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RTR - VW Drive-In Movie Night. (part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part 2 of 3 about the RTR at the movies. Back on the 25th September 2016 I took part in the first 'Run the Ring' VW charity cruise, around the M25 London Orbital motorway to help raise money for the Teenage Cancer trust. The aim of the event was to have the longest convoy of Volkswagen's ever seen on the M25 and in the process to raise some much needed money for this worthwhile charity. The whole event was organised primarily by John Emberton (along with a fantastic few others) and was to say the least a huge success with hundreds upon hundreds of Volkswagen's of all descriptions attending the cruise and rising in excess of £10,000 in the process. Following on from this huge success John then organised another charity event, 'Run the Ring at the movies' to help raise money for the charity 'Scotty's Little Soldiers' that helps to raise money for bereaved British Armed Forces Children. (You can check out their website here: ) John somehow acquired a huge empty warehouse very near Heathrow which can hold in excess of 60 vehicles in which to hold a drive in movie night for all the 'Ringers' that attended the charity M25 cruise. John and his team quickly arranged a massive screen to watch the movie on, top chefs who normally cater for executive airlines, a raffle, a tuck shop, RTR merchandise, tombola and of course donations on the night. The RTR team also arranged a special guest appearance from a Hollywood movie star and had even arranged a fly by from a British Airways 747 jumbo jet.... (The fact that the venue was less than 1 mile from Heathrow airport and in a direct line with the runway and the take off flight path was a pure coincidence.!) The film for the night was kept a secret, but there could only be one film to watch at a Volkswagen drive in movie night, right?, I had arranged to meet my friends Dave and Angela at the venue, who along with their daughter Louise were also looking forward to a fun packed afternoon / evening. The event ran from 12.00pm - 9.00pm and due to everyones generosity from buying raffle tickets, buying things from the tuck shop, and the RTR merchandise the event raised £2500 for Scotty's Little Soldiers. A huge well done to John and the team (Amanda and Ben to name just two) for arranging the event and a special well done to everyone who attended on the day and who gave so generously for such a worthwhile cause. The review continues as I wander around the warehouse looking at the vehicles and chatting to the owners.
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I first saw this stunning 1958 Swiss army radio
communication bus, that has now been converted
into a top quality camper, at the 'Run the Ring' VW
charity cruise back in September last year. I took
some photos of it then but was pleased to see it
again at the RTR movie night so i could get some
 more photos as this really is a gorgeous bus. It
belongs to James and his partner Andrea who I 

met for the first time at this event and they were 
both so friendly and just loved talking about the 
old '58 who they have named 'The Duke'

That gorgeous shiny Ducati Red paint is the result
of a bare metal respray some 4 years ago, but it
is that good it could have been painted last week.
At the same time the Duke had a new 1776cc
engine (built by Luke of Terry's Beetles, who own
Porsche engined original Herbie in last weeks
 blog review) the bus also has an electronic ignition, 
external oil filter, with a deep sump and fitted with
 twin Webber 45 IDF's carburetors.

To handle the larger engine the Duke needs
to be able to stop so he has been fitted with 
Porsche 944 disc brakes at each corner.  James
 recently overhauled the brakes which included 
new pads, discs, seals and rear brake lines.
Just look at that reflection on the back of the Duke.

The Duke is rolling on replica gas burner wheels
and new shocks and has an IRS. The Duke still
has the original working semaphore direction
indicators. James has a few plans for the bus
which include safari screens and adjustable
spring plates to lower the rear end a little to 

match the height of the front and maybe some 
new wheels in the near future. I do like the
reflection of David's blue and white split screen
(who was parked 3 rows back) in the side panel. 

The interior has a bespoke camping interior with
a rock and roll bed, plenty of cupboard storage,
and a childs ISO point behind the drivers seat.
(from this photo it looks a bit messy inside but 

James and Andrea were both busy cleaning 
the outside of the Duke as I was taking these 

Not a very good photo of the Duke's cab, but I
can tell you he has a full width leather bench seat
with a 4 point childs harness as Jame's son
rides shotgun when he goes out in the bus. The 

Duke still has some of its original features from it 
army service days that include, internal signage,
 grenade bars, map table and map pocket. 

A close up of the Duke's flawless red paint that
looks as fresh today as it did when it was painted 
4 years ago. 

You can see on the corner panels just how nice
and shiny the bright red paint is on the Duke.
This cool photo shows the contrast between
the bright red and the deep blue paint of the T5. 

A close up of the Duke's door decals. If you 
attend any Volkswagen show's this season and
see the Duke, I strongly recommend you go take
a long close look, as you won't be disappointed.

This is how the Duke looked before it's amazing
transformation into the show winning standard
bus it is today. The old adage about the ugly 

ducklings turning into beautiful swans comes 
to mind !

Mid afternoon in the huge warehouse that John
acquired for the movie night. It does look from

this photo that the place looks half empty, but this
was a BIG warehouse! Everyone was very chilled 
and relaxed either cleaning their ride or just sitting 
around chatting. I have to say I was pleasantly 
surprised how friendly all the 'ringers'
were, it was just like one big family.

