stopped, which may have
helped us get parking spaces in the main car
park. Here Claude's 1960 kombi parked up
in a row of split screen buses. This is a public
car park, which means you have to park where
you can.

A gorgeous crew cab split screen pick up in a
white over a lovely green lower half. I have seen
this crew cab a few times before and it looks
better every time I see it.

Just one of the row's in the car park. Plenty of 
Beetle's, a Notchback, an early Bay and a
Split Screen. These guy's must have also
braved the torrential rain to get here so early.

A gorgeous single cab split screen in light grey
over white with matching steel wheels.This really
was a nice and clean pick up.

I think the passenger in the single cab could
do with one of the bacon rolls that were on
sale at the swap meet.

This early oval beetle looked great in that nice
shade of blue (Dove blue I think, although I
could be wrong) and with those Cosmic wheels.

Such a nice looking car, there really is some-
thing about the body lines on an early oval that
is just so beautiful.

Another 2 oval bug's, the first is a lovely gloss
black. What a difference a colour makes, the
blue one above and this black one look so
different, but they are both the same car.

I did like this Beetle, the steel wheels with the
domed hub caps and along with front and
rear bumpers this Bug looked close to original.

The same goes to the 3rd oval in this row, I
do like the original look on these early oval's.

I don't know who drove this cool early looking
beach buggy to the swap meet, but I do know
the driver was very brave. The poor guy must
have been soaked on the drive down.

My '69 bay looking a bit damp in the sports
centre car park. Even though It had almost
stopped raining when this photo was taken,
Claude, Stuart and I decided to head indoors
and go to the swap meet. 

The Montem sports hall isn't the biggest hall
in the world, but it was surprising how many
traders they could fit into it.

Traders from all over the UK, and I even saw a
couple of traders from Europe selling almost
anything you could think of for air cooled VW's.

Yes I know it's a 1965 Chevrolet C-10 truck in
red primer at a Volkswagen swap meet, but
you just couldn't turn it away, could you?

A lovely looking truck, by the way that isn't a
painted design down the side of the pick up
bed, it's where the red oxide paint is drying out
now that the rain has stopped.

A stunning early Beetle in a very unusual but
gorgeous brown colour. I did like those wheels
which made the car stand out even more than
the paint.

This Beetle had some really nice discreet old
skool pinstriping on the wing tops and on the
bonnet, it's all about the detail.

Four split screens parked up in the sports hall
car park. Various years and different styles,
variety really is the spice of life in Slough.

Considering the awful weather on the morning
of the event, the number of air cooled VW's
that attended the swap meet was to say the
least, very impressive.

How low can you go.. This late split screen
shows you how low you can go without using
hydraulic suspension.

Now that is low...

Beetle's galore parked up at the Montem
Sports Centre, again so many different years
and even more different styles.

Looking along just on of the lines in the car
park. You can see what I mean about so many
different types of air cooled vehicles. Hang on,
is that a little bit of blue sky I can see?

This early Beetle may not be to everyone's taste
but I think it's great. The last time I saw this Bug
was at the Volksworld show, way back in March
this year, and the car looks exactly the same.
That green stain on the bonnet is actually some
form of moss / mildew,

This is just about perfect, very very RAT but
so cool. I did like the twin yellow spots on the
roof rack along with the CB radio antenna.

The moss / mildew is on most of the panels
on this early oval bug. I'm not sure if you can
make it out but on the air vents under the rear
window is a really neat old skool 3rd brake

This baby blue beetle stood out from the other
beetle's, not only due to it's lovely blue body but
also because of the cream coloured steel
wheels with the correct hub caps (for the year)
and the finishing touch were the white wall
tyres which suited the car perfectly.

It's not unusual to see a  'Herbie' replica at a
VW event or show but this race themed style
version was a bit different.

The 'Centreline' style wheels, the raised engine
lid and that massive Stinger exhaust made this
replica love bug unique.

