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Slough Swapmeet 2015 (part 1 of 2)

This weeks blog review is all about the Slough Swapmeet 2015, which was held on Sunday 1st November at the Montem Leisure Centre, Montem Lane in Slough in Buckinghamshire. SL1 2QG. This annual event is organised by Vince and Robin, and it's a great place to pick up some air-cooled bargains. The Slough Swapmeet is a table top sale / autojumble that caters for primarily the air cooled Volkswagen's, although water cooled VW's are more than welcome as is anything German including old Porsche's. Being one of the last events of the season it's a great place to socialise with old friends, and even make new friends. The Slough Swapmeet has been going for at least 10 years and I have been attending this event for the past 5 years. The organisers give out trophies for the 'King of the car park', which is for the best vehicles parked up in the leisure centre car park. The venue for the swapmeet is 51 miles from my hometown so I asked on Facebook to see if any of my VW friends fancied joining Tonya and myself for a cruise down to the swapmeet and my mate Claude, who is a fellow Outcast VW Club member said he'd drive down with us in his newly acquired 1958 low light Karmann Ghia. We all pre-entered this show as the queue to actually get in the venue is normally very long and it takes ages to get in, at least this meant we could just walk past all the queues into the main hall and hopefully grab some bargains.
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Tonya and I had arranged to meet Claude at
08.00am at the local Tesco superstore so we
could get an early start. The sun was shining
and Claude's '58 low light Karmann Ghia
looked great in the crisp morning sunshine.
 (although in these photos it's currently parked 

up in the shade!)

My 1969 Microbus and Claude's '58 parked up
with lovely clear blue skies, it's not bad weather 

seeing it was the first day of November in the
U.K. as normally by now the rainy season is here.

A nice photo of my bus and Claude's '58 that
looks really small compared to my bus. The '58
has been seriously lowered which helps it's low

and very desirable stance.

Whilst I was taking some photo's and Claude
and Tonya were chatting I looked across the
superstore car park, and who should I see, but 

another fellow Outcast VW Club member Colin,
 in his cool looking red early bay.

A quick zoom in to get a better look at Colin's
early bay. Colin has recently had the black and
white chequered design painted onto his roof
which looks great. Colin saw us and came over,
he was also going to Slough, but had to collect
his Dad first so he couldn't drive down with us

so we agreed to meet up down there later
 in the day.

Colin had not seen Claude's new acquired ride,
and Claude was only too happy to chat about
his new '58 low light.

After a while we set off, Claude led the way for
a brief time so I could get some photo's of his
Karmann Ghia from behind. The sun was just
starting to rise and it looked promising for the
rest of the day.

On a by-pass I overtook Claude, not because
the KG is slow but because whenever we have
a cruise somewhere I'm normally the designated
lead vehicle, and I couldn't resist taking a cheeky
photo of the low light as we went past. (its a 

shame my door mirror got in the way!)

A nice photo of Claude travelling behind my
Microbus as we head towards Slough. Tonya
kindly took this cool photo of Claude looking
out of my rear window.

As the lead vehicle you have to lead the convoy
through all sorts of conditions and I had to lead
our little convoy through the morning mist which
was quite dense in places on the rural parts

of the journey as we headed towards the swap 
meet. Hopefully the sun would burn off this mist 
in an hour or so.

Unfortunately I was wrong about the sun burning
off the mist, in fact the closer we got to Slough
the worse it became. In Slough had to stop at

 some traffic lights and I spotted this cool looking 
mango and white coloured split screen also 
heading towards the leisure centre where the
swap meet was being held.

The leisure centre car park does get full quite
quickly but because we had arrived early, we 

had plenty of spaces to choose from. That 
splitty reversing into a parking space is in fact 
another mango and white bus, not the one I saw
whilst sat at the traffic lights.

Even though we arrived in plenty of time, the
spaces allocated for 'bays' was full, so I had to
park at the end of the split screen line up. As I
reversed into the space I noticed a lovely 181
Trekker parked up behind me that I needed to 

have a better look at that...

The super clean 181 Trekker, which I think 
I last saw at the 'Endless Summer' show back 
in September this year. It must have been a 
bit chilly driving down to the show in this very
open to the elements Trekker!

A lovely interior on the 181, I did like that huge
tacho, and the 'Empi' foot mats. Less is more

as far as the 181 interior's are concerned.

This really was a super clean car, and I think it
won the p
eoples choice for 'King of the Car
trophy'. An award voted for by the public.

Claude's Karmann Ghia parked up at the show
has some good company. The '58 really does
sit low at the front... just how it should be!

Claude's low light also has a narrowed front
beam which adds to the cool look of the early

I spotted this lovely Porsche 911 finished in a
gorgeous grey paint job with a lime green
stripe. I did like the vented rear side windows.

