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N.S.R.A. 2015 Fun Run, Billing Aquadrome.

This weeks blog review is all about the The National Street Rod Association (N.S.R.A.) who held their annual Fun Run at Billing Aquadrome in Northamptonshire over the weekend of 29th -31st May. The Billing Fun Run is the N.S.R.A's first hot rod show of the year, and the activities lined up over the weekend included: live entertainment, trade stalls, Saturday cruise and a huge show and shine for pre 1972 hot rods. Due to the organised cruise around Northampton on the Saturday the best day to attend this show, assuming you cannot make it for the weekend, is the Sunday. In the U.K. we have the same problem every year which is, as the 'summer season' is so short there are normally 2/3 shows or events on each weekend and as you cannot attend them all you have to decide which one to go to. I had the choice of visiting Stonor Park, an event for both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's set in a gorgeous rural setting, or visiting Billing Aquadrome to see numerous hot rods... needless to say, the hot rods won.! Regular readers will know my friend and fellow Outcast VW Club member Claude, who owns the grey 'Tesoro' split screen, well Claude is also into hot rods and like me he thought it would make a nice change to see something different, so we both jumped into my bus and drove over to the Aquadrome. You can find out more about the National Street Rod Association here:
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Driving up towards the main entrance of the
235 acre site we followed this 1972 super low
burgundy beetle, sometimes you just get the
feeling it's going to be a good day.

We paid the mere £6 entrance fee which gave
us access to the whole site, including the fun
day. Making our way through the maze of fields
and fishing / boating lakes we spotted this super
bright green 1932 3 window coupe. 
To be honest, I don't really know what this is,
or was, but I do know it has had a serious roof
chop, and the body had been channelled over
the chassis creating it's super low stance. I do
know however that it's running a big block hemi
motor with a blower that produces around 700
bhp. A friend of the owner was saying that
the motor is a pro stock engine.

This really does sit so low and whilst it may not
be to everybody's taste, you have to admire

the engineering, personally, I love it. Apparently
it can light the tyre's up in any gear.

The interior is sparse and in keeping with the
exterior. The gear shift was so tall it almost
touched the roof.! 

After that totally mad pick up, let's get back to
normal, and this 1932 Ford 3 window coupe
finished in bright yellow with the traditional

red painted steel wheels with beauty rings
and chrome hub caps fits the bill perfectly.

Another vehicle painted in a bright single colour
was this lovely Model A 3 window pick up in the
brightest orange paint I've ever seen. This car
had the Model B grill, which is a common body
modification as a lot of the body parts between
the model A & B are interchangeable.

This 1954 Chevrolet 3100 pick up truck was
close to perfection. The overall condition was
immaculate and the two tone colour choice
was perfect.

The contrasting colours along with the wood
helped this truck stand out. Parked up next to
the red and white '54 was another immaculate
pick up truck in brown and cream, although
 this one was a year older being a '53.

This model A, 2 door has a phaeton style body
(I think) and it looked great with it's pretty much 
stock body. It's nice to see a rod that hasn't
had a roof chop.

The chrome spoke wheels are new and add
some serious bling to this RAT looking rod.

This lovely blue 1927 model T roadster looked
great with it's open engine and the motorcycle
fenders. The hot rodders favourite choice of
a small block Chevrolet engine with the triple
carburetters powered this little 'T' along.

This stunning baby blue 1934 Ford looked
fantastic, the bodies on these fully fendered
34's have such smooth flowing contour lines
that are enhanced by the curved and pointed
front grill. The pale body colour really suited
this coupe.

The flowing curves of the body continue right
 to the tip of the rear fenders. This really is a
 straight car, that reflection in the door is

On the deck lid (boot) there was some very
good yet subtle pin striping in complimentary
colours which just added to this car's true

An old hot rod buddy of mine Russell, was at
the fun day in his 1930 model A, 5 window
coupe. Russell and I go way back when we
both had Ford Popular's, I had a Rover V8 in
mine while Russell had squeezed a Jaguar
V12 into his.!

The body has been channelled over the chassis
to give it's low stance which is enhanced by the
roof chop. The roof has been lowered by  6" at
 the front & 5" at the back. This 3 window has a 
354 cubic inch big block Hemi motor with a 
Weiand 6:71 blower on top which produces 
around 500 bhp.

