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Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally 2015 (part 1 of 2)

This weeks blog entry is about the annual Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally which is a one day show for classic and vintage vehicles (including old Volkswagen camper vans) and is organised by the Game Club to help raise money for local charitable causes. The rally is a well established event which allows owners of classic and vintage vehicles to gather together in the glorious Buckinghamshire countryside. This event was actually their 21st anniversary, and takes place on the 3rd Sunday of May each year. The new venue is at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill near Aylesbury HP22 4NN. This great one day show attracts around 1000 vehicles of all descriptions and the organisers had also organised: Children's rides / slides, a fun dog show, trade stands, an auto jumble, a beer tent, speciality teas, a pig roast, burgers and ice cream stands. I have attended this event for the last 4 / 5 years and it's one show that I really enjoy due to the huge diversity of the vehicles. Find out more about the Chlitern Hills Rally from their website here:
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Just for a change I thought I'd start with a 
photo of my 1969 microbus parked up at the 
Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally.

A gorgeous 1957 Thunderbird finished in a
stunning coat of brilliant white. The matching
white wall tyres compliment the body colour.

This 1958 Ford Ranch Wagon, or Del Rio as
it was known is quite rare as Ford only made
these for 2 years 1957 and1958. These were
produced to compete with the Chevrolet
Nomad's and over the 2 years of production,
outsold the Chevrolet. The selling points were
a 2 piece tail gate, a two tone paint scheme
(optional) and a higher class vinyl interior.

A 1967 Cadilllac De-Ville convertible painted
 in the brightest red available. This massive car
 had the 429 cubic inch V8 (7 litre) engine, with
 the 3 speed hydra-matic transmission. 

This mint green 1960 Plymouth Belvedere,  
had a 225 cubic inch straight six engine with a 
speed automatic transmission. The 1960's
American styling looked fantastic with those
 huge tail fins and all the chrome work.

A lovely 1955 Pontiac Star Chief custom 
Catalina. This car was big in so many way's, 
firstly it had the big 287 cubic inch V8 (4.7 litre)
engine with a 4 speed dual range hydra-matic 

Secondly it's overall size is big, it is 17ft 6in long 
x 6ft 4in wide and  weighing 4400lbs (2000kg) 
Now that is a BIG car. The cost for all this car
back in the fifties was a mere $3500.

A lovely metallic grey 1987 T25. This bus was
simply gorgeous, it was so clean and straight
and looked fantastic in the sunshine.

The first of two 1960's split screen kombi's at
the Chiltern Hills Rally. The first is this lovey
1965 model. The owner actually lived less 
1/2 mile away from the venue and he was 
saying that although he's not really into the VW
scene as such, he said it would have been rude 
not to attend as it was so close to his home.

Regular readers of my blog will recognise the 
2nd split screen kombi. It is Claude's 1960
 model. Claude is a member of the Outcast VW  
Club based in Aylesbury, Bucks.

Now this 1957 Chevrolet step side pick up was
really nice. It had been lowered and had some
5 spoke American Racing wheels. It had some 
lovely old sign writing on the doors, which 
thought I had taken a photo of...Doh!

This step side truck had some lovely patina on
the paintwork of the wheel arches and around the
cab which always looks good, especially on such
a lovely truck as this one.

Colin and his family also attended the rally in
his 1970 early bay. This bus really does get 

used as it's Colin's daily driver as well as his 
leisure vehicle at weekends. Colin is also a 
member of the Outcast VW Club.

A stunning bright red Ford Consul Capri 2 door
coupe. Ford only produced this model from 1961
- 1964. The body shape was designed on the
Ford Galaxie Starliner. The Consul Capri had
exciting new features such as variable speed 

wipers and dimming dash board lights.

This is a true British classic car, a MK1 Ford
Cortina Lotus. These were produced in close
collaboration with Lotus cars, and were only
produced from 1963 - 1966 and they had a
1557cc twin ohc straight four engine. 99.9%
of all Lotus Cortina's were painted in white
with the (Lotus) green stripe.

A 1963 series one Jaguar E - type 2 seater
coupe in British racing green. Enzo Ferrari once
 called this car "The most beautiful car he had ever
seen" which was quite a bold statement from the
 man who designed the early Ferrari cars.

A pair of Volkswagen buses in the show field.
A white 1990 T25 with a pop top and a light
blue 1970 tin top early bay, both buses looked 

great parked alongside all the classic cars.

A lovely Reliant Scimitar finished in a cherry red
colour. These were produced from 1964 - 1986
and the most famous owner was Princess Anne
who has owned over 8 of these cars.

How nice is the plum colour on this 1955 GMC 
pick up. The colour, along with all the chrome on 
the front made this truck stand out. The chrome
American racing wheels also provided some
extra sparkle. 

I do like the early American pick ups and this
one was no exception. That huge chrome rear
bumper looked as though it would stop almost
anything and provides some rear end bling.

