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BeachBuggin show 2016. (part 1 of 3)

This weeks blog review is part one of three all about the 'BeachBuggin' VW show which this year was held on Sunday 7th August, and is the ultimate VDUB show by the beach due to the amazing location on Southsea Common in the heart of the Portsmouth seafront, on the South coast of England. You can walk on and off the site all day and make the most of all the local attractions including the beach, (which is only about 100 feet from the show ground) amusement arcades and of course the award winning pier. This show always attract plenty of enthusiasts, clubs, and general public, and of course plenty of quality Volkswagen's of all descriptions. The show is unique as it's free to the walk on public who come on mass attracted by the amazing displays. The show originated with a group of beach buggy owners displaying their vehicles way back in 1998 and is run with 3/4 of all the money generated from the show going to nominated charities. This show since 1998 has so far raised well over £64.000 ($99,936)  and although the show is called BeachBuggin, you get an incredibly diverse display of Volkswagen's as well as Hot Rods and American cars / trucks, bikes and scooters. This is one of my favourite shows of the year mainly due to it's location but also for the sheer diversity of quality VW's.  This fantastic show always has a impressive turn out with about 2,500 / 3000 vehicles that all ascend onto Southsea common for a show that has to be one of the best one day shows on the VW calendar.
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Here is a great photo of my bus at the Beach
-Buggin show. Many thanks to Kevin for this
picture. But before Kevin could take this picture
we had to make the 100 mile journey down to
Southsea on the south coast of England.

I met up with Kevin and his family at our club
(The Outcasts) meeting place on the Sunday
 morning at 07.30am. I'm not sure why Kevin 
parked so far away from me when he arrived?

Heading down the A3 towards Portsmouth we
followed the pristine very early split screen for
about 5 or 6 miles before he pulled off into the
services. This old splitty didn't hang around,
I was doing about 60mph to keep up with him.

Shortly after losing the split screen this cool
orange beach buggy joined the A3 just in
front of Kevin and I, which we also followed
for a good 10 miles or so.

Once we got onto the A27 West bound the
buggy headed towards Portsmouth town
centre, whereas Kevin and I, took a shorter
and easier route. There wasn't any prizes
for guessing where the buggy were headed.!

Heading through the town of Portsmouth I
noticed a very low grey bug ahead of me.
Now I just had to catch him up and hope the
car in front gets out of the way so I can get
a decent photo.

Well I did catch him up, and the car that was
in front of me turned off so I got this cool photo.
This bug really was low and the camber on
those rear wheels was amazing.

A better close up photo showing the narrowed
front beam and that amazing camber on the
rear wheels. This must have been these guy's
first time at BeachBuggin as on a couple of
occasions the driver looked in his rear view
at me mirror and shrugged his shoulders, as
 if to say which way? So I made sure I used

my indicators nice and early before junctions
 so he could see which way they had to go for
the rest of the journey through the back streets 
of Southsea.   

Queueing up near the entrance of Southsea
common, where BeachBuggin is held I noticed
over the the roof of the bug these 2 hot rods
going into the show. A black model A pick up
and a lovely baby blue model A sedan delivery
van. The show is open to VW's, hot rods, bikes
and scooters, American and anything else that
is unusual or interesting.

I did like this delivery van, hopefully I'll get to
see it inside the show to get a better look and
take some more photos.

Once inside the show Kevin and I parked up
and got ready for a look around. Kevin's lovely

long wheel base twin slider T4 and my trusty
old 1969 Microbus on Southsea Common.

This gorgeous 1964 split screen finished in white
over bright green looked great. I have never

seen a spilt screen painted in such a bright
colour, and in theory it shouldn't work, but it
really does work well.

This super bright bus was also super straight
and solid and finished to a very high standard.
I did like the chrome bumpers and Porsche
356 wheels that compliment that bright green

The gorgeous interior looked incredible and
again finished to a very high standard.

This lovely bus has the same wheels as I have,
Porsche 356 rims and the super shiny chrome 

hub cap gives off a near perfect reflection of the 
bus parked up next to it.

The bus in the hub cap reflection is this lovely
 1970 sierra beige (I think) Dormobile which
was super clean and very straight.

You can see just how clean this bus was, I
liked the fact that this bus had the painted steel
wheels, rather than some chrome or polished
aftermarket wheels as I think they suit the bus

Looking at the show from the beach side, the
variety of vehicles on show was immense. 

If you like your early bay's with a touch of
patina, then this beauty should appeal to you.
This imported 1970 bus looked great with
virtually the whole body having the rusted look.

You can see just how much patina this bay
had, not to mention the damaged rear quarter
panel. This bus looks as though it's had a hard
life, but it still looks good to me.

This badge was on the rear of the bus, maybe
this bus was saved from being dismantled?

This lovely dove blue crew cab split screen
pick up looked really nice. I did like the narrowed
front beam and the ride height. The cyclopes
light and the twin spot lights were both nice
accessories that suited this old pick up.

