Saturday, 27 August 2016

Camper and Bus show 2016. (part 2 of 2)

This week's blog is the 2nd instalment of the Camper and Bus show 2016 that was held over the weekend of 29th - 31st July at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. I think I'm right in saying that the show is organised by the Camper & Bus magazine, and is actually held in the grounds of the majestic 16th century Eastnor castle, which provides a lovely backdrop. The show area was well laid out with many traders trading their wares and numerous activities going on all weekend to keep both the adults and children entertained. Over the years I had heard good reviews about this very laid back show but until now had never attended. This year I had a day free over the weekend so I decided to have a drive over and see what all the hype is about. As Eastnor Castle is quite a trek across country I decided to take the T4, rather than drive the microbus as the T4 would be much quicker and easier. The blog continues as I wander around the show looking at all the cool VW's.
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This lovely gun metal grey 181 Trekker looked
immaculate. These were originally developed
for the West German Army back in 1968 but I
doubt the original ones ever looked this nice.

The 181 body sits on a type 1 Karmann Ghia
floor pan (which is wider than the Beetle). This
really was a nice looking car that looked better
for having a nice low stance.

You don't expect modern day comforts in a car
developed for the West German Army, but that's
 a small sacrifice to pay when driving around

in such a cool looking vehicle.

This stunning 1971 Westfalia was gorgeous. It
 looked like brand new and as though no expense
had been spared. I loved the fact that it was
 riding at stock height with painted steel wheels.

You can see just how clean this bus was from
this photo. The pop top canvas and curtains
looked great and matched the paintwork.

This red and white 1973 bay looked like a good
honest bus. It's unusual to see the belt line
painted in the same colour to match the roof,
but it worked really well.

The paint may have original as it was looking
tired, but kinda cool. This bus has had a subtle
lowering job which suited the bus.

The interior of this bus was really well fitted
out and looked great. I did like the body board
table and the custom units and matching floor.

This 1978 imported late bay had some wicked
stripes and colour matched wheels. Another
thing that caught my eye was the ladder on the

You can see just how cool those retro stripes
really are in this photo. This really was a nice
looking bus.

Regular readers will know that I do like to see
original stickers on imported buses, and this
bay had this National Coach Corporation badge
on the back. I'm not sure how they altered it,
but it would be interesting  to find out.

There were many traders at the Camper and
Bus show, this one had plenty of old Radio Flyer's
for sale. (they had another 5/6 out of shot in
this photo)

How about this for a super cool soapbox racer?
It looks like it's been based on a Beetle volksrod
and I think it's brilliant and so well built.

The hand fabricated body was awesome, and
the overall look was fantastic. I did like the
rust look and the hot rod style red steel wheels
with white wall tyres.

The interior consisted of a seat, and steering
that was it.

The rear end of this soapbox race car looked
just as good with the larger rear wheels and
the chunky tyres. I did like the mock exhausts,
fake rear lights and the painted Maltese crosses.

If you look very closely, you may just be able
to make out my camouflaged T4 in this photo.
OK so the urban camouflage doesn't seem to
work in a rural setting!, anyway here's my 
parked up in the grounds of Eastnor Castle. 

Just to prove that the 16th century Eastnor
Castle is in the background.

This pair of, sandrail / buggies (?) turned up
at the show and they looked great. I have a
couple of friends who go off roading in their
VW's, and I bet they would love these.

Consisting of a tube roll cage welded onto a
beetle floorpan with a couple of seats bolted
in and that was about it.

I did like the oversize chunky off road tyres
on this black one and the use of 2 jerry cans
as a fuel tank.

This red one had a very similar design but did
have some sort of roof consisting of a sheet
of vinyl fixed to the roll cage. These off road
vehicles do look like they would be great fun.

The pair of rear tyres bolted to the roll cage
are there not only so you have a spare, but
also to weigh the rear end down to provide
extra traction on the rear wheels when going
across a slippery / muddy surface

This lovely 1971 jet black bug looked great in
the sunshine. The black paint over very straight
body panels gave off a fantastic reflection.

I did like old retro roof rack and the contrasting
pink wing piping which matched...

...the wheels! The pink and white floral design
looked good.

This great looking high top T25 syncro ( I think)
was one of my favourite vehicles of the show.
I do like the thought of having a 'go anywhere'
vehicle like this and just heading off to explore
the big bad world.

This T25 had too many accessories to mention
but they all looked like they were there for a

The interior of the T25 was surprisingly very
well kitted out with a smart camping interior,
now that just makes me want to get something
like this even more! 

This gorgeous white over red early 1960's spilt 
screen Dormobile was immaculate. It looked 
as though it had just been restored as everything 
was like new. This really was a nice bus.

You can see just how clean this bus is, not to
mention just how straight the body is in this photo.
The striped pop top canvas looked great and it
was nice to see a Dormobile roof with all the
original windows still in as these often get 

broken and lost

The interior of this lovely bus was stunning, I'm
not sure if this is an original Dormobile interior
or not, but it looked totally original and 100%
complete, and I loved it.

The red check curtains and cushions looked
great against the red vinyl seat covers of the
original seats. 

The Camper and Bus show had such a great
diversity of Volkswagen's on show as this photo
shows. Air cooled and water cooled all lined
up next to each other. This line up was actually
in the Volkswagen only parking area. 

Split screens, Bays, Beetles, and T4 / 5's and
much more, what ever your into you'll be sure
to find it at this laid back show. 

An all blue line up of Volkswagen's at the
Camper and Bus show. A T4, T25 and an
old beetle. 

The blue line up continues with a 1969 early
bay and a 1978 RAT look late bay panel van.

The panel van looked great with it's faded sign
writing and roof rack. The patina paint suited
this bus and also looked great.

So that was part 2 of the Camper and Bus show
review. It was my first time at this show and I
was surprised just how laid back this show was.
The variety and diversity of vehicles was vast,

both air-cooled and water cooled and the facilities
were good , there were also plenty of traders 
selling all sorts of things at the show. I couldn't 
attend the show for the whole weekend
but from what I understand there was plenty
of entertainment for all ages throughout the
Next Saturday's blog review is
about the 'BeachBuggin' show so be sure
to come back next week.!


  1. hi dude, thanks for the kind words about my bus, nice to see it appreciated, i stumbled on it whilst googling, nice blog youve got going, keep up the good work :-)

  2. Hi, Thanks for your comments. Which bus was your's? It's always nice to know people like my blog. Cheers, Dave.

  3. Mine is the tin top. The red one with the White roof. Had her ten years, she's my life and soul !

  4. Hi Thomas, Thanks for your comment, you have a really cool looking bus. Your life and soul eh? That's how I feel about my 1969 microbus. Cheers.

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