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Dub Freeze VW Show 2017 (part 3 of 4)

This weeks blog is part three of a four part review all about the 28th annual 'Dub Freeze' VW Show that was held at Bingley Hall, County Show ground, Weston Road in Stafford ST18 9DB over the weekend of 18th - 19th February 2016. The showground was open from 3pm on the Saturday for the hardy campers with plenty of space assured. The on site bar was also open on the Saturday night. Sunday was the main show day with the gates opening at 08.00am. The main show was held inside Bingley Hall with over 100 traders selling all sorts of VW related items. Also in the hall were numerous vehicles on display, there were plenty of food and drink vendors on the site to cater for most tastes and clean toilets. However for me the main attraction was the hundreds upon hundreds of both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's parked within the grounds of Bingley Hall. I have been to this show a couple of times now and have really enjoyed it so I decided to go again this year. Bingley Hall is about a 220 mile return journey from my hometown so I decided to shoot up there in my more economical and quicker camouflaged T4, rather than take my slower 1969 microbus. The show opened quite early, but I didn't get there until about 10.30am by which time the car park at Bingley Hall was full so I had to park in the overflow car park with hundreds of other Volkswagen's. The review continues as I wander around the grounds of Bingley Hall looking at all the vehicles parked up.
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Whilst casually wandering round I spotted this
13 window 1966 split screen and it stopped me
in my tracks. This is one lovely bus, that just has
 to be in my top 5 vehicles that I saw at the show.
The funny thing is, I don't know why I like this
bus so much. Maybe it's the colours, maybe
its the ride height or maybe the Porsche 356
wheels or maybe even the combination of all
 those things??.

This wasn't what you would call a show winner
with a £20,000 paint job and expensive chrome
wheels, it was just a very clean and straight bus
that had the elusive 'just right' look.

This really is a nice bus, even though I still
can't work out why I like it so much. I have the
same wheels on my 1969 microbus so maybe
that is why..? I did like the ride height which 

always suits the split / bay.

This lovely white and mint green 11 window bus
added some brightness to the otherwise over-
cast weather. This bus was amazingly straight
as the reflection in that gorgeous paint down
the side of the bus proves. I did like the steel
sun visor and 3 bow roof rack. Those polished
Empi 5 spoke wheels really set the paint off a

You can see just how clean this bus is from
this photo. I liked the fact that the roof was
painted in the same mint green colour as the
lower half of the body. 

From one extreme to another was this 1974
late bay that I spotted in the camping area.
This old bus has been covered in stickers and
decals and hand written slogans. It's nice to
see that the owner is not afraid to express
himself to make this bus unique.

The one off paint scheme certainly stood out,
it was a mix of graffiti and street art, but it's all
about being different, and this owner has not
held back expressing himself.

As well as the wild paint scheme this old bus
had numerous accessories that added to it's
overall look and it's unique appeal.

Some of those accessories included all these
pairs of 'flip flops' that were tied to the small
roof rack and they looked cool.

Looking into one of the camping areas, there
was a great mix of early and late bays. The
camouflaged '72 late bay stood out.

Another camping area with all the vehicles very
neatly parked.

A great mix of air-cooled and water cooled
Volkswagens in the camping area.

This lovey old barn door caught my eye due
to it's super low stance. I did like the overall
look of this bus with it's patina green and white
paint, the ride height, and the Porsche Fuchs 

wheels. The narrowed front beam helps to tuck 
the front wheels right under the cab.

This really was a nice bus which had plenty of 
accessories such as, the chrome 'Roo' bar, and
 the yellow headlight lenses which are protected
 by the lovely Porsche 356 grilles.

Another green and white split screen bus, only
this one is a later 1966 model but equally as nice.
This bus has had a subtle lowering job which
looks just about right. The Empi 5 spoke wheels

give the old '66 a classic cool look. 

This really was a clean and solid looking bus,
I did like the deluxe chrome bumper trim on this
otherwise standard looking bus. 

This lowered bus looked great in it's, what looks
patina'd mango green and seagull grey paint.
The low stance in enhanced by the narrowed
front beam which allows the front wheels to be
tucked right under the cab. I did like the old
style 3/4 length skool roof rack.

You can see just how far under the cab the front
wheels sit in this photo. I do like those colour
coded air scoops and that big exhaust just sticking
out under the bumper.

A great variety of buses in the camping area.
There is something for everyone, whatever model
and year of bus you prefer.

There is only one thing better than a panel van,
and that's a sign written panel van and this lovely
birch green ( I think) van is a good example. The
van has been lowered and has a narrowed front
beam fitted. The Fuchs style wheels suit the overall
look of this gorgeous van. 

This really was a straight looking van, and that
green paint was almost flawless. I did like the
fact that the roof was painted in the same green
colour as the body rather than match the white
of the bumpers as is normally the case. 

