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RTR - VW Drive-In Movie Night. 1 of 3

Back on the 25th September 2016 I took part in the first 'Run the Ring' VW charity cruise, around the M25 London Orbital motorway to help raise money for the Teenage Cancer trust. The aim of the event was to have the longest convoy of Volkswagen's ever seen on the M25 and in the process to raise some much needed money for this worthwhile charity. The whole event was organised primarily by John Emberton (along with a fantastic few others) and was to say the least a huge success with hundreds upon hundreds of Volkswagen's of all descriptions attending the cruise and rising in excess of £10,000 in the process. Following on from this huge success John then organised another charity event, 'Run the Ring at the movies' to help raise money for the charity 'Scotty's Little Soldiers' that helps to raise money for bereaved British Armed Forces Children. You can check out their website here:  John somehow acquired a huge empty warehouse very near to Heathrow Airport which that hold in excess of 60 vehicles in which to hold a drive in movie night for all the 'Ringers' that attended the charity M25 cruise. John and his team quickly arranged a massive screen to watch the movie on, top chefs who normally cater for executive airlines, a raffle, a tuck shop, RTR merchandise, tombola and of course donations on the night. The RTR team also arranged not only a special guest appearance from a big Hollywood movie star but had even arranged a fly by from a British Airways 747 jumbo jet.... (The fact that the venue was less than 1 mile from Heathrow airport and in a direct line with the take off flight path was a pure coincidence.!) The film for the night was kept a secret, but there could only be one film to watch at a Volkswagen drive in movie night, right?, I had arranged to meet my friends Dave and Angela at the venue, who along with their daughter Louise were also looking forward to a fun packed afternoon / evening. The event ran from 12.00pm - 9.00pm and due to everyone's generosity from buying raffle tickets, buying things from the tuck shop, and the RTR merchandise the event raised £2500 for Scotty's Little Soldiers. A huge well done to John and the team (Amanda and Ben to name just two) for arranging the event and a special well done to everyone who attended on the day and who donated so generously for such a worthwhile cause. 
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I arrived at the venue about 12.30 and found
that David and Angela were already there and 

parked up inside. This is David's super cool 
1966 white over blue split screen which David 
has owned for 10 years. In David's own words 
about his bus he says 'it's used and enjoyed, 
and it's definitely not a trailer queen', and this 
is true as both David and Angela have had
 many trips over to Europe in the bus.

Those nice BRM wheels were refurbished and
painted by David, and suit the bus perfectly.
It has a 'Red 9' front and rear suspension with
disc brakes all round. This bus also has a larger
than normal fuel tank for long range driving and
Porsche 944 front seats for as David says 'they
 are there for comfort over distance'. The bus
also has a full Zig 240v split charging system.

Power comes from a 1995cc engine with a long
ratio gearbox for motorway cruising, (which would
explain how we got home in double quick time
after the event!
) and a hydrologic clutch. 

My 1999 camouflaged T4 parked up at the
movies next to David's '66 split screen. It was
early afternoon and the place was still filling
up with vehicles. To keep us occupied they
displayed photo's of all the vehicles that took
part in the 'RTR' around the M25. You can just
make out the image in the centre of the back

A better photo of my T4. I would have liked to
taken my 1969 bay, but as I needed to get back
home quickly after the event I decided to take
the T4. I followed David and Angela on the way
home and David didn't hang about in his old '66,
and we often went speeds that stretched the

 legs of my 2.5tdi T4.!

Looking down the side of my T4 towards the
big screen. The screen was high enough to
see when either sitting on camping chairs next
to your vehicle or if you sat inside your vehicle.
I had the brown high top T25 in front of me, but
it didn't obstruct my view at all.

This 'original' Herbie belongs to 'Terry's Beetles'
and is the real deal. The car was built by Empi
Racing of Riverside, California for the 1969 Walt
Disney film, 'The Love Bug'. This bug still has
the 'H2' sticker in the glovebox which denotes
it was a Porsche engined race car. Each Herbie
built for the films had a different 'H' number to
identify what the car was built for. I.E drunk effect
car (H6) , rear driver car (H7), split front and
 rear car (H5) 2 cars, etc.

This Herbie is actually a 1953 ragtop from the
windscreen backwards but has a 1960 front
end. Herbie even has his own facebook 

As this Herbie was a 'H2' car built for the race
scenes, it is equipped with Porsche finned
brakes, Koni shocks, superior rear control arms
and an uprated anti roll bar.

This two tone cherry red and white T5 looked
immaculate. The two tone paint gives this bus
a clean sleek look and those aftermarket wheels
look great and compliment the paint perfectly.

This bus was one of many vehicles that attended
the movie night that still had the original RTR
sticker on it. I have both mine on my workshop

These guy's got to the venue early and got
front row seats, although it didn't really matter
as the layout was so good you could see the
screen wherever you were parked. There were
some really nice vehicles that attended and this
is just a few of them.

Another sleek looking T5 was this white one
with contrasting grey trim. This lovely bus belongs

to PDubz, ( The black 
of the side windows looks great against the 
bright white paint. I did like the gloss black wheels 
with the big chunky tyres, this really was a nice 

A neat interior featured a slide out cooking
unit, storage units for gas and water and those
lovely blue roof light panels. This gorgeous bus 

is now up for sale for offers close to £20,000
($25,000) I wonder if they will do a straight 
swap for my camouflaged T4.. no,probably not!

This bright orange T5 caught my eye as it really
stood out against the white walls of the unit.
The contrasting black of the bonnet bra and the
glass side / rear windows really made this orange
paint look super bright.

