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Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally 2015 (part 2 of 2)

Welcome to part 2 of 2 of my blog review about the Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally 2015. This one day show is held at Weedon Park, Weedon just outside Aylesbury, Bucks on the 3rd Sunday of May, annually. The event is organised by the Game Club in order to raise money for many local charities.This event attracts entrants in almost every class of vintage and classic vehicles, including military vehicles and motorcycles and commercial vehicles.
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1953 was Ford's 50th anniversary and to mark
the occasion Ford produced this Ford
Crestline Victoria with power assisted brakes
and steering, normally only available on the
Mercury and Lincoln cars. An available optional
extra on this 2 door coupe was a heater for an
extra $44 on top of the purchase price.

A lovely looking 1981 T25 in yellow with it's
flower decals which actually suit the bus. At
stock height and with those big aftermarket
wheels this bus really did look good.

This stretched Lincoln had ribbons on the
front and heart shaped windows so I assume 
it's used as a wedding car...? 

This off white coloured MK2 Ford Zephyr
convertible looked great with it's immaculate
paint and those matching white wall tyres.
The MK2 was produced from 1956 - 1962.
These Zephyr's had the 2253cc engine with
the 3 speed manual gearbox.

 A gorgeous Jaguar D type (I think this is a
replica) in an unusual light green colour.
Jaguar produced the D type between 1954 -
1957 it shares a lot of mechanical components
with the earlier C type including the 3.8 litre
straight six engine.

The D type won the famous Le Mans 24 hour
race in, 1955, 1956 and 1957. Behind the D
type is a blue and white Ford Consul Capri
from the early 1960's.

You could have, if you had wanted to tried the
latest craze off Zorbing. You get inside these
big inflatable balls and well, sort of roll around
in a cordoned off area like a hamster in it's
exercise ball bashing into each other.

A 1928 Scott Squirrel motorcycle made in
Shipley in West Yorkshire. This 'sports' bike
had a 486cc engine with aluminium pistons.

A gorgeous red Ford Model T Tudor with black
running boards and visor and wooden artillery
wheels. The Tudor had a 2.9 in line four cylinder
engine, with a top speed of 40 - 45mph.

A lovely 1925 Ford Model T Tourer named
'Nellie Jean'. This gorgeous car was made in
Detroit in 1925 and has had every removable
panel removed and re-painted, the engine
has been reconditioned and the distributor
has been replaced.

The Model T controls look basic to say the
least. The Model T had a 20hp 4 cylinder in
line side valve engine with a 3  bearing
crankshaft which works out about 2896cc.

A 1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan finished in
a gorgeous light blue colour with black running
boards. The Model 'A' is a favourite with the
Hot Rodders who discard most of the chassis,
running gear and engine and replace with new
components, and a big V8 engine.

The Ford Transit owners club were attending
the show and had some amazing Transit's on
display including this 1966 dark blue camper
model with pop top.

There were a few 'bubble' cars on show and
here is a blue / grey 1963 BMW Isetta and a
lovely white Messerschmitt both in a beautiful

The Messerschmitt KR200 was designed by
Fritz Fend and not by Willy Messerschmitt as
most people believe. Another misconception
is that these do not have a reverse gear, in
fact they do, all you have to do is turn the
engine off, and restart it backwards for the
reverse gear. The power came from a mind
blowing 191cc 2 stroke engine producing a
whole 10.2 BHP.

A gorgeous brilliant white BMW Isetta 300
with Union Jack headlight covers. These
BMW's had a much bigger engine than it's
rival, the Messerschmitt. The BMW Isetta
had a huge 298cc single cylinder 5 stroke
engine which propelled this car to a top speed
of 53mph.

A lovely blue and white race themed 1958
Austin-Healy (Frogeye) Sprite. The Sprite was
low cost car with a sales price of just £669
and the advert said it was a car that  "A chap
could keep in his bike shed"

This gorgeous Jaguar C Type is a replica but
still looked great. It's based on a 1956 Jaguar
and uses many original Jaguar components.

A beautiful 1950's Alfa Romeo 1900 Super
Sprint in the famous Alfa red paint. These
1900's were produced from 1950 - 1959
and even back then the design was simply

The Alfa from the side, not a very good photo
but the guy on the edge of the photo was a
judge talking to the owner so I thought I'd
better not disturb them.

