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The Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

The Outcast VW Club is a free to join Volkswagen club based in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Our club members have primarily air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's but we wouldn't turn away an early Porsche. To become a member of the Outcast VW Club you could simply visit our facebook page and 'follow us' at:!/ or alternatively and probably the best way is to just come along to one of our club meets, even if for example you have bought a crossover bay and it's currently in, I don't know, lets say York having work carried out on it.(!)The club meets are held on the 1st Thursday of each month throughout the year at The Charter Pub, Rimmington Way (off the A41 Bicester road) in Aylesbury, Bucks. HP19 8AW from 7.00pm onwards. All new attendees to the club meets are guaranteed a friendly welcome, which we as a club feel is important to make them feel at home and also to ensure they come back again. This months club vehicle colour is mostly red and green.
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Kevin was one of the first to arrive in his super
clean, green and white twin slider with a long
wheelbase T4. Kevin once turned up at a club
meet with a dirty van, and I happened to mention
it on this blog, and ever since Kevin has arrived
in an immaculate looking vehicle that looks great.

This really is an awesome looking van that
deserves to be clean and shiny if not for any
other reason but than to show off the perfectly
straight body panels.

I wondered why Kevin had parked nose first
into the car park, everyone else reverses into
the parking bay, then I remembered... it must 
be to show off his new cool looking 'cartooniez'
caricature drawings on his tailgate.

Kevin, or the guys at the car wash have even
gloss blacked the tyres. It looks like Kevin's van
runs on Audi wheels which suit it perfectly.

Colin and his dad were also early arrivals to the
Charter pub in Colin's daily driver, his 1970
early bay. Colin and his dad have recently fitted
the truck style mirrors, and I have to say the
vision you have sat in the drivers seat is easily
100 times better than that you get in my original
rear view door mirrors.

Chatting to Colin and his dad, it appears they
may have finally sorted a problem on the engine
that has been going on for a few months, well
done guy's perseverance does pay off, in the end.

Colin's lovely bus still has the original deluxe
belt trim, and the all red U.S style rear light
lenses. This really is a nice looking bus especially
as it's used every day and in all weathers.

The interior of Colin's 1970 bay, I'm loving the
red and white chequered flooring and the home
made side panels with the U.S. licence plates.

A better look at the home made door cards
which look like bamboo. The cab area is very
clean and tidy for a 45 year old bus.

It seems the rear side windows of all Volkswagen
buses just seem to attract stickers off all styles.

My 1969 microbus. I have recently fitted new
door seals as the old ones were brittle and with
bits missing which created a draught all around
the doors whilst driving. The difference is truly
amazing no more cold draughts on my legs and
neck while driving along. It also seems to be a
bit quieter in the cab area.

I think I'm going to treat myself to some deluxe
belt trim. The bus had it on originally so all I
have to do is find some original trim. I could buy
it new but I think original is better in this case.

Very early on in the evening and the green
vehicles have the edge... for the moment.

It looks like Colin's and my bus have been
lowered to roughly the same amount.

Colin's 1970 bay and my 1969 microbus parked
up side by side at the Outcast VW Club. Both
these buses are Californian imports.

The second wave of  club members arrived
shortly after I did. The red vehicles are making
a comeback.

Steve came down to the club meet in his 1971
white beetle. Steve is a busy man who owns
and runs his photographic company called
Swale Photography based in Aylesbury.

We haven't seen much of Steve lately due to
his work commitments but it was a pleasure
to see both him and his lovely looking beetle
and we hope to see him again soon.

A humorous sticker on the rear wing above the
exhaust on Steve's bug, which made me smile.

Sam came down to our club meet in his off road
trial Beetle. Sam and his dad Kevin, often go
off road trialing in their beetles that they also
use as daily drivers. The small metal holder to
the right of the stick on number plate is for
Sam's competitor number whilst trialling. 

Their trials consist of trying to get up very steep
hills which are normally very wet and very muddy
tracks so ground clearance is vital to avoid getting
grounded on rocks and boulders.

The twin spare wheels mounted to the deck lid
are there in case they are needed, but also to
add weight over the rear drive wheels to aid
traction in the mud.

The interior is as you would expect not exactly
luxurious. A small toolbox under Sam's legs,
no carpet in the foot well and a special grab
rail bolted to the underside of the dash. This
gives Sam's co-driver something to hang onto.

Sam's dad Kevin has a very similar looking
beetle to Sam's that he also goes trialling in,
but he also owns this cool looking T25 crew
cab pick up.