Russell was saying that although it has such
a big blown motor, it is relatively easy to drive
on the road, even though the view out of the
windscreen is partly blocked by the blower
and carbs.The new colour scheme for this
year really suited the car and the old skool
white scallops down the side looked

The view of Russell's 1930 from the rear. How
good does this look. Those massive rear tyre's
are needed for traction when Russell gives the
car some serious throttle abuse.

A gorgeous 1950 Ford 2 door sports sedan in
a lovely coat of gloss black paint. Originally
these sedan's would have had a two tone
paint scheme as standard.

Perfectly straight body panels make this 50's
Ford stand out. The classic pin stripes on the
deck lid looked great and suited this old Ford.

This lovely sign written pick up truck started
life as a 1946 Ford. It has been seriously
lowered and has gorgeous wire wheels.

This Ford Anglia 105E panel van looked as
though it had just appeared from the 1970's.
The black and flames paint scheme, the jacked
up rear end and running on old skool slot mag
wheels, this old Ford looked awesome. 

Inside the old panel van the 1970's theme
continued. Brushed buttoned draylon, with a
mirror ball and sparkly flooring was the height
hot rod styling here in the U.K. in the 1970's.

Another 1970's reincarnation was this 1967 
SS Camero. Again the paint scheme was
pure 1970's as were the chrome side pipes.
The 'SS' had the 350 cubic inch V8 engine.

A super bright multi coloured Ford Anglia
E494A 2 door panel van. This pro street van
had a big blown Chevrolet motor and massive
wheels and tyres tucked under the original


You can see just how big those huge rear
wheels actually are in this photo. This really
was a bold colour scheme, that actually works
very well.

The Ford Popular was, and I guess always will
be the British rodders favourite choice of base
vehicle to transform into a hot rod. It was nice

to see so many 'Pops' at the show, each
different from the next.

The line up of Ford Popular's around the out
side of the show field. The Popular was
produced from 1953 -1962.

Ford did make a pick up version of the Ford
Popular, although only in Australia. I'm not

sure if this is a real Aussie 'Utility Vehicle'
they called a 'Ute' or not, but I did like it.

A neat touch was the twin rear wheels which
were not fitted as standard. I'm sure the Ford
script on the tail gate was also not standard,
it looks like something of a model 'A' or 'B'.

The variety and standard in the Ford Popular
line up was amazing. I did like this pro street
Pop with it's custom paint scheme and with the
huge rear tyres tucked under the original wings.

I keep secretly hoping to see one of my old
Ford Popular's at one of the hot rod shows,

but as yet I haven't seen one.

No hot rod show would be complete without a
1955 Chevrolet, and this 4 door sedan looked
great in it's red and black paint scheme.

The '55 Chevy is one of the most iconic cars
of all time within the hot rod scene. 

It's nice to see some fellow Volkswagen's at
the N.S.R.A fun day. The black fender less

bug in the foreground looked great in it's matt
black paint scheme and whitewall tyre's and
roof chop.

The rear of this bug looked good and that
small rear window shows just how much the
roof has had taken out of the height. I did like
the high exhausts and the tall skinny rear tyre's.

A gorgeous 1953 Ford Customline 4 door 
Sedan in mint green. This lovely Ford had
not been restored or rodded and it was a bit
shabby around the edges, but I wouldn't have
it any other way, it looked fantastic.

This may well have been the original paint, it
certainly looked old enough. I did like those

round tail lights. This really is a gorgeous
1950's vehicle. 

This massive 1960's Chevrolet C-10 panel
van looked great. I was trying to work out if

the bright pink paint was the new colour the
 owner was painting bit by bit or whether it
was the old colour the owner is getting rid of,
either way I did like this huge van.

This stunning MK2 Ford Zephyr low line was
another car that had it's roots back in the

1970's. The jacked up rear end with the 5
spoke chrome wheels are classic British
1970's hot rod styling.

The rear of this Zephyr is high, but that is how
it was, back in the good old days. The simlpy
gorgeous gloss black paint looked fantastic
and gave off an amazing reflection.

This is the beetle Claude and I followed up to
the main entrance of the site. This really is low
and the rear wheels have an amazing camber.
I did like the roof rack full of period accessories.

So that was the 2015 N.S.R.A. Fun Day at
Billing Aquadrome. This show is always good,
and maybe next year I'll come along for the
whole weekend. The sheer numbers of hot rods
and the numerous makes and styles make this
show so interesting. My photo's are just a very
small selection of the vehicles that attended
this show. I can thoroughly recommend this 
show if you like your hot rods, or if you're
just into experiencing something different. 

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