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Volksworld Show 2015 (part 2 of 2)

The Volksworld show is organised by Volksworld magazine as is held at the Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ. This show kick starts the VW season, certainly down here in the south of the U.K. This years show was held over the weekend of 27th - 29th March and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over Europe. The show venue boasts 3 floors of the highest quality show standard Volkswagen's from all over the U.K. and Europe. The second (and final) instalment of my blog review on the Volksworld Show 2015 continues as I wander around the winners enclosure, where a lot of the club displays are on show.
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Less is more on this plain looking Myers Manx 
(I think) Buggy. A gorgeous single colour body 
with a flower pattern roof and those huge 
old skool chrome banded steel wheels are all 
that's needed to make this buggy something 
special and stand out.

The deep dish chrome wheels along with the
chromed engine parts and that polished fuel cell
in the back compliment the striking blue paint.

This extremely low Karmann Ghia looked great
with it's narrowed front beam, and painted in a
(sort of) mango colour with a tan hood.

The next quartet of Beetles were on display at
the Cool-Flo stand and looked fantastic.
This gorgeous oval was in alpine rally spec 
with it's 4 huge spot lights and race numbers 
on the doors. I did like the yellow head lights.

The interior was sparse as you would expect but
it looked mostly original and in keeping with the
overall look of this bug.

Oval window beetles look so nice from this angle,
 the flowing sloping body lines, the oval rear window
and the air intakes under the window make this a
design classic.

This gorgeous early oval window beetle looked 
so nice in this salmon colour and with the polished
Fuchs wheels. I do like those bullet indicators on 
the front wings, and having looked around this car
I can say it really is a seriously cool ride. 

This stunning chocolate brown split oval beetle
was simply gorgeous, the body was perfectly
straight and the paint was faultless.

Another stunning beetle in the Cool-Flo line up
was this early bug finished in pastel yellow. The
custom  front indicators and the chrome nerf
bars give this car a clean sleek look. 

A nice touch was the old skool hot rod style
pin striping around the head lights and on the
bonnet corners.

Walking out from the auto jumble onto the terrace
you can get a good look at the size of the camping
area at the Volksworld show.

The camping area continues on the other side
of the race course, while on this side are numerous
traders and more display vehicles.

This bright orange split screen caught my eye
as it almost had a glow around the bus as the
paint was so bright. I do like the flower power
roof decals.

Beetle's galore.. different years and different
styles. I'm guessing this was some Beetle club

An early split screen panel van and a 1968
Karmann Ghia, both with more patina than

original paint and both looking gorgeous.

A better look at the patina on those vehicles.
These were part of a line up of vehicles where
patina is a must. 

The front of the patina'd Karmann reveals a super
narrow front end which has also been seriously
lowered, as are the Beetle's in the background.

A nice pair of lowered Beetle's
but both are totally different. The green 1971

was incredibly low, just look how far inside
the rear wheel arch the wheel sits, and how
narrow the front beam is.

If you like your bug's sitting down in the weeds,
how about satin grey beauty. I did like the head
light mesh and the pillar spot light.

I also liked this early bay, finished in what looks
like the original red paint with the added gold /
green stripes. These stripes were added to the
bus a few weeks ago then aged to make them
look period and in keeping with the rest of the bus.

From the patina'd vehicles to the bright shiny
painted cars. An early Karmann Ghia and a

cool fenderless rag top beetle.

I have seen this beetle on several occasions,
and all of them at the Volkworld show I think. It
is an early beetle coated in the brightest orange
paint with the white scallops. The nerf bars and
the headlight grills add the finishing touches.

Whoever thought Karmann Ghia's were rare
obviously hasn't been to the Volksworld show.
An impressive line up, I think this was the KG
owners club.

The variety of vintage Volkswagen's on display
at the show was as usual, amazing. Even if
you go to the show just to get inspiration or
idea's for your own ride it's a worth while trip.

Another split screen and another karmann ghia,
but the beauty of these vintage Volkswagen's is,
every one is different it's own way. Maybe it's
the colour, or the ride height or just the wheels
but you will not find 2 of anything the same.

This is without doubt the lowest high top early
bay I have ever seen. The chassis has been
seriously notched to allow the running gear to
sit higher than normal, and so the body sits
lower. It has also had some serious wheel tubs
fitted to allow the lower body height. This bus
does not ride on air, this is the ride height.

Just a random photo of the outside show area
where Volkswagen's of all models / ages and
styles (and a retro pushbike) were all parked
up together creating a varied and diverse display.

This red type 3 variant estate, more commonly
known as the 'square back' is really RAT looking
and looks great. I've seen this car at several
shows and I have to go and have a look every
time. The grey and white split screen crew cab
pick up was also a RAT looking vehicle, with
'roo' bars on the front.

This black 1971 beetle was another cool looking
ride, with it's lowered stance, yellow head lights,
sun visor and polished 5 spoke wheels with white
wall tyres, not to mention that retro yellow spot
light mounted on the towel rail bumper.

