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Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally 2016 ( part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part two of my blog review all about the Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally, which was held on Sunday May 15th at Weedon Park, which is located on the A413 just outside Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. This annual classic car show is one of my favourite shows of the season, not only because it's only a few miles from home, but also because it is always very well attended and full of classic cars of all descriptions. military vehicles, bikes and commercial vehicles. There is also a huge auto jumble and attraction for all the family, and all the entry money goes to local charities. I had arranged to meet my mate Claude and his partner Jean at my house as it's en-route to the show. The show opens to the public at 10.00am so we decided to get there for about 09.30 in able us to get and and get parked up. The blog continues as I wander around in the sunshine looking at all the fantastic classic cars.
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This gorgeous cherry red 1970 beetle belongs
to a good mate of mine, Elliott. This really is a
nice bug that I never get tired of looking at. The
amazing colour is the first thing you notice, then
as you look around you notice the smaller details
like the chrome mesh headlight grilles. Elliott and

his Fiancee Alanna are getting married in July
so I wish them all the best for the future.

Those B&M wheels are a perfect choice to
compliment the overall look of this lovely old

This is a good photo to show how straight and
clean Elliott's bug really is. I do like the deck
 lid rack with the retro suitcase on it.

This 1976 late bay looked very clean and crisp
with it's white over bright red body. This lowered
bus had some super shiny chrome Empi 5 
spoke wheels that compliment the chrome 
headlight peaks.

This really was a very clean and straight bus.
It's all about the small details that help to make
a vehicle stand out, like the clear indicator
lenses on all four corners on this bus.

A Ford rambler custom 4 door hardtop circa
 late 1950's is part of the second generation of 
Ramblers. It had the 327 cubic inch engine that 
could propel the car to 60 mph from a standing 
start in an estimated 12 seconds.

I did like this 1957 Chevrolet task force step 
side pick up. The real sun burnt body looked
awesome and suited the classic one year only
body shape. 

Ford introduced the Econoline to compete with
the type 2 Volkswagen.  This 'station bus' from
1964 originally had the 2.4 L engine mounted
behind the front seats, with a 3 speed manual
gearbox. This gorgeous turquoise model was
very well restored.

These Econoline's were available with 3 rows of
seats in the back, which could seat 8 people or
available with a camper interior, sound familiar?

This 1940 Ford 1/2 ton ford truck was one of
the first trucks to share the car styling with it's
Vee-d grille, pointed hood and headlights 
mounted into the fenders. Power came from a
flat head V8, you could either have a 136 
cubic inch or a bigger 221 cubic inch engine.

These trucks really are so nice looking with the
flowing lines of the rear fenders. This really was
a lovely old truck in such a nice colour.

I did like this stunning light blue 1954 Chevrolet
step side truck, with it's highly polished chrome
and white wall tyres. This old truck really stood
out in the American car line up.

This 1954 GMC 100 1/2 ton truck looked great
with it's multi coloured painted body. The alloy 
wheels looked the part on this old truck.

I did like the Rust*eze door decal which suited 
the truck perfectly, I'm sure Lightning McQueen 
would give his approval.

The lovely interior of a 1950's American truck,
it's very basic compared to vehicles today but
there wasn't too many mod-cons available then
 and as the saying goes, 'you can't miss something
 if you've never had it'

This really is a nice looking truck. I did like the
fact that you can even carry your motorcycle in
the back.

This pastel yellow MK3 ford zephyr 6 looked
great with it's old skool Wolfrace slot mag wheels
and bright fresh paint. The MK3 Zephyr 6 was
produced from 1962 - 1966 and had the more
powerful 2553 cc (156 cubic inch) engine 
compared to the Zephyr 4 which had the 1703
cc, (104 cubic inch) engine.

Many British car designs of the sixties had an
American influence, with their wide body and
tail fins. The Ford Zephyr was no different, and
was actually designed by a Canadian, Roy
Brown who also designed other cars such as
the Edsel and the Cortina. 

This stunning Lancia Stratos replica certainly
stood out at the show with it's super bright
yellow paint. Although this is a replica it was
amazing and so well built. The Stratos was
built from 1973-1978 and won the world rally 
championships in 1974,75,76. 

Here is a car I instantly recognised, it belongs
to a mate of mine called Mark. Mark is a member
of the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW Club based
in Penn, Buckinghamshire. I haven't seen Mark 
for quite some time so it was nice to catch up.

Mark's lilac 1972 bug looked so nice in the
sunshine. Mark has done a lot of work on his
bug in recent months, but as always as with
owning a VW, there is still a bit left to do. Good
luck mate...