When Kevin purchased the pick up it didn't have
a cover for the pick up bed, but chatting to Kevin
at the club meet he was saying that he picked this
one up, and that he thinks is an ex east European
army item. 

Kevin is going to Lands End in Cornwall on
the April bank holiday weekend to go trialling,
now that is dedication because that has got
to be a round trip of close to 600 miles.

Scott was on a break from University so he and
his partner Beth came along in Scott's cool
looking green 2000 model Lupo. Scott has fitted
the bra which gives the little Lupo a sporty look.

Scott's Lupo is a very similar colour to my bus,
only a lot more shiny as the reflection of
Kevin's wheel in the tailgate shows.

Scott has de-badged the rear and painted the
VW badge black which gives the rear of this
car a sleek clean look.

The Charter pub car park is starting to fill up
with the Outcast VW club members vehicles.
It's a shame the Vauxhall parked in-between
my bay and Steve's beetle was there, but he
was there first, he did leave shortly after this 
photo was taken which...

made way for Simon and Amanda who came
down to the Outcast club meet in Simon's red
1997 T4. This is the works vehicle for Simon
and Amanda's retro furniture business.

Simon had the lime green wide wheels fitted
with the low profile tyres which certainly make
this van stand out.

Simon asked if I could get a photo of his new
sun strip with the company name on. If your
into retro furniture and vintage items check
out Cushty n

We had two new arrivals this month and both
were late bay panel vans and both were twin
sliding door models. The first is the lovely white
over red panel van. I didn't catch the owners
name, so my apologies for that.

This 1979 panel looked so straight and clean.
The paintwork looked gorgeous in that deep
metallic red.

This bay appears to be riding at close to stock
height, and the more stock height bay's I see
the more I'd like to raise mine back up. 

The 2nd new comer and the 2nd twin sliding
late bay was this orange panel van. This belongs
to a guy called Stu, who came along with his
partner and their dog.

This van used to be painted in the colours of the
 toy manufacturer 'Matchbox' on the rear top
panel, but has since been painted over. I do like
that retro looking roof rack, it suits the van well.

Orange and yellow, who says they don't go
together... This 1978 bay is one cool ride.

Stuart once again left his 1671cc turbo powered
early bay at home and came along with his son
Tim in his daily driver, this green 1970 beetle.

Stuart or more specifically his wife Julie prefers
to be driven about in this rather than in the
turbo powered 1971 early bay as the drive
is more leisurely, and why not it's a nice
looking bug, so why rush?

Green, of all shades was the name of the game
at this months club meet. A good variety of both
air-cooled and water cooled VW's from the
Outcast members.

Kevin's green T4, Scot's green Lupo and
Stuart's green beetle.

Mid way through the evening we had 11 VW's
of different sorts parked up in the un-official
section of the The Charter pub car park. We have
had, during the summer months all of this car
park crammed with quality Volkswagens.

Just a random photo of Colin's 1970 bay and
my 1969 microbus, for no other reason other
than I liked this photo.

A good variety of vehicles at our club meet
ensures an interesting evening talking to the
vehicle owners about their plans vehicle, or
what they have just finished doing to their ride.

Gary ventured over from Leighton Buzzard in
his daily driver, this lovely turquoise and white
1972 cross over bay.

This really is a nice looking bus that Gary and
his family use regularly. Volkswagen's should
be used as often as possible and not kept in
the garage and only venturing out to attend
a show or festival in the summer months...
well, that's my opinion anyway.!

What was I saying earlier about the rear windows
of Volkswagen's attracting stickers, well Gary's
rear window is also getting the sticker treatment.

The thing I really like about this cross over bay
is the ride height. It is as Volkswagen intended
it to be up in the clouds, but the ride is so smooth.
In a lowered bus, every pothole and bump you
go over dislocates yet another vertebrae. !

Gary's bay window parked up next to Stuarts
beetle. The height difference really shows in
this photo.

Gary's standard height white over turquoise
crossover bay, and Stuart's green lowered Bug.

So that was the April 2015 Outcast VW club's
monthly meet. A really great evening with
many good friends and plenty of quality VW's
in the car park. The attendance at the club
meets never fails to impress me, and that is
purely down to the dedicated members who
attend the club meet each and every month
to ensure it's success, and long may it continue.
Don't forget next Saturday's blog entry is part
two of the Volksworld show, where the 'Best
in show' will be revealed, amongst plenty of
other top quality Volkswagen's.

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