Saturday, 7 March 2015

The House of Dub VW Club monthly meet.

The 'House of Dub' (H.O.D.) is a Volkswagen club based between Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard. This free club, with no membership hold a monthly club meet at 'The Boot' public house in Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, LU7 0BT from 7.00pm on the first Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome no matter what type of vee dub they drive, both air and water cooled are welcome. The Boot is a very friendly pub serving great food and beer and is also child friendly with a play area in rear garden. The H.O.D. club meet is only 10 miles from my hometown of Aylesbury, so it would be rude of me not to attend. I also think it's good for local VW club members to attend other local VW clubs monthly meet nights as and when they can just to show their support. 
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Finally apologies for the poor quality of the photo's but my little Panasonic Lumix is great for daylight photo's but really struggles in dark conditions.

I was the first to arrive at The Boot Public House.
My 1969 microbus looks kind of lonely parked
up in the car park all alone. But it wasn't long
before more H.O.D. members arrived.

Richard is a new member that I had not met
before, and he owns this lovely '69 Westfalia,
it's a California import that Richard has owned
for a few years now.

This is a very nice and clean Westy, and still
using the all red U.S style rear light lenses.

Richard was saying that his bus was sat for ages
in California and when it arrived in the UK and the
strip down began they found a Hornets nest, Rat
droppings and other unidentifiable evidence that
other small animals had used the bus as a home.
But I'm glad to say that all the evidence has been
cleared away and all cleaned up. 

Arron and Robyn left their '62 split screen in
the garage and came along in the new Beetle.
Arron is in the process of installing some safari
screens into his bus, which will look great when
it's finished and I'll get some pictures on it's
next outing to the clubs monthly meet.

Darren came along to the club meet in his lovely
silver T5. This really is a nice looking bus.
Darren owns and runs a company making thermal
screens for VW buses. Check out the FB page here:!/RainbowScreens?fref=ts
I do like these T5's, I could easily have one of
these if I didn't have my '69.. and if I had a lot of
more money.!

Zoe, a founder member of the H.O.D. club also
came along in her new convertible
Beetle, as her
'67 Bug is in the workshop having some major
'body off' repairs.

A better photo of Zoe's Beetle and my early bay
in the background.

Spike, another founder member of the club came
along in his Passat estate. Spike runs The House
of Dub VW repair workshop based near Leighton

Josh made the effort to come along in his T4.
Josh's T4 is very distinctive with it's rusty RAT
looking bonnet.

Ben has been quite poorly recently but he still
managed to come down in his super clean T5.
This bus is up for sale, and if I had the asking
price I'd be there. This bus has many mods
including a full camping interior.

Such a nice looking bus with cool body kit. I do
like the stark contrast between the brilliant white
body and the black windows.

I also liked Ben's choice of wheels with the low
profile tyres. 

Andrew owns a gorgeous Beach Buggy, but
just because it's a few degrees above freezing
and with the possibility of rain Andrew came
along in his daily driver... and I thought those
buggy drivers were a hardy bunch! Seriously
though, Andrews buggy is off the road as the

seats are in Zoe's front room waiting to be
re-upholstered as part of the winter make over
for his pride and joy.

Mark (aka Bod) came along to the club meet
after I had left, in his super clean 'n green T5.

(Thanks to Zoe for this and the following 3

Mark's T5 from the side, the colour of Mark's T5
looks nice under the spotlight in the pub car park,
but in daylight on a a sunny day it looks awesome.

Another club member to arrive after I left was
Simone in her 1971 Beetle named 'Bea'. I'm
starting to think I left the H.O.D club meet too

Simone's Bug really is a nice looking vee dub.
It's really clean and straight that I think Simone
uses as a daily driver.

So that was the March monthly meet for The
House of Dub VW Club. Overall a really good
night, it was good to catch up with some old
friends that I had not seen for ages and nice to
know they are all doing OK. It is still early in
the year and and it still gets dark way too soon,
but once the clocks go back an hour and we
start getting the lighter nights the attendance of
VW's will soon be packing the car park once
again, and not to mention the bar.!  


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