This gorgeous 1963 split screen looked fantastic
in the winter sunshine. The white over sealing
wax red ( I think) paint with the white painted 
steel wheels helped to make this lovely bus 
stand out. 

This lovely old split belongs to Fiona who has
had the bus for 4 years and uses it everyday
as her daily driver, which for comfort is why the
bus still rides at the standard height and hasn't
as yet been lowered.

Fiona has christened her bus 'Yucky Doo Dah'
and despite the name, Fiona insists the bus is
male, it's just that (in her words) " he's just in
 touch with his feminine side".

This handsome bus originally came over the
pond from Oregon, U.S.A. and has a 1914cc
all steel turbo engine, although the turbo isn't
fitted as yet as the bus still has the original drum
brakes! Fiona quite happily cruises at 60 MPH
in her bus but admitted that once whilst she
was engrossed in some dance music on the
radio she let the bus creep up to 75 MPH.

Inside 'Yucky Doo Dah' there is a new soild oak
interior and all the upholstry has been retrimmed
by Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers so you just know
it's going to be well done. This really is a nice
solid and straight bus that Fiona loves to the
point that no-one else is allowed to drive it, ever!

My names sake Davyd Clark, came along to the 
movie night in his 1991 twin slider T25. This 
awesome bus sits this low thanks to a having
a Rayvern hydraulic suspension set up, although
Davyd still wants the bus to sit lower!

The power comes from a 2.5l Subaru motor
so you know it's not going to hang around. The
bus was painted about a year ago in that lovely
grey colour for use at Davyd's brothers wedding
who used it as a wedding car.. at least he got
to the church in style and on time.! Davyd has a 

few trips over to Europe planned for this year 
including Le Bug Show and of course taking
part in the RTR 2 charity cruise around the M25. 

Davyd is a member of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew
club on facebook and proudly displays his gold
coloured sticker in the window.

I did publish a photo of this lovely green and
white single cab in part 1 of this review, but
as it's such a nice bus here is another photo.
This gorgeous bus is owned by Simon Carey

who not only owns this gorgeous split but also
the building the event was held in, and owns the
catering company that provided all the mouth
 watering food available to the the RTR 'ringers'.

Looking down one of the rows of Volkswagens
parked up at the RTR at the movies. I think there
must have been about 60 / 70 vehicles inside
the warehouse and more parked up outside.

The life size decals of Vincent and Jules from
the cult movie 'Pulp Fiction' on the back of this
super bright white T4 caught my eye as it's one
of my favourite films.

A better look at this bus. This really was a lovely
clean bus and those custom wheels with just a
hint of colour helped to make this bus stand out.

This super straight 1972 Devon (?) looked great
with it's white over jet black paint. The sides of
this lovely bus were perfectly straight as you can
see from the almost perfect reflections. The custom
 chrome nerf bars at the front looked trick. 

The chrome bumper, tinted windows and after-
market wheels all helped to make this old bus
stand out.

Meet 'Ruby' a 1971 high top white over red bay
window. This lovely old bus looked pretty much
standard apart from the chrome headlight peaks
and the twin spot lights. 

This was a very nice clean bus and these high
top buses are getting quite sought after as they
provide so much more room than tin tops buses.
I do like to see a bay riding at stock height. The
owners have come prepared with their blow up
sofa to watch the movie on in comfort !

The venue for the drive-in movie night was only
about 1 mile from Heathrow Airport and directly
in line with the take off flight path. Surprisingly
the aircraft noise wasn't a problem, and the
bonus was that we got to see some low flying
aircraft as they took off for their destination.

This is the huge empty warehouse that Simon
owns, and who allowed John to use it for the 
RTR movie night. It was just perfect for the job.  

I pleased to see this lovely white over blue
Westfalia Continental arrive at the venue as it
meant I would finally get to meet one of my
Volkswagen facebook friends. This bus which
although is a '72 was actually registered in '74
 and belongs to a pleasant guy called Rich Coxhill

who runs the Wolfsburg Bus Crew Facebook page.
You can check out the WBC Facebook here:
(you may need to copy and paste the link)

This lovely bus has only had 2 owners since
new and has only done 62,000 miles on the
original 1600cc engine. The bus still has the
complete original Continental interior with a
few modern twists that Rich has added. The
very distinctive spare wheel cover was a present
from Rich's mum who crocheted the item after
seeing photos of hot rods in Singapore. (apparently
the trend out there is to crochet covers for the
bumpers of their hot rods!) 

Rich has christened his bus 'Margo' who sits
at stock height, which in my humble opinion
always looks best. Rich makes regular trips to
Devon in Margo so she's reliable too.

The official Wolfsburg Bus Crew sticker in the
rear side window of Margo. Why not check out
their Facebook page and maybe join the club.?

So that was the 2nd part of this review all about the 

RTR at the movies. Next Saturday you can see the 
third and final instalment where you can see a
 gorgeous Brazilian split screen as well as many other 
VW's, a pimped up Scania truck and a hollywood star!
So be sure to come back next week.
Finally a big thanks to Rich Coxhill from the Wolfsburg
Bus Crew for his help and contributions in this review.

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