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Dub Freeze VW Show 2017 (part 2 of 4)

This weeks blog is part two of a four part review all about the 28th annual 'Dub Freeze' VW Show that was held at Bingley Hall, County Show ground, Weston Road in Stafford ST18 9DB over the weekend of 18th - 19th February 2016. The showground was open from 3pm on the Saturday for the hardy campers with plenty of space assured. The on site bar was also open on the Saturday night. Sunday was the main show day with the gates opening at 08.00am. The main show was held inside Bingley Hall with over 100 traders selling all sorts of VW related items. Also in the hall were numerous vehicles on display, there were plenty of food and drink vendors on the site to cater for most tastes and clean toilets. However for me the main attraction was the hundreds upon hundreds of both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's parked within the grounds of Bingley Hall. I have been to this show a couple of times now and have really enjoyed it so I decided to go again this year. Bingley Hall is about a 220 mile return journey from my hometown so I decided to shoot up there in my more economical and quicker camouflaged T4, rather than take my slower 1969 microbus. The show opened quite early, but I didn't get there until about 10.30am by which time the car park at Bingley Hall was full so I had to park in the overflow car park with hundreds of other Volkswagen's. The blog continues as I wander around looking at all the cool Volkswagens.
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Although the DubFreeze show is 99.9% VW's
there were a few exceptions, one of which was
this stunning 1967 Porsche 912 in what looks
like Bahama yellow and it was gorgeous. The 
912 was produced from 1965-1969 and although
the 912 was meant to be an entry level model
over the years it has become an icon and a very
 desirable car, and in my humble opinion by far
the best looking body shape.

When the 912 was introduced it was very well
received and soon sales outsold the previous
911 model. Due to it's low weight and low drag
this car boasted 30MPG from it's flat 4 engine.

Inside the grounds of Bingley Hall the place
was full of Volkswagens of all descriptions both
old and new, air-cooled and water cooled. The
diversity was immense.

This cool RAT looking 1963 single cab split
screen pick up looked great with it's patina
paint (and holes in the door!) I did like the
hoops over the bed and the sign written doors.

The old pick up does look good, especially from
this angle. I did like the all red tail light lenses,
and those custom air scoops.

Parked up next to the single cab was this lovely
1967 imported early bay. This bus also had the
patina paint which I think really suits the early
bays. The clear front indicator lenses are a nice
touch and suit the overall look as did the roof-

This really was a nice straight bus as you can
see from this photo. I did like those polished
wheels which add a touch of sparkle to this 

otherwise satin finish bus

This lovely clean and straight 1970 fastback
caught my eye. It wasn't flash or fancy, but just 
very nice example of the type 3.

This old fastback looked to be pretty much stock
apart from those 4 spoke BRM wheels. 

This cabriolet / baja / volksrod, actually I'm not
sure what you'd call this but it was up for sale
as a project for £1650 ($2010 approx). It looked
as though all the hard work had been done and
just needed finishing off.

Looking around this unusual creation it really
didn't need much to finish it off. This could be
a very nice unique vehicle. I'm looking forward
to seeing it completed in the near future.

This primered 1972 late bay, was being sold as an 
unfinished project. All the underside welding had 
been completed and it had a complete new
braking system throughout including new drums, 
shoes, and all pipework.

The fuel tank had been flushed and had new 
pipework to the engine bay. It had a good engine 
with no end float and a rebuilt carburettor. This bus
 had re-trimmed seats and a powder coated dash. 
The sale price included most parts to get this old
 bus back on the road, and all for the bargain price
 of £6850 (8300 approx)

Another bus for sale was this imported 1968 
deluxe early bay. This lovely patina'd bus had
a current M.O.T. and a 1600cc twin port engine, 
that has just had a new complete engine gasket
 set and push rod tubes. It also had a new clutch 
and carburettor.

The windscreen and windscreen seal had also 
been replaced after repairing the top lip of the
 front panel. The bus had a full width rock and roll
 bed so it's ready for camping. This bus could be 
yours for £10,500 ($13,000 approx)

Another red bus for sale was this 1971 single 
cab pick up. This pick up was virtually all stock
 including the body, the engine and the interior.

This really solid looking sought after bus was 
up for grabs for the price of £11,000 
($13,500 approx)

The bed of this pickup looked super solid and 
had been treated to a coat of red oxide primer.

Yet another red bus for sale this 1970 microbus.
 This bus was imported from Colorado and looks
 as though it still has the original paint. This bus 
had a standard 1600cc engine, and the body was
 really solid. This bus had a current M.O.T. 

