Saturday, 31 October 2015

My New VW T4 Transporter Daily Driver.

This weeks blog is slightly different from the normal Volkswagen show / event reviews that  I post, this weeks blog entry is all about my new daily driver, a 1999 2.5tdi VW T4 Transporter. My regular readers will know that for a few months now I have often mentioned on my blog that I really like the T4 Transporter and that I could easily have one but that would mean selling my early bay to raise the money to buy one, and that just isn't going to happen !!. Then one day it dawned on me why don't I just sell my current daily driver, a 2002 Honda HRV and buy a T4 to use as a daily driver? the idea seemed so simple, and it meant I didn't have to sell the my beloved 1969 Microbus, I couldn't understand why hadn't I thought of it before! The main reason I wanted a T4 is that some of the shows / events I attend (and would like to attend) can be a round trip of 200 miles plus, so that either means going in the early bay which would be slow and cost a fortune in petrol, or go in my HRV (and going to a VW show in a Honda isn't really the done thing!). By having a converted T4 would mean I could get to the far away shows in a decent time frame and with reasonable economy and still be able to camp over in a Volkswagen should I choose to do so. A friend of mine on Facebook Vince Murr, has owned numerous T4's in the past and also sold a few so I thought he'd be a good person to ask about getting a T4 and what to look out for when buying one as I know nothing about the T4 Transporter. Anyway I got in touch with Vince and he said he had just finished building a T4 that for sale at the moment with a full camping interior at a very reasonable price, and when he sent me a photo I just thought, yep, that's the one for me! 
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This is the photo Vince sent me, and the look
of this camouflage bus appealed to me straight
away. Before I bought it, Vince changed the
wheels for a set of black Audi wheels and fitted 
a full height bonnet bra, but it still looks as good.

My new T4 from side on, although the bus has 
the camouflage decals which normally blends
the vehicle into the background, this one seems
to stand out!

Vince applied all the grey and black vinyl
decals by hand which I think looks awesome. I 
think this may be a classed as a 'Marmite' bus, 
and as the saying goes "either you'll love it, or 
you'll hate it".

The bus has a tailgate rather than double doors
which is a bonus as it can provide some
protection from the rain if needed. Vince left
the back of the rock and roll bed open, rather than 
boxing it off as this provides more accessible
storage space with easier access.

Vince fitted the interior himself and I have to
say it is to a very high standard. The double
cupboard doors in the side unit will provide very
useful storage space when I'm away for the
weekend camping at a VW show.

The main interior is again finished to a very
high standard. It has a low unit which houses
a double ring gas cooker and a sink with an
electric pump water system. It also has a
removable table and it's fully insulated and has
been carpeted. A unique matching camouflage
headliner has also been fitted.

The original T4 seats have also been replaced
with these bucket seats which are much more
comfortable than the originals. The passenger
seat is also mounted on a swivel base to enable
it to be turned round to face the main living area.

A quick look under the low cooker unit. The gas
bottler is secured as will be the water container. 
The small box in the gas cupboard is a fuse box 
which Vince installed to which I intend to connect 
the planned new interior LED lighting to.

The gas rings and sink are both brand new
and as yet unused, but I'm sure they will both
 get plenty of use in the future as I am partial 
to a cup of tea with a bacon and egg roll while
out and about at a VW show, it's just a shame 
to get them dirty by using them! The tinted 
glass covers simply lift up when access 
is required.

The brand new 3/4 size rock and roll bed simply
 folds down and looks very comfortable and as
yet, it is also unused but likewise I'm sure the
bed will get plenty of use. I do like the black and
grey vinyl on the bed. Again there is plenty
more storage space under the bed.

The rear side unit has a large cupboard door
to gain access into the huge storage space.
These units are really good quality and I should
be able to get years of use out of them.

This is how my bus looks now with it's new
full height bonnet bra and the black Audi wheels
with low profile tyres. All that's left is to get out 
and about in it with plenty of camping planned 
for next year. It also means I will be able to
go to the one day shows which in the past
 have been to far to travel to in the early bay.
I would also like to try some wild camping in
my favourite part of the world, Devon and 
Cornwall where the scenery is absolutely 
stunning. Keep an eye out for me at VW shows 
next year and if you see me, come over and 
say hello, I may even put the kettle on!

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