You can see just how much this bus stands
out. The black detailing really helps to make
this bus look something special.

From one extreme to another was this matte
green T4 with rust effect paint. This cool looking
bus looks as though it had been lowered which
with the paint effect helped it to stand out.

I did like this RAT looking bus. The paint effect
had been very well carried out and looked very
authentic. This really was a cool looking bus.

This lovely old 1987 blue and white high top
T25 looked like a nice solid bus. I do like the
T25 and when they have the high top, well
that's even better. Judging by the vents in the
side I'm guessing this has the full camping

A few years ago these T25's were seen as
un-cool, but today they are just a cool as any 

split screen or bay window, and I'd certainly 
have one like this tomorrow if I could.

Another pair of lovely looking buses. I did like
the dark blue colour on the T4.

This gorgeous  T5 belongs to Simon Carey who 
owns the building that was used to host the event. 
This really is one of those buses where 'no 
expense has been spared' and which has too 
many features and accessories to list, so I'll 
just let you take a good long look...

This dashboard and door cards were finished
in a lovely light tan suede type material that
looked and felt luxurious. (don't worry Simon

I didn't leave any finger marks!The custom
 trimmed seats in matching colours also 
looked very classy and comfortable.

In the back the rock and roll bed had also been
trimmed in the custom colour matched material.
The units looked very well made and fitted with
with everything you could need to go camping.

The rear of Simon's T5 was to the same high
standard. The clear rear light lenses give the
rear of this bus a clean fresh look. 

This gorgeous sliver T5 caught my eye, it wasn't
flash or fancy but just a clean and straight looking
bus. The silver and black work so well together
and the slight hint of the colour red on the
wheels is just enough to make this bus stand out.

Another very clean and straight bus was this
all white T5. Again nothing flash or fancy just
a lovely looking bus.

This High top 1978 late bay looked great in
its ivory over dark green colour scheme, which
gave the bus an older than it is look. This really
was a nice straight bus as you can see from the
reflection down the side of the bus.

I liked the small details on this bus, like the
chrome headlight peaks and the colour coded
 spare wheel cover and bumper trim.

This very shiny red T4 looked good with it's
alloy wheels and low profile tyres. This was a

really nice solid looking bus that looked so much
better for being lowered. 

The organisers had also booked a mobile DJ,
who used the front end of a beetle as a deck.
This was a really cool set up, especially for a
venue full of Volkswagens.

The DJ went under the name of 'Bug Beats'
and provided us with a good variety of music
for most of the day, and he even got all the
children involved with dancing and generally
 having fun.

There was a mobile bar at the venue, in the form
of a lovely single cab split screen pick up, 
proved very popular with the older generation! 

This bright green and white cross over bay
belongs to Steve who has christened the
bus 'Tallulah'I think Steve uses this as a
daily driver. I did like the twin amber spot
lights with what looked like 356 grilles.

The pink interior lighting matched the pink
flowers on the bodywork which gave the bus
a very cozy feel.

With all those appliances one thing is for sure,
Steve won't be going hungry or thirsty! This
really was a very well equipped bus.

This is a really solid and straight looking bus.
Tallulah also has a pair of red spot lights with
 the 356 grilles on the rear bumper which again
are very cool looking accessories.

Just a random photo looking along one of the
rows of Volkswagens parked up at the RTR
movie night. 

This gorgeous pearl white 1969 Westfalia was
stunning. This bus still had the original factory
fitted Westfalia campmobile interior although the
present owner has carefully removed the fridge /
sink unit to create more room for the family. It
has a Riveria pop top roof installed by a previous
owner which looked great. 

The bus was imported from Texas back in 2012
and before that the bus lived in Colorado. The
present owner is only the 3rd owner! The engine
is a 1641cc single port motor with twin Webber
34 ICT carburetors and a vintage speed exhaust.

Just a decal that should be compulsory on the
majority of bay window buses, definitely on the
back of my 1969 microbus!.

The mystery machine also attended the movie
night in the form of this cool looking T5. We
even had Scooby Doo walking round having
his photo taken with the younger participants.

Another working single cab split screen at the
venue was this gorgeous white over green
beauty. This was used to display all the mouth
watering desserts that were available.

The caterers were of a high class and used to
providing food for executive airlines so a bunch
of children and a bigger bunch of young at heart
adults must have been quite a culture shock
for them! The variety of hot food was good and
catered for most tastes and well received by all.

Just a random photo looking along a line of
Volkswagens at the Run the Ring Drive-In
movies. If you look closely you might just 

be able to make out my camouflaged T4 
at the back.!

This 1983 T25 was parked up in front of me,
and looked like a nice honest bus. This bus

had a very retro colour scheme that suits this
old bus.

This was a nice straight solid looking bus. I do
like these T25's and the more I see of them at
shows the more I think I'd like one.

This stunning arrow straight beige Jetta had
been seriously lowered and had the illusion

of being even lower to be due to those low 
profile tyres.

You can see the stance this lovely old Jetta
had from this side profile photo. This car was
so clean I was scared to get too close to it!

I didn't manage to have a chat to the owner,
but hopefully I'll see it again at another show
sometime and manage to get some more
information about this gorgeous car.

So that was part 1 of the RTR drive-in movie
night. Next Saturday is the 2nd instalment
where you can see a lovely 1958 Swiss Army
radio bus, named 'The Duke' and many more
quality Volkswagens that attended this amazing
event, so be sure to come back next Saturday.

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