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CamperMart 2017. Part 1 of 2

This weeks blog is a 2 part review all about the annual Camper Mart VW show which is held at the International Centre, in Telford in Shropshire. This one day event is I think one of the first VW shows of the year and is organised by Camper & Commercial and VW Bus T4/5 magazine who also organise the Camper Jam show. Camper Mart is not a VW show as such but more a place to buy accessories for your Volkswagen. With almost 100 traders selling every conceivable part and accessory your bound to find that part or accessory you're going to need for the 2017 season. There are also other attractions including, a couple of bus doctors, who with their many years experience can help with advice on tuning or modifications and whilst they may not be able to fix your vehicle there and then they can certainly give advise on the likely causes of a particular problem. There was entertainment laid on which included: A roller derby rumble, body and face painting, professor panic and his family circus, dodgem ride and even a chance to meet a storm trooper!. Camper Mart is about 117 miles from my hometown so to make life easier (and quicker) I decided to take my T4 camper, rather than the '69 microbus. As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a show as such and consequently not that many vehicles to photograph, but I think I've managed to take enough photos to publish 2 shorter than normal blog reviews.
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Just inside the entrance to the show venue
there were a few vehicles on display including
this cool looking 1971 bay. This looks as though
this poor bus has suffered extensive fire damage
in the past, and rather than repainting the body
it looks as though it's just been given a coat of
clear lacquer. 

The body was rippled from what could be heat
damage. It looks as though this was a serious
fire and must have been quite a salvage job.

The paint, or lack of it along with the lowered
stance makes this bus look really cool and it
certainly stands out. The air conditioning unit
hooked on the door was a neat accessory.

The roof was buckled and coming away from
the body, from the heat of the fire I assume,
 that just added to the overall look.

The rear window was trick. Window runners were
fitted in the rear door frame to make a wind
down rear window. I don't know if this set up is 

available to buy somewhere, but I think it should
 be as it's really cool.

Another vehicle on display was this 1966 split
screen bus that I'm sure belongs to Peter Jones,

who is a well know figure in the VW scene for
his hand drawn vehicle tattoos.

As with any vehicle that Peter in involved with
this bus has so many accessories and things of
interest on it that they always draw plenty of
attraction form the public. I did like the old skool

ski's on the back of the bus.

The interior was cool with holders made from
tin cans, and the crazy 12v interior lighting. I'm

not sure what the orange hair dryer was for, if 
anything, but it looked kind of cool.

The door cards looked like something Peter
may have drawn himself and the use of what
looks like hessian stapled to the door cards
to create handy door pockets.

The lowered bus looked great with its rope and
chain link wrapped around the bumper.

The reason I believe this is Peter's bus was
the fact that 'Spike' was in his custom dog bed.
Spike is Peter's trusty rescue dog, a Jack Russell
that goes to all the VW shows with Peter and

is probably as well known as Peter is !.

This lovely 1966 SO42 campmobile looked
fantastic in its what looked to be the original 

white paint. This bus sits nice and low and
the Fuchs front wheels are tucked nicely under
the cab thanks to a narrowed beam. 

The patina'd painted bumpers looked cool so
I'm guessing this was imported from somewhere
nice and sunny. The 3 bow roof rack was a nice
accessory that suited the bus.

The paint on this bus did look original as did
those very neat retro curtains. This really was
a lovely looking bus.

This lovely 1970 sunroof deluxe bay belongs to
the guys that run 'Midland Early Bay' who sell
parts and accessories for, early bays! The French
narrowed beam keeps the front wheels tucked
under the arches and the 6" dropped spindles
keep the bus sitting nice and low.

The brilliant blue and cloud white paint with the
chrome bumpers help make this old '70 stand
out. Those shiny Enkei slot mags look like a
blast from the past and give the bus a nice
retro look.

This lovely bus has a 1641 SP2 engine with a
110 cam, big valve heads and twin Dell carbs
and the bus frequently travels to Europe to
attend air cooled VW shows.

Looking through the SO42 at the early bay. This is 
a really cool photo that I wish I had taken!

This stunning 1991 T25 crew cab pick up (Doka)
looked amazing. This pick up was riding on air
suspension which is why it sits so low and those
Borbet alloy wheels with the stretched tyres suit
the overall look perfectly.

Its hard to believe but that is the original paint,
in fact the whole body is original. This lovely
old bus has only done 46k miles and only had
one owner from new.

You can see just how low this double cab sits
when parked up. As you walk around this bus
you realise just how clean it really is.

Inside this cool Doka was this hand painted old
petrol can. Its a trophy for coolest Type 25 at last 

years Camper and Bus show as its easy to see 
why it won the award.

The Camper Mart show is held in 3 big halls
and they were all crammed with numerous
traders selling every conceivable part and
accessory for Volkswagen's you could think of. 

From this photo it looks as though there isn't
many people at the show, but it was actually
very busy.

The layout in each hall was very good with
plenty of room to walk around browsing the stalls 
without keep bumping into people. The variety
of products for sale was immense.

So that was part 1 of 2 about this great little one
day show. Overall I had a good day and enjoyed
seeing all the vehicles and everything that was for
sale from the numerous traders. Next Saturday will
be part 2 where amongst other things you can see
the outcome of a restored original Coca Cola split
screen bus that had sat in a junk yard for over 20
years. So be sure to come back next Saturday.

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