Another 1963 series one Jaguar E - Type but
 this one is a gorgeous bright red convertible.
A really good example of this car can fetch 
price of in excess of £300,000 ($500000)

A 1970 Mk2  Ford Cortina 1600E, finished in
metallic gold with a black vinyl roof. I had a
1970 model in the same colour scheme, but
mine never  looked this nice. You can tell at
a glance that it's a 1600E by the twin spot lights
in the front grille, the normal 1600cc Mk2
Cortina's never had the spot lights.

The Daimler SP250 (Dart). Around 3000 Darts 
were produced between 1959 - 1964 and this
particular car was one of many supplied to the
Metropolitan Police Force. These Darts had
the 2.5ltr V8 engine and the body was fibreglass
 which made them much faster than the Jaguar, 
which was the preferred choice of get-a-way car
that the criminals were using at the time.

A 1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner currently in grey 
primer which made this 1960's classic look 
tough. These Sunliner's had a massive 390 
cubic inch engine. 

A race inspired 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442.
This muscle cars name derived from the original
car's specification of a (4) four barrel carburetor,
a (4) four speed manual transmission and (2)
dual exhaust system. 

A 1970 Volkswagen 181. The more common
 version here in the U.K. is the 182 also known 

as the 'Trekker' which is the right hand drive 
version. This camouflage vehicle was up for 
sale for offers around £6500 and the price 
included the original wheels.

Mark is a regular entrant at the classic car rally
with his lovely purple 1972 beetle. Mark is a
 member of the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW
 Club based in Penn, Bucks. I always seem to 
'bump' into Mark at this show and it's always 
good to catch up with him and have a chat.

A lovely 1966 Chevrolet van with a faded flame
paint job. These lovely looking vans were based
on the Corvair, and used the air cooled flat 6
opposed rear engine.

These vans looked as though they have been
shortened, but this is how they were, a very quirky
design which still looks good today.

A stunning example of a Ford Econline. The first
E series came off the production line in 1961
and was sized roughly to compete with the
Chevrolet Corvair 95. This was immaculate and
finished in a stunning coat of black paint.

A lovely looking 1972 Volkswagen camper in
black over red. This early bay looked as though
it had been in the family for many years and was
still going strong.

Back in the late 1960's / early 1970's when I was
a kid this was my favourite car. It's a Citroen DS.
These cars were produced from 1955 - 1975 and
in 1999 the DS came third in a poll recognising
the worlds most influential auto designs and was
named as the most beautiful car of all time by
Classic and Sports Car magazine.

The futuristic and aerodynamic styling was years
ahead of it's time. In 1967 the front end had
some design changes which included directional
head lights which meant the headlights followed

the direction of the wheels which allowed the 
driver to see 'around' corners, how cool was that!

A lovely 1956 Chevrolet 2 door sedan. Everyone
knows the 1957 Chevy with the big tail fins, and
a lot people know the 1955, which was used in
many films including: 'American Graffitt'i, and
'Two Lane Blacktop' but not many people will
recognise the 1956 model which is a bit of
a hybrid, but still a beautiful car 

Another of the classic vehicles I had was this
Ford 103E Popular. This was the cheapest car
produced by Ford in its day. The 103E is basically
a E494A Anglia stripped to the bare essentials
and fitted with the 10hp engine out of the
E394A Prefect.

A pure hot rod themed Ford Thames 400E van
with it's flame paint scheme with orange and
yellow scallops and running on old skool slot
mag wheels, pure nostalgia.

This 1957 (I think) Chevrolet pick up truck looked
great in it's rust covered body. There wasn't any
paint on this truck what-so-ever and it didn't need
any. It had been lowered and looks as though it
may also have a narrowed front end.

This 1962 AEC Routemaster 368 CLT bus
looked odd only being a single deck bus. It did
start off as a double decker but in 1973 it was
a victim of arson and sent for repair, the only
economic repair was to convert to a single seater.

Classic lorries parked up at the Chiltern Hills
Rally. These have both been totally restored
and looked fantastic. The cream and brown
one was made by  Austin, and the green one
was made by 'Comma'

Every now and again you come across a vehicle
that is so rare and so sought after. This 1953
Ford Vedette was designed in Detroit but built
in France with a French 2.2 litre flat head V8.

Wandering around the huge site that hosts the
Vintage Vehicle Rally I came across the Porsche
Owners Club. In amongst all the modern bland
Porsche's I spotted this all white 356. I think this
car is a 1960's 356C model, but it doesn't really
matter what model it is, it's simply a gorgeous car. 

A gorgeous 1951 Pontiac Chieftain finished in
a lovely light blue. Some of the more interesting
optional extras available for the first generation
Chieftain included a radio with seven vacuum
tubes (?) a tissue dispenser, under seat heaters,
and a Remmington auto-home shaver. (!)

So that was part one of my review of the Chiltern
Hills Classic Car Rally. The second and final

instalment of my blog review will be next
Saturday where you can see: Plenty more
classic car's including a Model T Ford, Military
vehicles, classic motorcycles, American Classics
and plenty more Volkswagen beetle's and buses
so be sure to come back next week.

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