A good variety of buses parked up in the cold
damp misty car park of the Slough swapmeet.

Air-cooled and water cooled make for a great
variety of vehicles.

It didn't matter the sun wasn't shining as the
glow given off from this super bright yellow
early bay made up for the lack of natural sun.

Jonny attended the show in his '71 race Beetle
which seems to have more bits added every

time I see it. Jonny is a member of the
Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW Club based in
Penn St. in Bucks and whose club meets I
have been to many times in the past.

A recent addition is the huge whale tail rear
spoiler. This was specifically made for Jonny's
Beetle and looks awesome.

Sign writing on the side of Jonny's rear spoiler.
Miss White is the name of this cool 
Bug which even has it's own facebook page.

No matter what VW show, or classic car show
I attend there is always one vehicle that stops
me in my tracks, and this is the car that did it for
me at the Slough Swapmeet. A gorgeous oval
window beetle in an immaculate coat of black
gloss paint.

The oval rear window Beetle was produced
from 1950 - 1959 and the looks of this old

Volkswagen have been enhanced by the paint
colour, those shiny 5 spoke wheels and the
stance of this lovely bug. This really is a nice
looking car.

A gorgeous Porsche 356A finished in a single
coat of off white paint. The 356A was produced
 from 1955 - 1959 and is easily identified by the
 lack of fuel filler cap in the top of the front wing
and... the single vent in the deck lid. This really
was a lovely looking car. The matching painted
bumpers were as original and how Porsche
produced the car which looks great. 

Looking into the mist along a row of split screen
buses. Each one was different in colour, stance,
year and of course body style not to mention
all the accessories each one had.

One of the traders brought along this early bay
which was for sale. I didn't find out any info on
this bus, but it didn't look too bad.

A lovey pair of beetle's parked up in the mist.
I did like the look of the purple one with it's

'Centerline' wheels and also the neat old skool
pinstriping on the brown one.

A close up of the cool pinstriping around the
headlight surround on the brown bug. I'm just
getting into pinstriping and this shows that good
pinstriping doesn't always have to symmetrical. 

Another gorgeous oval bug with those super
cool looking yellow head lights with a matching
yellow spot light. I did like the overall original
look of this beetle.

This oval was so clean and straight, and the
black gloss paint gives an almost perfect
reflection on those super straight body panels.
I did like the rear window blind, which was very
period and looked so cool.

This 1959 split screen panel van was gorgeous,
the patina was real and not from a rattle can. It
must have taken years to get a paint finish like
 that. I did like the door mirror brackets which
 really suited this patina van.

The real patina covered virtually every panel. I
really hope the owner doesn't paint this lovely
old splitty as it would ruin the cool look of the van.

A good variety of bay windows of all descriptions
and styles. Each one looked as good as the last
in it's own right.

This RAT looking late bay crew cab looked
great with it patina paint. I did like the 3 bow
roof rack and those huge spot lights and the
truck style door mirrors.

This lovely pair of black over red split screen
buses looked great parked up next to each 
other. If you look closely the similarity ends with
with the body colours.

I have seen this moss / algae covered bug on
numerous occasions and it always looks the
same.. and I think it's great. I have no idea how
the owner keeps it looking so tatty, but I hope
he doesn't change it, as I never get bored of

looking at this RAT looking beetle.

A good variety of beetles adorned the car park.
It really was a good turn out of vehicles, not only
bugs, but also bays and splits and lots of other
VW's on such a damp misty Sunday morning.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be the split
screen line up or the bay window line up, but
I suppose it doesn't really matter. The amount of
vehicles that braved the cold damp conditions
to drive along to the swap meet was amazing.

This early split in a very RAT looking yellow
'skool bus' paint job looked fantastic. 

I did like the rear lights on this bus and the cool
sign writing. This bus really did get my attention.

Split screens and bays parked up side by side
at the Slough Swapmeet. It's good to see such
a diverse variety of vehicles in one place.

Another good variety of Volkswagen's, this time
in the bay window line up. Numerous styles and
colours and each one different from the last.

My 1969 Microbus had some good company
in the swapmeet car park, a lovely Porsche
912 finished in a gorgeous grey colour parked

up next to me a bit later in the morning.

I did like this early bay crew cab pick up in a
very similar colour to my bus. This crew cab
wasn't flash or fancy, it was just a very nice and

desirable bus.

Looking down the line up of beetles at Slough.
Each one was different from the last, but just
as nice in it's own right. The Teal coloured

beetle belongs to John, a friend of mine on 
facebook, I would have said hello but I've only
just realised I took a photo of him and his bug!

So that was part 1 of the Slough Swapmeet
review. Part 2 will be next Saturday where I
continue to look around the car park and have
a look inside the venue to see what's for sale

so make sure you check out my blog next week.

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