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Chearsley Classic Car Show 2015.

Regular readers will know that I haven't posted a blog for two weeks, this is because I have been in hospital having my long awaited operation. The operation went well, although the recovery period is longer than I expected but I'm now at home and sat at my PC, so it's time to start posting again. This weeks blog review is all about the Chearsley Classic Car Show that was held on Sunday 13th September, in the picturesque village of Chearsley in Buckinghamshire. This annual show is held at the village Cricket ground. As the village of Chearsley is only 7.5 miles from my hometown this really is a local show. I went along in the bus with my dog but I had arranged to meet my good, close friend Tonya at the show later in the day. 
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My 1969 Microbus parked up at the Chearsley
Classic Car show. I have attended this little

show for the past 4 years and it really is a good
day out for all the family.

This lovely MK1 Ford Escort had a rally look
about it with the wide wheel arches and the
paint scheme. This unassuming MK1 had a
dark secret, it's power plant...

... which was a V8 engine. Assuming the huge
increase of power could be transferred to the
back wheels (and I have no reason to doubt
it can't) then this little Ford is going to be so
fast across any terrain.

I know it was a classic car show but this lovely
BMW R 1200GS looked fantastic parked up.
I do like the GS, it is the ideal touring motor-

cycle and this one even has the brackets for
the hard rear panniers... all ready for a
road trip to anywhere! 

This gorgeous graphite grey razor edge is a
regular at the Chearsley show. This 1969 razor
really is immaculate and features a steel sun

roof taken from a Karmann Ghia.

Regular readers will recognise this lovely 1934
hot rod, as it was at the Blackthorn Classic Car
Show that I attended a few weeks ago.

This fully fendered rod is more of a resto rod,
rather than a full blown hot rod, but doesn't it

look good. I do like the unusual colour choice.

This British racing green AC Cobra replica was
stunning. The attention to detail the owner has

put into the car during it's build is amazing.

The shape of the Cobra is a true classic and
just looks fast even standing still as all true
muscle cars do.

The local MG owners club always attend this
show and always have a very impressive display
of their members vehicles.

This gorgeous Ferrari 365 GTC/4 2+2 looked
fantastic in it's very unusual Ferrari silver
colour. The GTC/4 was produced from 1966 -
1970. The GTC had the 4.4 litre, 320hp engine
with a 5 speed manual gearbox.

Ferrari only made 168 GTC's and only 22 in
right hand drive. Due to the rarity of this true
classic, the value of something like this has to
be close to £100,000 ($153,607 approx)

This stunning example of the Rover 12 looked
fantastic in it's super shiny black gloss paint.
This Rover 12 was the P1 version brought was
produced from 1934 - 1936. It had the 196cc
engine than could propel this car to 70mph.

A vast array of classic cars on show from years
gone by. Whatever your into, you'll probably find
it at the Chearsley Classic Car show.

I'm not really sure how the owner of the lovely
Jaguar 1.5 litre actually got his car to the show
as it was a complete wreck. This looked like a
real barn find and every panel was corroded
almost beyond repair.

However the 1776cc engine was complete
very salvageable.

The manufacture of this car back in 1935
comprised of a steel body on wood construction
chassis however in 1938 they changed to a
complete steel construction, as this one is.

The interior of this lovely old Jaguar was all
complete if a little tatty, but it also had many
body panels stored inside, body panels that
would cost a fortune to get replaced today.

Good friends of mine Mel and her partner
'Spanner' were at the show in their Military
Land Rover This is just one of their military
collection. Normally at this show there are a
lot more military vehicles on show, but
this year, this was the only one. It was good to

meet up with Mel and Spanner once again.

This lovely off white and green Bedford
Dormobile was circa 1963 and being the owner
of a modern 1969 camper it was very interesting
to see how it all started.

The interior was 100% original and it was
fascinating to see inside. I did like the passenger
seat that revolved around to face the living

This really was a nice looking camper. I did
like the matching pop top and the cab mounted
roof rack.

To celebrate the 'official' opening of the show
by Tony Hadley, of Spandau Ballet fame, we
were also treated to a fly past by probably the
most famous WW2 aircraft, the Spitfire.

The Spitfire was designed as a short range,
high performance interceptor aircraft to use
against the Luftwaffe during world war 2.

These aircraft even today are so nimble that
it was difficult to keep the plane in the frame
as I tried to take a photo, let alone trying to zoom

in on the plane. This Spitfire made 3 fly pasts, 
and these are my best photos!

This bright 1986 T25 Transporter was originally
used as a bread van. During 1995 the van was
converted into a camper and the old 1600cc
engine was replaced for a 1800cc fuel injected
motor from a Scirocco.

The high top was added in 1995 and in 2007
the van was treated to it's new bright yellow
and white paint scheme, which still looks as
good today as it did way back then.