A close up of the sign writing, it was very well
done and looked fantastic. You can see just

how low this van is from this photo.

Another cool looking panel van was this early 
1960's blue over white slightly RAT looking van. 
I loved the two tone colour combination on this 
old van and the matching steel wheels / hub-
caps. The 'Roo' bars on the front was a nice 
addition as was the Porsche headlight grilles 
and the almost obligatory (for RAT looking 
vehicles) rope wrapped around the bars.

This really was a nice looking panel van. It's
looks are enhanced by the low stance.

This was a very solid and straight looking van
 and having the darker colour on top helps to

make this van stand out, as do those blue
hub caps.

This beige 1977 panel van looked all original
and like a good solid van. I do like to see a
stock looking panel van as I think they look
cool just the they were designed to look.

This 1966 bright yellow and black split screen
kombi however was far from stock looking. The
first thing you notice is the super bright yellow
and the contrasting black paint, this was one
loud bus that stood out in the crowd. 

The paint is so striking, the dark tinted windows
 and matching black wheels helped give this old
bus a crisp clean look. The bus has been lowered
slightly which really suits this bus.

This bus was super clean and straight and those
chrome bumpers really compliment that bright
yellow paint.

The kombi had some neat touches, like the
custom headlights. I don't know what they are
from but they did look good behind the yellow
light lenses.

Another neat accessory was the lens on the
Cyclopes light, it had a VW logo on it. I also
liked the spotlight mounted to the A post.

This ultra low T4 310RL Compass Navigator 
caught my eye due to its ride height. The
Navigator is a very cool and useful vehicle but
I've never seen one looking this cool. Apparently 
the grey bonnet protector is as rare as rocking 
horse poo and worth a lot of money, I must
admit I have never seen one before.

This photo shows just how low this Navigator
really was. I'm assuming it has some form of
air ride suspension. This really was a nice T4.

This lovely old high top early bay cruised past
as I took photos. I never got to see it again,
which is a shame as it looked great with its
patina paint and high top, I think my blog needs
more high top buses on it!

It wasn't all Volkswagens at the DubFreeze
show, but I suppose this wild creation would
be OK as it's described as a 'buggy' This is 
a 2003 Ariel Nomad created by the Ariel 
Motor Company from Somerset, England.
The Nomad is a buggy designed for on and off 
road use, and judging by the looks you just 
know it'd great fun to drive.

The body is constructed of non structural roto-
mould polyethylene. The road pack consists of 
projector headlights, LED indicators, stop and 
tail lights and a reversing light. There is also a 
wet weather cover included should it be needed!

The nomad has a Honda 2.4 litre iVTEC engine
 that produces 235 BHP with a 6 speed close ratio
 gearbox and a hydraulic clutch. This mad looking
 buggy can get from 0-60 MPH in 3.4 seconds and 
0-100 MPH in a little over 8.7 seconds and it'll do
that over any surface including tarmac, sand or
gravel !

The interior consists of 2 composite woven cloth 
seats and two 'E' approved four point quick release
 full harnesses and err, that's about it.

I spotted this 1990 T25 syncro and just had to
go and have a look. I do like the syncro, and
the thought of being able to go virtually any-
where in a cool looking Volkswagen appeals
to me. This double cab looked like a nice
honest bus. I did like the twin headlight
conversion which suited the bus.

This even had the hard cover over the bed, which
is quite rare to see. The roof rack and reversing
spot light looked purposeful. This really was ready
to set off on an adventure. 

A lonely beige tin top in a sea of pop top and
 high top camper vans. The diversity of styles
was amazing, there really is something for 
everyone at this show.

This stunning late 50's silver blue beetle was
 gorgeous. It looked to be all original, apart from
that lovely blue paint. This was a super straight
and super clean car that looked great with it's
matching painted steel wheels and whitewall 

You can see just how clean this car was from
this photo. The chrome on those early blade
bumpers and the hub caps was like new.

This lovely white over turquoise 11 window
 kombi was another gorgeous looking bus.
The slightly lowered look really suited this bus
and the choice of colour compliments the
lowered stance and really does helps make this 
bus stand out.

This really was a lovely bus, and those chrome
Porsche 356 wheels suit this old bus perfectly.

This cool RAT looking 1950's kombi looked
fantastic with it's ratty sand coloured paint and
the faded sign writing.

It's easy to see why the RAT look is so popular
at the moment. This old bus looked pretty much
original and for it's age looked very solid.

The cool aged sign writing really helps make
this kombi stand out. I don't think there are
enough sign written buses around at the moment.

A close up of the sign writing, I'm not sure if
it's original or painted to look old, but whatever
it was it did look good.

So that was part 3 of 4 reviews all about the
DubFreeze show 1027. Next week will be the
fourth and final instalment where you will be
able to see, the lowest '67 panel van I've ever

seen and also the brightest yellow beetle I've
ever seen plus so much more so be sure to
come back next Saturday.

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