Saturday, 20 August 2016

Camper and Bus Show 2016. (part 1 of 2)

This week's blog is about the Camper and Bus show 2016 that was held over the weekend of 29th - 31st July at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. I think I'm right in saying that the show is organised by the Camper & Bus magazine, and is actually held in the grounds of the majestic 16th century Eastnor castle, which provides a lovely backdrop. The show area was well laid out with many traders trading their (mostly VW related) goods and numerous activities going on all weekend to keep both the adults and children entertained. Over the years I had heard good reviews about this very laid back show but until now had never attended. This year I had a day free over the weekend so I decided to have a drive over and see what all the hype is about. As Eastnor Castle is about a 90 mile trek across country from my home town I decided to take the T4, rather than drive the microbus as the T4 would be much quicker and easier.
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The first vehicle to catch my eye was this super
low 1969 tin top early bay. This bus must have
 had air suspension to sit that low. The bus
 was painted in a bright green that almost
glowed in the sunshine, it also had a narrowed
 front beam that made the front wheels sit so
 far under the wheel arches. The truck style
mirrors, deluxe trim and roof rack helped this
lovely bus stand out.

The rear bumper was actually sitting on the
grass in the show and shine field. The big bore
exhaust exited through the rear bumper, maybe
the size of the exhaust is hiding something big

in the engine department..?

You can see just how low this bus sits whilst

Parked next to the low green bay was this RAT
looking red early bay. This bus was equally as
low and again must have had air ride. This cool
bus may have had the RAT look, but it actually

looked quite solid.

This bus may of had the RAT look on the out-
side, but inside it was really nice with red vinyl
tuck and roll seating. 

The front panel of this RAT look early bay had
a story to tell. 

Looking into the engine bay, this bus is fitted
with a Subaru motor from 'Fellows Speed
Shop' who specialise in fitting Subaru engines
into early bays (and split screens I think) The
benefits of this are obvious, but less obvious
is it means you get a real heating system in
your bus! They can also upgrade the brakes
and clutch. These Subaru powered buses
really are quick, as you would expect!

Both buses parked up. You can just see how
low these buses are compared the the baby
blue bus on the left.

This double door panel van is quite rare and
looked gorgeous with it's patina'd Dove blue
(I think) paint. This bus also sat quite low
which helped the overall look of this lovely bus.

This old panel van may have had the patina
look on the outside, but on the inside it was a
different story. The red vinyl door cards and
seat bases were very neat and well done. 

The camping unit looked to a bespoke unit that
suited the van and again finished to a very high

A nice photo showing this buses lovely real
patina. The engine and engine bay were both
very clean and tidy.

Looking into this panel van through the open
safari screen windows, the red tuck and roll
upholstery looks amazing and almost too nice
to sit on!

This immaculate 1969  early bay really looked
nice and clean and super straight. This bus

really was in 'just like new' condition.

You can see just how clean and straight this
gorgeous bus is in this photo. It never ceases
to amaze me how owners keep their buses
looking so clean, especially when you consider
the lousy British climate.

The interior of this gorgeous bus was finished
to the same high standard as the exterior. 

Even the engine and engine bay were spotless,
it really did look as though you could eat your
dinner off of it. It amazes me how owners keep

the buses so clean I barely get time to wash 
my bus!

This lovely 1972 1300 beetle was another 
vehicle that looked so clean and it's no surprise
as this bug had a body off restoration back in
2012. The stunning Rover Kingfisher blue paint 
had been applied over super straight body panels. 

Again the interior was finished to the same high
standard. The MK1 Golf seats and matching door 

cards look great.

This lovely old bug really did draw the crowds
and everyone was admiring it. As I always say.
"If you've go it, flaunt it" and this bug certainly
had 'it'. The original 1300cc engine has now

been replaced with a more reasonable 1641
cc twin port motor with dual Webber carbs.

The gas burner wheels looked the perfect
choice to compliment this beetle's looks.

This super bright pink 1971 beetle may not
the colour choice of everyone, but I thought
it looked cool. (I have owned a two tone pink
Ford Popular hot rod in the past so I would
wouldn't I !! )
This pink beauty was actually 

very straight and clean.

This really was a nice clean honest beetle that
looked great in the sunshine at the Camper and
Bus show.

This 1969 gloss black early bay should have
won the most shiny reflection prize if there
was one, as the reflection in that perfectly
applied paint was amazing.

It's unusual to see a bay painted in a single
colour, normally the roof or bumpers are a
different colour, but this bay was all black, even
the windows and it did look really cool.

The only chrome I could find on this lovely bus
was the Radar wheels which complimented the
black paint perfectly. 

This gorgeous metallic bronze beach buggy
looked awesome. I think it's a MK1 GP body
that's sitting on a '72 floorpan. I do like beach
buggy's but living in the U.K and owing one
takes a hardier person than I am, as your
open to all the elements.

The MK1 beach buggy body style is a close
 relative of the original Myers Manx body, in
looks anyway and I personally think think they
 are the most well proportioned and best looking
 of the U.K built beach buggies.

A close of the gorgeous metalflake paint on
this lovely buggy. This is, in my opinion the
only paint finish to have on a beach buggy.

The interiors of beach buggies are normally
a bit bare due to being exposed, but the owner
of this buggy has added some style by matching
the silver padded seats with the alloy chequer
 plate flooring. 

The very stylish yet sparse interior looked great
and those seats and floor work so well together.

This white over cherry red 2003 type 2 Rio, 
late bay was on of the vehicles up for sale at
the show. It has a 1600cc engine and it is a
RHD model. It was extremely clean and very
well equipped.

The interior was just as immaculate as the outside
and featured a Webasto heater, microwave, T.V.
as well as a rock and roll bed and buddy seat
both finished in lovely cherry red and black vinyl.

The cab of this bay also had been made over
with the same matching vinyl seats and door 
cards. This really was a nice bus, that could be
yours for £30,000 ($39,500 approx)

From one extreme to another in the looks
department, but equally as nice is this RAT
look 1969 sky blue and white early bay. I did
like the overall look of this lowered bay, the 
full length roof rack and patinad' paint looked
just about right.

The rust covered damaged rear quarter panel
just added character to this lovely bus, and I
hope the owner doesn't repair and paint it as it

looks cool.

This white over green 1972 late bay caught my
eye, as it looked like a good honest bus. It didn't
have a flashy paint job and it wasn't in a show 
winning condition,but lovely high stance, and 
the sign writing along the sides of the bus were
enough to grab my attention.

I do like sign written buses, and this one was
no different. The hand painted lettering and
the yellow pinstripe around the front clip looked
really cool.

This really was a cool looking good honest
bus that stood out at the Camper and Bus
show. This bus was also riding at standard
height, which in my humble opinion is always
a good thing.

So that was part 1 of my review of the Camper
and Bus show. Part 2 will be next Saturday where
you can see more great buses and bugs, a really
cool Soapbox racer and so much more so don't

 forget to come back next week. 


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