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Slough Swapmeet 2016 (part 3 of 3)

This weeks blog review is a 3 part review all about the Slough Swapmeet 2016, which last year was held on Sunday 6th November at the Montem Leisure Centre, Montem Lane in Slough in Buckinghamshire. SL1 2QG. This annual event is organised by Vince and Robin, and it's a great place to pick up some air-cooled bargains. The Slough Swapmeet is held inside the sports hall and is a table top sale / autojumble that caters for primarily the air cooled Volkswagen's, although water cooled VW's are more than welcome as is anything German including old Porsche's. Being one of the last events of the season it's a great place to socialise with old friends, and even make new friends. The Slough Swapmeet has been going for at least 10 years and I have been attending this event for the past 6 years. The organisers present trophies for the 'King of the car park', which is for the best vehicles parked up in the leisure centre car park. The venue for the swapmeet is only 51 miles from my hometown so it was a great chance to get out in my early bay one last time as this is the last show / event of the VW calendar for the year. Even though the weather forecast was for dry sunny weather, don't let the photos fool you, it was still bitterly cold, after all it is November in the U.K.! The blog continues as I brave the extreme cold weather and wander around the car park looking at all the amazing Volkswagen's.
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There is always a great selection of colourful
air-cooled V-dubs at the Slough Swapmeet.
Here, 3 generations of the humble VW bus
were all parked up together.

Buses of all descriptions, from the RAT look to
show winning standard, from standard height
to lowered and everything in between can be
seen at the Swapmeet.

It really was great to walk around the leisure
centre car park and see not only classic
air-cooled VW's but also plenty of water cooled

This early bug looked fantastic with it's lowered
stance. It looks as though it has a narrowed
front beam as those wheels sit nicely under the
front wings. The roofrack with all it's accessories
looked cool. 

A RAT looking bug parked next to a gorgeous
show winning standard bus makes for a great
display in the winter sunshine.

The low winter sunshine made taking good
photos quite tricky but it did provide great
reflections on this pastel yellow Karmann Ghia
from windows on a bus parked nearby. 

A better photo of this gorgeous pastel yellow
Karmann. This car has been seriously lowered
and those Fuchs style wheels looked the right
choice to compliment the overall look of this KG.

Even though all the photos have a clear blue
sky and the sun is shining the temperature
didn't get much above freezing. This guy was
warming his hands from the cooker on his cool
looking split screen. 

New(ish) and old parked up together. Whatever
is your favourite VW bus, you'll be sure to see
it, and many more at the Slough Swapmeet. 

A great diversity of Volkswagen's makes for an
interesting stroll around the car park. 

It seems that red / orange are the 'in colours'
at the moment... It was good to see a great
selection of air cooled vehicles, and the best bit
is that no 2 vehicles were the same.

Row upon row of classic air cooled ( and water
cooled) Volkswagen's of all years, condition
and style made for an enjoyable couple of
hours wandering around in the sunshine.

This gorgeous early bug oozed coolness. I did
like the patina paint and the air conditioning
unit attached to the door. The roof rack was
another cool accessory that suited this bug.

The super low stance with those polished
wheels looked great as did that big chrome

A nice photo showing some of the bay window
buses at the show. Just as I took this I heard
a bus approaching and thought it would look
good to get whatever it was in the photo too.

The same shot but with a two tone green split
screen just cruising past.

This gorgeous cherry red Karmann Ghia is
owned by a guy called Andrew who is a member
of 'The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers' VW club.

This really is a lovely clean and straight KG as
the photo shows. These are such a good looking
cars with a timeless shape that still looks good
today. These will never go out of fashion.

OK, I know this isn't a VW and I'm not even sure
if they were at the leisure centre for the swap
meet or not but I just had to take some photos
of this Mini Scamp. The Scamp is a kit car
based on the classic British Mini and using
most of the components of the Mini.

The first Scamp kits were available from 1969
and I believe they are still trading today. They
were available in several formats including:
a van, pick up, estate and either long or short

As I mentioned several times in this 3 part blog
review, it was November and freezing cold so
the guys that came down in this door and
windowless kit deserve some sort of medal,
or a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate!

Nice and shiny or patina'd, however you like
your ride you'll be sure to find it in the leisure
centre car park.

This super low 1970 early bay virtually sat on
the tarmac it was that low! This is one cool
imported bus that looked even better with it's
patina'd original paint.

Inside the leisure centre the place was packed
with stalls selling OEM new/old stock and new
stock. There were also many guys selling parts

from their garages that they no longer required.
This is a great place to find those hard to find
 bits needed for your winter project in the garage.

The place does get very crowded as these
photos from 2015 show and if you look hard
you can find some real bargains.

On my way to the swapmeet I passed a lay-by
with a pile of chopped logs that someone had
cut down to make way through the woods. I
thought that would make a good photo with
my 1969 microbus parked in front of it, so on
 the way home I stopped off.

I like these photos in front of the pile of logs
 as it's something a bit different. 

This photo is supposed to be 'arty'. Not sure
if it worked or not, but I like this picture.

So that was my 3 part blog review of the Slough
Swapmeet 2016. If you missed parts 1 & 2 you
can find them in 'My Blog Achive' at the top left
of this page. Overall the swapmeet was another
fantastic day out. There were hundreds of people
that attended, most of them in a VW of some
description. The hall was packed with stalls and
there was some good bargains to be found. If you
live in the south of England I suggest you visit this
one day show as you won't be disappointed. 

This was the last blog review for the 2016
season, next weeks blog review is all about the
 'Campermart' show which will be the first VW
show for 2017 that I attend, so be sure to come 
back next Saturday to read all about it.

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