This green 1969 early bay panel van looked really
 nice with it's gold coloured bumpers. I did like
 the chrome air vents that stood out against
the green paint.

This really was a nice looking van, that was
really straight as the reflection down the side

This bus had some really cool pinstriping on
it. This design was on one side of the front
panel. This really is amazing designwork work 

and the brush work was amazing and it worked 
so well on this old panel van.

Even the Radar wheels were finished in what
looks like a wood effect finish. The wheels
matched the bumpers perfectly and finished
off the overall look of this cool panel van.

This yellow type 3 1966 Variant (square back)
looked good parked up. I did like the 'Moon'
style spun alloy hub caps and the rusted roof
 rack with the luggage trunks on.

This old square did look very clean and straight
and the chrome work was like new. This really
was a nice looking car.

This lovely red type 34 Karmann Ghia was
immaculate. The super straight body looked
fantastic with it's black roof and bright red
body. The BRM wheels were the perfect choice
and complimented the roof.

These type 34's are such a lovely looking car,
and when they are as clean as this one it really
does stand out in the crowd. The chrome light trim
and bumpers sparkled in the summer sunshine.

Another type 3 but this time it's a lovely 2 door
Notchback finished in an ivory colour. This
was another very straight and clean looking car.

Just a handful of Volkswagen's parked up at
the BeachBuggin show. No matter what model
of Volkswagen your into, you'll be sure to find it
at this great one day show. 

Bay window buses galore! There were literally
hundreds of not only bay window buses, but
also, split screens, beetles, T3 / T4 / T5 / T25's,
beach buggies, trikes, bikes, and so the list
goes on...

There must have easily been 50+ scooters that
attended the show, and this gorgeous baby
blue and white Lambretta caught my eye as it 

was totally immaculate and original.

This 1967 Karmann Ghia caught my eye as
it was just so clean. The bodywork and paint
were both flawless and the chrome trim was
just like new.

These Karmann's really do have such a lovely
body shape which will always be a desired.
To think this stunning car is 49 years old, I
wonder how many modern day cars will look
this good in 49 years time?

This stunning gloss black 1969 beetle was
gorgeous. The lack of front and rear bumpers
gave the car a smooth flowing look, whilst the
super shiny gloss paint had been expertly
applied over a super straight body, looked


I love this photo, the reflection in that door is
amazing, and the black painted banded steel
wheels with the chrome hubcaps look gorgeous.

The rear wings have been tastefully widened
to accommodate the deep dish banded wheels.

A close up showing the gorgeous banded steel
wheel and oversize tyre on the rear of this
lovely bug. This photo also shows just how
shiny the paint is from the reflection in the
door. When was the last time you saw a
reflection that good?

A lovely pair of similar looking split screen
buses, same sort of bus but so different in
looks and styles.

I did like this 1972 181 Trekker, OK it didn't
have a show winning paint job over super
straight body panels, but sometimes a car or
bus doesn't need that to make it stand out
and be very desirable, and this was one of
those cars.

Talking of show winning paint jobs over super
straight body panels, how about this gorgeous
1966 deluxe samba split screen finished in that
lovely two tone blue.

This standard of this bus was exceptional, it
looked like no expense had been spared to get
it to this condition. The 2 and 3 bow roof racks
were a nice addition that suited this bus.   

The interior was finished to the same incredible
high standard. I did like the pastel blue units,
and matching check curtains and seat covers.

This lovely 1973 late bay panel van grabbed
my attention. The single colour body / roof
combination looked good and worked really
well, as did the chrome Fuchs style wheels.

The single colour body gives this van a clean
sleek look, and the clear front indicator lenses
also help to blend in with the body.

Just a few of the many scooters that attended
the BeachBuggin show. The variety of scooters
was vast as was the different styles.

The BeachBuggin show was you may have
already guessed originally a show for beach 

 buggies. The show has evolved over the years 
and now attracts Volkswagen's of all descriptions.
 Here are just a handful of the buggies at the 
show. You can see more of the beach buggies
 in the next review of this show next week.  

If like me, you enjoy looking at all types of air-
cooled Volkswagen's then the BeachBuggin
show is the place to go as there is always a
great variety of really cool vehicles.

This gorgeous early 1960's beetle looked great
in what looked like dove blue, or something
similar with matching steel wheels with white
wall tyres. This old bug really was super clean. 

The body on this lovely beetle were perfectly
straight and solid. The chrome work on the
towel rail bumpers and trim was like new and
the white Paris sunroof added that something
different to help make this car stand out.  

This is BeachBuggin, gorgeous Volkswagen's
everywhere. I was like a kid in a toy shop as
I walked round this great show, I just didn't know
where to look or where to go next.

So that was part 1 of 3 reviews on this fantastic
show. As I mentioned this has to be one of my
favourite shows of the year, if not the favourite 
show of mine. The location, the sheer number
of vehicles that attend and the atmosphere are
all excellent. Next Saturday will be part 2, where
you can see plenty more quality air cooled bugs,
buses, type 3's and so much more. So don't
forget to come back next week. 

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