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Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

The Outcast VW Club is an air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen club located in Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire. As well as organising drive outs to numerous shows and events throughout the season we also hold a monthly club meet on the first Thursday of each month throughout the year at The Charter Pub, Rimmington Way, off the A41 Bicester Road in Aylesbury, HP19 8BE. The Charter is an excellent venue for a club meet, it's close to the town centre yet situated on the main A41 through the town. It has a well light spacious car park with plenty of parking spaces and the pub sells a huge variety of drinks from the bar and excellent food at reasonable prices from the restaurant. We are a very friendly club, and you'll be made very welcome if come along and visit us. We are a free to join club, with no membership required, and there is also no pressure to attend either the club meets or any drive outs we organise. Simply come along as and when you can, have a chat and a beer and hopefully you'll a good evening.
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A few of The Outcast VW Club members
vehicles at the March monthly meet. A very
 good selection of both air cooled and water
cooled Volkswagen's on display.

Gary popped over from the neighbouring
county of Bedfordshire to attend our club meet
in his lovely white over blue 1971 early bay.

I think Gary uses this as his daily driver which
is a testament to it's reliability. I do like this bus
and I especially like the standard ride height.

Yes I know everyone lowers their bus as low
as it can go, but it's not very practical and as
this is a daily driver, it makes sense to have it
at stock height... although I think Gary is trying
to decide whether to have it lowered or not.

This really is a nice clean crossover bus that
Gary and his family also use at weekends to
attend numerous VW shows and events across
the U.K. throughout the summer.

Claude is back from a 3 month trip to France
to visit his family and came along to our club
meet in his lovely 1960 Kombi split screen.

Very distinctive front end on Claude's bus, the
black bra which he purchased in the states
protects his bus from stone chips and with the
single bumper mounted red spot light.

Claude has just got his bus back from the
"Paint Shop Pro's" where they colour matched
a few small scratches that the bus had picked
up over the years.

Claude's bus with the 'Tesoro brand' logo. I
think I'm right in saying that the Tesoro brand
was a company in the U.S growing oranges and
this bus was used to transport the oranges once
they were harvested.

My 1969 microbus parked up. I have to admit
the old girl is starting to look a bit ratty, so it's
just as well I have it booked in to have a
full re-spray, hopefully sometime next month.

I've decided to keep the Delta green colour
but have the green up to the gutter and it will
be a satin finish, not gloss. The white roof and
bumpers will be the same cloud white as original
but again also in a satin finish.

Just a random photo of the rear of a few of the
Outcast members buses. It wasn't my best
idea to park my ratty green bus next to Kevin's
green shiny T4 as it shows mine up.

Looking along the line up the other way, is
Claude's 1960 kombi and Gary's 1971 bay.

Last month in by blog write up on the Outcast
clubs monthly meet, I mentioned that Kevin's
T4 looked dirty, well I'm pleased to say that
Kevin has put the time and effort in, and it's
back to it's expected normal shiny standard.

Kevin's long wheelbase T4 really is a lovely
looking bus in a gorgeous colour and well worth
the effort of washing and waxing it.

Kevin was telling us that whilst he was checking
his bus for an electrical fault, he discovered that
his year old leisure battery wasn't actually
wired up to anything and that all this time all his
ancillaries had been wired up to the main battery,
which is probably why every so often his battery
would run flat. Kevin has now rectified the problem
but the morale of the story is, never trust some-
body else's wiring, get it checked out for safety
reasons if nothing else.

One of Kevin's new stickers on his rear window,
and as an 'old guy' myself I can verify that it's
all true what the sticker says, we are high
performance and low maintenance.

A close up of Kevin's custom metal tail gate
badge with the inscription 'The Grinch' the
name of Kevin's T4.

Simon came along in his 1997 red T4 with
contrasting lime green banded wheels. Simon's
bus has a multi coloured 'knight rider' light in
the front grill that just happened in be on a
similar green to the wheels when this photo
was taken.

Simon has just had a new tail gate fitted after
the old one was hit whilst it was open by a
passing van which caused it to twist and so, it
would not shut properly.

Stuart and his son Tim came along in Stuart's
1970 beetle. This is another vehicle that is used
as not only a daily driver but also as a parts
collection vehicle for his VW repair shop.

Stuart owns and runs 'Oil Droppers' a VW
repair workshop based just outside Aylesbury,
however working on customers VW's all day
leaves little time for work on his own Bug, which
he says can be very frustrating at times.

Stuarts retro looking roof rack. This looks pure
period and suits the car well.

Amanda followed Simon down to the club meet
in her Mk4 sliver Golf. This lovely looking car
has tinted windows and custom wheels and of
course her infamous number plate: "X ARSE"

Mandy's car really does look nice, the shiny
silver paintwork is complimented by the custom
red / pink wheels.

Looking along the club members vehicles at
the club meet. A very spacious and well lit car
park with more than enough room for us all to
safely park together.

Sam and Kevin came along to the club meet in
Sam's Beetle. This is Sam's daily driver and is
also used for his pastime of off road trialling
at the weekends.

This car is all about function, enabling it to
get up those steep slippery hills, and through
the muddy troughs to the end of the trial.

To aid traction on the rear drive wheels, and
just in case they are needed Sam has mounted
a couple of spare wheels on the deck lid. The
motorcycle exhaust looks like an after thought
but in fact it gives yet more much needed
ground clearance at the rear of the car.

You can see just how much ground clearance
Sam's bug really has. Shiny paint and nice
chrome wheels are the last things Sam needs
when he is up to the bottom of the doors in
mud and water driving across a field.

The Outcast VW Club line up for the March
monthly meet.  As usual it was a very impressive
turn out of vehicles both air cooled and water
cooled. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening
with good conversation with some good friends.

 The Outcast VW Club meet up on the first
Thursday of each month, come rain or shine
throughout the year, so if your in the area why
not pop down and meet us all. You will be made
very welcome and you could ask or give advise
on technical issues, or just join in the random chat
from the club members, or maybe just have a good
look at the VW's you may have seen driving around
the town. Whatever your reason, we look forward to
meeting you next month. In the meantime why not
check out our facebook page:!/

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