This single cab split screen pick up looked
striking in it's contrasting paint scheme with
those Fuchs wheels.

How about this for a car park photo, air cooled
VW's as far as the eye can see. As I mentioned
earlier, the car park was open for the members
of the sports hall, I can imagine their faces when
they arrived for an early Sunday morning swim,
and were confronted with all these VW's.

I would say the VW's took up about 3/4 of the
parking spaces available. Here a Variant, fast
back and notch back all parked up together.

There really was a vast diversity of air cooled
VW's at the Slough Swap meet, which when
you think how poor the weather was first thing
in the morning, is a testament to all the
dedicated VW owners that came along.

This early bay was lovely, it was looking very
RAT and with a narrowed front beam and
painted steels. It also had yellow perspex side
windows (which sounds YUK but it actually
looked really good. I thought I had a side
photo of this bus, but I haven't)

Next to the early bay, was this 1967 split screen
that had been hit with the lowering stick.You
can see how low this splitty by the early bays
in the background.

Another 1967 split screen in a very RAT look
condition. This had been lowered and has what
looks like a narrowed front end. It doesn't matter
how RAT looking a splitty is, or any other VW
for that matter, they still look gorgeous.  

Claude's 1960 kombi split screen runs a strong
1641cc motor with twin Dellorto carbs and a
Scat C35 cam. Since purchasing the 'Tesoro'
bus Claude has slammed it, with a narrow beam,
with disc brakes a new gearbox and straight axle.

A lovely 1970 / 71 Karmann Ghia finished in
bright white. This two year only model looked
very much original and in amazing condition.

This U.S. import has the larger tail lights with 
integrated reversing lights and the larger wrap
around turn signals. The whole light cluster
design changed in 1972.

An absolutely immaculate early split screen in
a gorgeous white over light grey paint scheme
with matching steel wheels.

Hey, it doesn't matter this this old bug has the
odd dent and scratch, or that the door is not the
same colour as the rest of the body... why not
I hear you ask?...

Because it's an pre 1957 oval window, that's
why. OK I know there were at least 6 oval's at
the swap meet, but these are quite rare, so to
have one on the road in any condition is quite
a feat in its self, and always good to see.

Another pre '57 oval this time finished in a
lovely light silver colour. I don't know if this
an original colour, (I doubt it) but it really does
suit the car.

The classic and beautiful lines of an oval bug.
I did like that blind in the rear window.

This race inspired Beetle belongs to Jonny, a
member of The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW
club based in Penn St, in Bucks.

Empi air scoops and a neat little spoiler are
nice accessories, as are that big exhaust and
those large rear tyres.

An early spilt screen crew cab pick up that
looked great with that cyclopes light on the
cab roof. The old style canvas cover over the
pick up bed was nice as were the sign written
doors and the harp style mirror stems.

This mid 1960's Karmann Ghia finished in a
very light grey colour looked lovely parked up
on the kerb. Those low profile tyres on the 5
spoke wheels not only looked good but also
added to the low ride height.

Ok, it is parked on a kerb, but even so this is
one seriously lowered Ghia. This style of tail
light denotes the car was produced from 1960
- 1969, and as they are all red, I'm guessing
this is a U.S. import.

This 1967 crew cab split screen pick up was
immaculate. The colour coded steel wheels
looked great on the narrowed front beam.

How's this for an immaculate pick up bed. The
paint and those lovely wood strips all looked
brand new. This really was a nice crew cab
that does get driven, even in the rain to Slough.

The engine compartment was as clean as the
rest of the bodywork. The engine with those
twin carb's was amazingly clean seeing as the
truck had just driven through the rain.

So that was the Slough Swapmeet for 2014.
Overall a very enjoyable day with an amazing
collection of air cooled VW's in the car park,
whilst inside the sports hall it had a very good
variety of trade and auto jumble stands to
ensure a comprehensive collection of new
and old parts and accessories for almost every
air cooled VW. I'll be going back again next
year, and hopefully the weather will be better.
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