This lovely red early beetle was really nice, OK
it had a different colour deck lid, but that was a
minor detail, the rest of this bug was amazing
and looked mostly stock apart from the lowered
front end. 

If you like your early cabriolet beetles to have 
the RAT look then this pastel yellow 1967 rag-
top bug should be right up your street. I do like
those wheels...

It does look as though this little bug has had a
hard life, but it still looks great.

This lowered 1967/68 early bay was a sweet
looking bus. It had been seriously lowered and 
it looks like it has a narrowed front beam with 
bright red Fuchs style wheels which are in stark
contrast to the beige body with tinted windows.

The stance of this U.S. imported bus was just
about perfect with it's nose in the weeds. The
sign written doors and rear hatch complimented
the overall look perfectly.

A gorgeous turquoise convertible Karmann Ghia
alongside a type 3 fastback and an early bay.
Whatever type of Volkswagen you like, you'll be
sure to find it at the Volksworld show.

The 'Surrey Volkswagen Club'  brought this pair
of immaculate beetles along to the show along
with some other branded merchandise.

This ultra low MK1 Golf is just mad. It sits on
the floor and has a super narrowed front end.
The engine is a rotary engine.

If you're into the RAT look then the next couple
of cars should fulfil your needs. The first is this
early Karmann Ghia in pastel yellow, with plenty
of surface rust to make it cool. The super narrow
front beam gives the car a purposeful look.

The second RAT looking car is this 1963 Beetle
which was a sort of mango colour until the patina'd
rust took over. As Dolly Parton once said... "It takes
a lot of money to look this cheap".! 

The rear end of the RAT Beetle even has a RAT
looking luggage rack on the engine lid.

From the main building to the actual racecourse
there is a gradual slope, so we couldn't work
out how this white T25 was sitting level while
all the other vehicles were at a slight angle on the
slope, ...answers on a postcard please.

The 'Rothfink' high top split screen has been on
the Volkswagen scene for a number of years but
still looks as good as ever, the green split screen
I don't think I've seen before but it did look good.

It's almost a tradition that when I visit the
Volksworld show, I get a picture of the
Volksworld girls, well this year just to be
different I asked the VW Heritage girls
if I could take a photo, they said of course
and duly struck a pose. Thank you girls.

Back inside the venue in one of the show halls I
thought I'd try and be artistic.... clearly it didn't 
work but it does show close up just how clean 
the show cars really are.

The Best of Show – VolksWorld Show 2015,

Neil Ellis - 1958 Cal look Ragtop Beetle.
This beauty has a 4" narrowed front beam and
has been lowered. The rear suspension is at
stock height with performance KYB gas shocks
on all 4 corners. The wheels are genuine Porsche
gas burners with Firestone front and Bridgestone
rear tyres.

The only modification on this 1958 rag top
beetle body is the central cut out for the exhaust.
The car has a genuine cabriolet deck lid and
rear pop out windows. The engine is a 2276cc
type 1 motor with a modified crank, heads and
pistons to name but a few of the mods this
engine has received.

I don't know much about this high top split
screen, other than at Santa Pod Raceway it
 ran a quarter mile in 12.86 seconds @ 101
mph. ! Check out that amazing run on
you tube here:

I spotted this 1974 Jurgens Autovilla in the
public car park, how cool is this. These Jurgens
and the Gypsy version are quite rare in the U.K.
and therefore very sought after.

This Karmann was trailered to the show and was
up for sale. It needed a dedicated buyer to spend
the time and money this car deserves to get it
back on the road where it belongs.

As you can see it does need an extensive and
complete restoration.

A lovely1966 white split screen, with some
cool looking side scoops and a gorgeous early
bay single cab pick up parked up in the public
car park.

Another single cab pick up but this time it's a
late bay. These pick ups, whether a single cab
or a crew cab look fantastic from the side.

A 1970 Type 181, these are commonly known
as a 'Trekker' but in fact a Trekker was a RHD
version, type 182. LHD versions were called
the 181.

This really was a stunning paint job that suited
the car perfectly. The paint job reminded me of
the So-Cal paint on the old skool hot rods.

The interior of the 181 was very clean and tidy
finished in the same gloss black and with the
stained floor boards.

A neat hand painted custom speedo stood
out in the dashboard of this 181. It really is
all about the details that make the difference.

I'm guessing by the fact the this 356 convertible
has a registration year of 1972 that is is a kit car.
Whether I'm right or not, it was still a lovely
looking car that I'd be more than happy to
drive around in.

The flared wings and the racing number could
hold a clue as to this cars origins...

A lovely early Porsche 911 finished in a gloss
grey next to an early 1960's turquoise beetle.
Variety really is what the Volksworld show is
all about.

My 1969 VW microbus parked up in the public
car park at Sandown Park Racecourse that 
was the venue for the Volksworld show 2015.

So that was the Volksworld show 2015, once
again it was an incredible show with so many
of the top quality vehicles from all over Europe.
Not to mention all the other entrants either in
a club display or on their own, they all make the
show what it is today. There are several video's
on Youtube of the Volksworld show but check
out this cool video from the guys over at :

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