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Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally 2016 (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the third and final instalment of my blog review about the Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally, which was held on Sunday May 15th at Weedon Park, which is located on the A413 just outside Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. This annual classic car show is one of my favourite shows of the season, not only because it's only a few miles from home, but also because it is always very well attended and full of classic cars of all descriptions. military vehicles, bikes and commercial vehicles. There is also a huge auto jumble and attraction for all the family, and all the entry money goes to local charities. I had arranged to meet my mate Claude and his partner Jean at my house as it's en-route to the show. The show opens to the public at 10.00am so we decided to get there for about 09.30 in able us to get and and get parked up. The blog continues as I wander around in the sunshine looking at all the fantastic classic cars.
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This stock looking 1970 early bay was amazingly
clean and straight. The baby blue paint over the
perfectly straight body looked amazing. Apart
from the white wall tyres, this bus really could
have just driven off the assembly line.

This Ford Zephyr 2 door convertible looked
stunning in it's all white finish. The Zephyr was
produced from 1951 - 1972 and is therefore
quite a rare car, but the 2 door convertible with
it's power operated hood, is even harder to find
because of structural weaknesses in the design
very few convertibles survived.

As with many British classic cars of the time, the
styling was influenced by American cars. You
can see the tail fins and pointed light clusters
that look very similar to an 1950's Chevrolet.

The interior of the Zephyr is pure 1950's with
it's full width bench seat and column change
gear stick.

A perfectly restored Ford Consul Capri in bright
red with a white roof. These Consul Capri's were
produced from 1961 - 1964 and were loosely
based on the Ford Thunderbird & Galaxie.

This 1978 custom Ford Transit van was a blast
from the past, with it's amazing paint job with
air brushed murals. These are the types of
vehicles that got me interested in the custom /
hot rod scene back in the early eighties.

This custom 'Tranny' had the most amazing
air brush art work, including this portrait of
Stevie Wonder on the door mirror.

This gorgeous Jaguar D Type replica was very
well built and looked the part. The original D
types were produced from 1954 - 1957 and
won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1955, 1956
and 1957.

The huge fin behind the driver was intended
to provide aerodynamic stability. 

The D type had the innovative monocoque
construction brought from the aviation industry
to competition design.

There were hundreds of bikes from all years
at the Chiltern Hills show, but this scooter
caught my eye with numerous lights and

Whatever type of classic vehicles you're into,
you'll be sure it find it at ht is show. The sheer
diversity of all the classic cars was immense. 

This beautiful 1928 Ford Model 'A' 5 window
coupe replica was simply stunning. The glass
fibre body was painted in an unusual but lovely
deep burgundy colour, and with those white
wall tyres on those deep dish steel wheels 
car is pure 'Hot Rod'. These rodded model
 'A's are one of my favourite cars of all time
 and maybe one day I'll have one.

There is a tendency in the hot rod world to chop
the roof, but it was nice to see the standard
height roof for a change. This lovely coupe was 

fully fendered with running boards and those 
rear wings hug the contour of the wheel before 
flaring out at the back. It really is a beautiful car.

The model A (1928 - 1931) and model B (1932)
are very similar in design but the the model A
is easily identified by the chrome grill shell,
(although many owners do use the model
B grill shell) and the peak above the windscreen,

and numerous other subtle body differences.

This gorgeous 1957 Chevrolet 2 door coupe
 in turquoise and white was stunning. I think
 this is the 'two-ten' model. The aftermarket
chrome wheels looked great and finished off
the look of this all time classic car.

This lovely 1947 (I think) Chevrolet step side
truck looked great with it's sun burnt patina.
This truck had a hot rod theme sitting so low
and with those red painted steel wheels.

I do like these old 1940's / 50's trucks as they
just look so perfect and they are so handy, if fact 

they are so handy you can...

...carry your own miniature motorcycle in the
back. I think this small Harley type bike could
have been powered by an electric motor.

Another model A, but this time it's a lovely pick
up version. Also this one has the model B grille
shell which gives a more rounded appearance
to the front end. The 1940's wire wheels with
white wall tyres gave this gave pick up a really
nice nostalgic hot rod look.

I think this truck was another replica but it was
so well built it was hard to tell.

This little pick up is powered by the hot rodders
choice of engines, the 24 stud Ford flat head V8.

The Chevrolet Corvette was produced from
1953 - 1962 and is one of the most iconic
cars ever.I think this one is a 1962 model with
it's black grille shell and twin exposed head

Another indication of this car's year is the four
tail lights and the 'boat tail design' rear end.
This is such a beautiful looking classic car.

However, the all red interior could be too much
for some people. It was certainly bright when
the sun shone. I think it would have been nice
to have had some black and chrome detailing
in the cockpit of the classic Vette.

This 1974 MK3 Ford Cortina brought back
some fun memories as I had one of these
 many years ago. Mine was no where near
as clean as this is. I still like these cars but
 as with any classic car, especially in this
condition the price is out way of my reach. 

This lovely Cortina really was just like new.
The restoration has been expertly carried out
with so much attention to detail. This has to
be in my top 10 of classics at the Chiltern Hills
classic car show.

This lovely 1971 black over bright red early bay
looked great in the sunshine. I did like the 3 bow
roof rack with the old retro suitcase and the
polished Empi 5 spoke wheels.

Standing in my bus this photo shows how big
this great show really is. The diversity of cars,
bikes and trucks was immense.

And in the other direction, the lines of classic
cars seems to go on for as far as the eye can

There is plenty of space at Weedon Park, so
the cars / bikes and trucks are spaced out to
allow the public to get a good look.

Looking down at Claude's low light Ghia, for
no other reason than it looks so good.

A rare glimpse inside Claude's un-restored and
unmolested Karmann Ghia. Claude likes the
RAT look so the interior may well stay like this. 

The only non standard item in Claude's interior
is this super cool 'Moon' rev counter.

So that was the 2016 Chiltern Hills Classic
Car Show. This really is a great show with
hundreds upon hundreds of classic cars / 
bikes / military / commercial vehicles
and much more. I can highly recommend 
this show if you like classic vehicles. Next 
week the blog reviews go back to air cooled, 
starting with VW Expo Stonor Park 2016.

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