Saturday, 21 November 2015

Outcast VW Club, monthly meet.

This weeks blog review is all about the Outcast VW Club's monthly meet which is held on the first Thursday of each month at The Charter Pub, Bicester Road, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire from 7pm onwards. The Outcast VW Club was formed around 3 and a half years ago by 3 Volkswagen owners who wanted a regular place to meet up and socialise. From the humble beginnings where we had about 4 vehicles attend our club meetings, the club has now grown in size and sometimes we can now have 20+ vehicles at our club meet night. The Outcast VW Club Facebook page is also doing well with over 160 followers. You can check out and follow our facebook page here:
The variety of vehicles at our club meets is truly diverse, from show winning early split screen buses to RAT looking beetle's and buses, and water cooled T4's / Golf's. The club welcomes any Volkswagen owner and their vehicle whether it's air-cooled or water cooled. As with any club meet across the U.K. the attendance of members is largely dependent on the great British weather, and as it  gets colder and the dark nights draw in, the attendance figures drop but there are still the hardy bunch who turn up month after month. It didn't help that this month it was bonfire night on the night of our club meet, so a few members could have been at firework displays.
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The first of the hardy bunch is Gary who came
along in his lovely 1971 cross over bay from the
neighbouring county of Bedfordshire. Gary's
white over blue bus is his daily driver.

Gary has recently added the Empi 5 spoke
wheels and had the bus lowered both of
help transform the look of this old bus. 
Considering this bus is used on a daily basis, 
it does look very clean and tidy.

A good photo of Gray's bus from the front, you
can see just how clean it is considering it has
to brave the elements every day.

Kevin and Sam came along in Kevin's 1987
T25 water cooled crew cab pick up. Kevin also
owns a 1970 off road trials beetle.

Kevin's crew cab is a real work horse that he
uses to move everything from Volkswagen parts
for his and his sons off road beetle's, to his
beloved motorcycle.

Kevin has recently purchased a roof top tent
which he needs to sleep in when he goes away.
These roof top tents are brilliant and can be
mounted to all sorts of vehicles. I have seen
them mounted onto Beetles, buses and a variety
of pick ups. When they are not in use they store
 down to a nice compact size.

I went along to the club meet in my new 1999
2.5tdi T4, not because I didn't want to go in my 
1969 microbus, but because having purchased
 it, a lot of the club members hadn't seen it, so I
thought I'd take it along and show it off!

This is my daily driver now and the benefits of
using this are many, including almost twice as
good MPG compared to my old 1600cc Honda 

HRV, and of course I get to drive a Volkswagen 
every day to work. 

Claude came along in his daily driver, an '05
Golf. Claude also has a lovely 1960 split screen
bus and a 1958 low light Karmann Ghia but not
surprisingly decided to leave them in the garage.

Amanda and Simon came along in Amanda's
very distinctive silver Golf with it's super bright
pink wheels and personalised registration Number.

Amanda's rear end with her unique registration
number, 'X 17RSE' (kiss arse)

The Outcast VW club line up on a cold, dark and
damp Thursday evening. Although the numbers
of members was down on previous months it
was still a very enjoyable evening with like
minded people.

The line up from a different angle, (before Ryan
and Luke arrived).

The constant drizzle couldn't put off the hardy
members of the Outcast VW Club from
attending the monthly meet.

Ryan and Luke made a pleasant surprise visit 
to our club meet in Ryan's '70 early bay. Ryan 
and Luke are members of the 'VW Collective' 
page on face-book, you can check it out here:

Ryan's patina bus has a massive 2054cc motor
with CB044 heads. It is loud and fast which is
good because both Ryan and Luke travelled
all the way over to the meet from the 

neighbouring county of Hertfordshire.

So that was a brief review of the Outcast VW
club's monthly meet for November. Next months
meet is slightly different, instead of just meeting
up at the pub, Amanda has organised a sit down
meal, as it's almost Christmas. So far we have 
12 members who have committed to attend. If
you live local and wish to attend, visit the face-
book page Amanda has set up and put your
name down! Here is the link:
Everyone is welcome to join us as long you
 own a VW (it doesn't even have 
to be on the
road) Let's try to make this event a good
Xmas meet by having as many Outcast members
as possible attending. Thanks.


  1. Hello I found your blog when searching for a local VWOC. I am in Bicester and found reference to a group called The Outcast which led me here... but there is no sign of it being active. Are you a member or is it long gone? Do you happen to know any other active groups in Bucks/Oxon area? Interesting blog by the way... some good info here!

  2. Hi Jane, Sorry the delay in replying... Yes the Outcast Club is still very active, it's just that the facebook page isn't! We still meet on the first Thursday of each month at The Charter Pub, Bicester Road in Aylesbury from 7.00pm onwards. It would be great to see you, you'd be most welcome. We have a couple of members that come over from your way. There are other clubs around the Oxford area but I don't think they are very active now-a-days. Anyway it would be great if you want to pop over some time. This time of year the club meets are a little thin on the ground (but at least that will give you a chance to meet a few people) but in the summer months we can have 20+ vehilces at the meets. Thanks,. Dave.

    1. Great news! I am so pleased to have found your blog. I will come along to the March meeting and look forward to it! Thanks!

  3. Hi Jane, March is good. It'll be on Thursday 2nd at the Charter Pub in Aylesbury. See you there! Dave.

  4. PS. I normally post a reminder on the Outcast FB page a few days beforehand.