The interior is a blank canvas, all ready for 
someone to make it their own camper or maybe
return it back into a microbus. All the brake lines 
and brakes have been replaced and is an ideal
project for someone. This bus was up for sale for
 £9,250 ($11,400 approx)

Believe it or not but this 1959 split screen camper
underwent a 99% restoration some 2 years ago,
the only thing that wasn't restored was the original
paint. Since the restoration this old split has covered
many thousands of miles including a 4500 mile trip
to Morocco and back.

This bus has a 1600cc twin port motor with twin
Solex 34 pict carbs and a Vintage Speed exhaust.
It also has T2D adjustable spring plates and a
adjustable beam with CSP front disc brakes.

The interior has a professionally built birch ply
camping interior including an oven and 2 ring

I spotted this rare childrens pedal scooter leaning 
against a matching coloured Beetle. It's a 1959 
Tri-Ang Tri-etta. The Tri-Ang tri-etta junior was a
 cheaper version of the 1954 Tri-etta. Apart from
 having the wrong wheels and missing the decals, 
this is still a very desirable scooter and probably 
worth a small fortune.

This 1958 coral red beetle was another vehicle
for sale The original paint had subtle signs of
patina and the narrowed beam with drop spindles
give the car a low narrow look.

The car is still has 6 volt electrics with working
semaphores. The motor is a 1200cc unit and
the wheels are Porsche Fuchs. This car was
for sale for £8,500 ($10,500 approx)

Whilst queueing for a burger and a cup of tea
I spotted this pair of buses parked close by, so

after I had finished my breakfast I decided to 
go and have a better look.

The first one is the RAT looking early 1960's
split screen. This bus has been lowered and
had a narrowed front beam. The paint was a
kind of patina which gave this bus it's RAT look.
I did like the twin roof racks that must be handy. 

The RAT look is still big here in the U.K. at the
moment and it's easy to see why. 

The second of the buses was in complete
contrast to the split, This 1972 crossover bay
was finished to a very high standard with it's
gloss white body and black roof.

This was a lovely straight bus as you can see
in this photo. I did like the combination of black
wheels and chrome bumpers.

This gorgeous 1969 Dormoblie caught my eye
as it looks to be Velvet Green, 
the same colour 
as my 1969 microbus. This really was a nice
bus that had a pretty much stock interior.

This old Dormy really was in good condition
and was very straight. I did like the colour
coded roof canvas and the small 2 bow roof

Parked alongside the main hall were about 
beetle's that all been lowered, including this 
white 1967 bug. It made for a great display
as you can see.

I'm guessing this and probably all the others
had some sort of air suspension to enable them
to sit so low. 

Just a couple more of the extremely low beetles
parked up. 

This lowered red 1969 bug looked good with
it's lovely shiny paint and the contrasting white 
banded steel wheels. I do like to see a lowered
bug with nerf bars instead of original bumpers.

Time to try and get a bit arty with this shot of
the reflection in the beetle's shiny chrome hub

From inside the grounds of Bingley Hall and
the DubFreeze show looking over to the packed
overflow day visitor car park. The overflow car

park is a cool place to see some fantastic vehicles 
that are well worth photographing.

This stunning black Porsche 356 replica looked
fantastic. I'm assuming it's a replica because it
had a 1971 / 72 registration plate and the 356's
were only produced from 1948 - 1965. Replica
or not, this was one seriously cool looking car.

The perfectly straight body gives off an almost
perfect reflection and the tan coloured hood
compliments the gloss black paint. This really
is a gorgeous car.

This pair of beach buggies caught my eye as it
 was February and still very cold so driving these
to the show must have been bracing to say the
least... you need to be a hardy person to own
a buggy in the U.K.

The first one was this great looking beast. I
don't know who manufactured the cool body,
but I did like it's unusual shape and the way
those headlights seem to be sunken into the

The body was covered in skull murals, I'm not
sure if this was a body wrap or maybe some
 incredible air brush work (??) but whatever it
was, it looked super cool.

The high body line at the rear exposed more
of the rear suspension / engine than on other
body styles, but I liked it. 

This very retro looking MK8 Volksrod beach 
buggy looked great with it's 60's paint scheme.
The MK8 is a long wheel base version of the
Volksrod bodies. The Volksrod beach buggy
company have been in production since 1966
and the MK8 was unveiled at the Volksworld 
show in 2010. Both the latest MK7 & MK8
versions have 5 3/4" headlights. I loved this 
paint scheme which suited the car perfectly.

In the passenger seat was a blonde, I was going
to ask her a bit about the buggy but she looked
like a bit of a dummy so I didn't bother.!

So that was part 2 of this 4 part review, next
Saturday will be part 3 where you can see plenty
more spilt screen and bay window buses, lots
of beetles,T25's and so much more so don't 
forget to come back next week.

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