The 1947 Reliant Regent is a 3 wheeled vehicle
and the creation of  2 ex Raleigh designers who 
decided to create their own 3 wheeled vehicle after
 Raleigh decided to halt production of their 3 
wheeled vehicle. 

 It's constructed of a steel chassis, hardwood
and aluminium panels. The 747cc side 
valve engine produced 14 BHP @ 3500 revs

This jet black 1932 ford 3 window fender less
coupe, caught my eye and I headed straight over
 for a better look. This really was a nice coupe 
and the build standard was incredible, and 
finished to a very high standard. I can't remember
what motor this had, suffice to say it was big.

The '32 ford coupe comes in two body styles
and the 3 window is my second favourite,
 just behind the 5 window which you can see
a gorgeous example of in next weeks blog 


The '32 has such a lovely body shape, and
being fender less just adds to it's appeal. The
traditional big and little wheels & tyres give
the car a real hot rod look.

Street legal Hoosier tyres and shiny 5 spoke
wheels... very nice.

The unmistakable rear end of a fender less
'32 Ford coupe. I'm not sure the fuel tank
mounted below the boot would pass the
all the safety regulations required for new cars


Another mate at the show was Stuart who took
all his family along to the show in his very
distinctive 1971 early bay. I think Stuarts bay has 

an original Devon interior, which is just what you
need when you have a hungry family to cater for.

Stuart's daughter Ellie and her boyfriend Andy 
went along in their 1987 Mini which they have 
only recently acquired. This was just of many 
Mini's that turned up at the show, you can just 
see another one behind Andy's. 

Another vehicle I recognised was this 1966
white over green split screen. It belongs to a
mate of mine called Ben. Ben is a member of
the House of Dub VW Club based near Leighton
Buzzard in Bedfordshire.

I didn't actually see Ben at the show, due to the
sheer number of visitors, but it was nice to know
he attended this local show.

Yet more friends of mine, Andy and Anneliese
had a drive over to the show in Anneliese's 
1970 baby blue and white early bay. This is
her daily driver so it gets plenty of use.

The full length roof rack complete with side
ladder come off Andy's split screen panel van
which he recently sold. This is another early
bay from the House of Dub, who imported it
from the west coast of America. This bus is
nice and solid and straight.

Another blue and white bay at the Chiltern Hills
Classic Car show was this very clean 1977 
late bay. I did like the stock high ride height.

No true classic car show would be complete
without a Ford model T, and there were several
at the Chiltern Hills. This 1915 ford model T
speedster had been restored to an incredible 
standard. The Model T was produced from 1908
- 1927 and almost 17 million were produced,
and all were hand made.

The E-Type Jaguar was once voted as one of
the worlds most beautiful cars, and even received
praise from Enzo Ferrari and looking at this lovely
all white series 2 it's easy to see why. This stunning
example had the 4.2 litre engine with twin carbs
that produces 246 BHP.

The series 2 is easily identified by the lack of
headlight glass covers and the wrap round
bumpers. This gorgeous E-Type really was a
stunning example of this true British classic car.

This gorgeous 1967  two door Volvo (123 GT)
Amazon looked amazingly clean. The subtle
 two tone paint and aftermarket wheels gave 
this car a modern touch without being too 
modern to spoil the look. The GT version had
the high compression engine, reclining seats,
fog lights and a few other upgrades.

These Amazon's were originally called Amason,
but the German motorcycle manufacturer
Kreidler had already had already registered the
name, so Volvo changed it to Amazon. The
period roof rack suited this car perfectly.

This signal red Ford Corsair convertible looked
 great in the sunshine. Ford never actually made
a convertible version, these were created by
Crayford Auto Developments. The Corsair was
produced from 1963 - 1970 and the body styling
with it's horizontal creased front end to which
round headlamps were fitted was loosely based
on the Ford Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird styling continued to the rear
where the pointed rear light cluster hinted of
the Thunderbird's tail fins. This really was an
immaculate example of this sought after car.

The Corsair is basically a long wheel base
 Cortina and many of the interior panels are
the same. The wood finished dashboard is
a classic Ford feature of the 1960's / 70's.

The small Crayford badge on this Corsair makes
all to difference to desirability and value to this
lovely British Classic.

So that was part 2 of 3 of my blog review of this
fantastic classic car show. Part 3 will be next 
Saturday where you will be able to see many
more classic British and American cars, 
including a gorgeous 5 window coupe, more 
air-cooled Volkswagen's so much more, so
don't forget to come back soon.

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