This gorgeous 1950's Pontiac Catalina looked
fantastic in it's baby blue paint. The early
Catalina's had the Flathead straight eight engine
The Catalina was produced from 1950 - 1958.

This beautifully restored AEC Merry Weather
Fire Engine is circa 1958 and featured the new
revolutionary turntable ladder. These AEC
Fire Engines in used by the London Fire

Looking across the Chearsly cricket field at all
the wonderful classic cars in the glorious


This is a Rochdale GT. These GT's were made
by Rochdale Motor Panels, in Manchester and
featured a glass fibre body. The were produced
from 1948 - 1973. Only about 1400 of these
GT's were made, with only about 10 still on the
road today which makes this car very rare.

The GT was based on the Ford Popular chassis
 and came with ready fitted doors, bonnet and a
curved windscreen.

This exhibitor came along on his classic motor
cycle, set up his stool and sung George Formby
songs to the public as they walked by.

This Lamborghini Countach looked awesome
in this, dare I say Ferrari red colour. This 2 door
sports car had a mid mounted V12 engine with
a manual gearbox. They were produced from
1974 - 1990 and only 2049 were produced.

The body of the Countach is made from aircraft
grade aluminium over a space frame chassis.
The whole car weighs about 3000lb, so with the
V12 engine this is not going to hang around.

This lovely turquoise Morris Minor 2 door
saloon looked amazing. OK it's not the original
colour on this classic, but that didn't really
matter as it was in such a lovely condition.
This shape Minor was produced from 1948 -
1953, but production of the Morris Minor
continued until 1971.

This stunning bright red Vauxhall Victor was
really immaculate. This 'FB' series Victor was
produced from 1961 - 1964, although the
Victor, in various models was produced from
1957 - 1978.

The FB series was available in two variants,
a 4 door saloon and a five door estate.

They also came with a choice of engine size,
you could either have the 1.5 litre or the 1.6
litre straight 4 OHV version.

Friends of mine, James amd Helen were at the
show with James' new passion, his steam
engine. Both James and Helen are / were
members of the Outcast VW Club, but they
have sold both of their Beetle's and moved
onto new interests. It was great to catch up
with both James and Helen as we don't seem
to see much of each other anymore.

This lovely 1972 bronze MK1 Ford Escort
looked amazing with the body kit including
the wide fibre glass wing extensions. This MK1
was built for short oval racing and a fully built
1700 x-flow engine.The exhaust, brakes and
suspension have all been upgraded.

Now this is a thing of beauty... I was talking
about my bus not the AMG SLS Mercedes.!
Seriously though, this aluminium bodied sports
car has the 378ci, 6208cc V8 engine and is
 capable of accelerating  from 0- 62mph in 3.8
seconds with a top speed of 196mph.

Under those gorgeous gull wing doors, the red
and black leather seats looks so comfortable.
The whole interior is a work of art.

The AMG has a rear spoiler that will extend at
high speed for stability and better handling and
also under braking. Would you believe that AMG
unveiled an Ambulance version of the SLS AMG
coupe at the 2011 RETT mobile emergency
vehicle expo...  now that's how I want to go to
the hospital !.

This brilliant white Triumph GT-6 was amazing.
As part of the new GT-6 project, six white
prototype cars were made by Triumph in 1965.
Triumph put in the 'Spitfire 1300cc engine, but
this proved to be too slow and in early 1966 they
replaced the engine with the 1998cc six cylinder
engine. The car was then used as a testing and
prototype car within Triumph but it was never
registered. This car was eventually registered
in 1967.

This immaculate Morris Oxford MO series
traveller had been beautifully restored. The
MO series traveller was produced from 1948
- 1954 and featured the easily recognisable
rear wooden frame.

The 1476cc engine has been rebuilt and the
overall condition of the engine bay is really
amazing. The Traveller wasn't the fastest car
on the road with a top speed of only 64mph
and a 0 - 60 time of 26 seconds. The car when
new would have cost £825 ($1257 approx)

The organisers of the show had also laid on
some entertainment in the form of a band, that
played to the crowds outside the bar. I didn't
catch the name of the band, but they seemed
to go down well.

Looking across towards the bar and food area
of the Chearsley Classic Car Show. This really
is a nice chilled out show with fun for all the

And finally, a photo of my new dog called
Boobie. She was given to me by a dear friend
who had to downsize her pack of dogs and as
she knew I liked Boo, an Boo liked me it was
the obvious decision. Boo likes to ride shotgun
in the bus.

So that was a very brief review of the Chearsley
Classic Car Show for 2015. Overall another great
day out. This local show has fun for all the family
including: Classic and Vintage vehicles, Arts and
Crafts stalls, Children's games and mini fun fair,
BBQ, Bar, Steam Engines and a vintage bus
trips around the local villages. A special thanks to
Tonya for being great company and for making
the day so much better.

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