Unusual side windows, I don't think these were
 standard so I assume they have been made
to order, they do look good though.

Annelise came along in her baby blue and
white 1971 early bay with the kids while her
partner Andy, came along on his newly
purchased 1960 Puch Motorroler SR 150.
Both Andy and Annelise are members of the
Outcast VW Club.

Annelise's baby blue bay parked up between
a yellow early bay and an orange late bay.
There was a good variety of air cooled VW's
at the classic car rally.

This is a lovely first generation Ford Falcon
Squire 4 door station wagon in blue and white.
The first generation Falcons were produced
from 1960 - 1963 and had a 2.4 litre straight
six engine with manual 3 speed column change.
The 2 speed Ford-O-Matic automatic gearbox
was an optional extra.

I do like the early 1960's American station
wagon's, they just look so cool. In 1962 the
Squire featured faux wood trim on the sides.

This blue 1968 beetle looked like a solid car.
This looked all original and in very good
condition. Apparently the yellow ribbons were
there due to this Bug being a prom Taxi on the
Friday before the show, they add a nice touch.

Remember the lovely light blue model A Tudor
Sedan earlier that I mentioned that it was a hot
rodders favourite? well here is a model 'A'
roadster that has had the hot rod treatment. A
big V8 engine, new chassis, lowered and new
wheels, are just some of the modifications this
little model A has had over the years.

This fantastic looking car is a 1955 Studebaker
Commander regal 2 door coupe in a lovely
yellow and teal colour. These 2 door coupes
had the Studebaker V8 engine. You can see
in this photo the owner has the fresh air vents
open that directs cool air into the foot well.

The classic 1950's styling of having a wrap 
round rear window. The two tone paint came
as standard. Studebaker closed it's factory
in March 1966. 

This stunning 1969 lowered beetle comes from
a village not far from the venue and looked
great having been lowered. I was chatting to
the owner and he was saying that there wasn't
anywhere to meet local VW owners, so I told
him all about the Outcast VW Club.!!

This really was a lovely looking bug. It doesn't
really show in my photo but the camber on
those rear wheels was amazing. I did like the
boot rack and the all red rear light lenses.

This lovey 1966 gloss black beetle looked
amazing, it was so straight and the reflection
down the side was almost perfect. I do like
the BRM wheels which suit the car perfectly.

Amazing reflections all over the body on this
beetle. The chrome nerf bars, instead of the
original bumpers suit the overall look of this car.

A lovely looking 1974 beach buggy finished
in black, which thinking about it is quite an
un-usual colour for a buggy as they are
normally painted in bold bright colours.

Putting the colour to one side, this really was
a fantastic looking buggy, those huge rear
wheels and tyres looked great and looked as
though they could take this buggy almost

The unmistakable shape of the 1963 Corvette
Stingray coupe. The angle of this photo, and
the colour of the car make this classic 'Vette'
look a space ship  from 'Flash Gordon'. These
Stingrays had the 327cubic inch engine, which
provided more than enough power.

There were the customary military vehicles
at the rally, every conceivable vehicle in the
military colours with lots of original equipment.
Most of these were all original vehicles.

I'm not sure what this military vehicle is or what
it was used for, but I over heard the owner
saying he gets about 5 miles to the gallon out
of this huge beast. I had to smirk when the owner
was asked where does he park it? He replied
"anywhere I want to" !

Numerous classic bikes from years gone by,
from pre-war to the eighties what ever you
can think of, it was probably here.

A stunning Wolsley 6/90 Police car in what
looked like original specification. These 6/90's
were produced from 1954 - 1959 with the 2.6
litre engine which gave a top speed of 96mph
and a 0-60 time of 17 seconds.

This stunning bright red Vespa Super Sprint
90 looked gorgeous in the summer sun. The
'90' in the bikes name refers to the engine size,
a 90cc unit. The spare wheel looks part of the
scooter and looks great in it's location.

So that was part 2 of the Chiltern Hills Vintage
Vehicle Rally 2015. This really is a great day
out and it has something for everyone, from
the children to the grand parents. The
variety of vehicles is immense and again
something for everyone. My photo's are
just a very small selection of the vehicles that
attended this show. I can thoroughly recommend
this show and suggest you put it in the dairy for
next year.

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