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Stanford Hall 2017 (part 4 of 4)

Welcome to the 4th and final installment all about the Stanford Hall VW show which this year was held on Sunday 30th April and is an annual one day event organised by the Leicestershire and Warkickshire VW owners club and held in the grounds of Stanford Hall, which was built in the 1690's in the beautiful village of Stanford-on-Avon, near Lutterworth in Leicestershire, LE17 6DH. The grounds also has the River Avon gently flowing through the grounds, and provides a spectacular backdrop for a VW show. As Stanford Hall is only about 60 miles from my hometown, and as the weather forecast was promising I decided to drive up. I have been to this show over the past few years and there is always a good collection of top quality VW's of all varieties with plenty of trade stands and an auto jumble and all set in the beautiful grounds of Stanford Hall. 
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This stunning coral red, L351 ( I think) looked
absolutely gorgeous, hence it is the first vehicle
in this weeks blogs review. The overall standard
was amazing, you can see how clean and straight
the car is from this photo.

The beautiful flowing body lines looked great in
that lovely coat of paint. The highly polished /
chromed Empi 5 spoke wheels stood out as did
the chrome towel rail bumpers.

The variety and styles of just the humble beetle
was amazing, there were hundreds of bugs at
the show and each one was different in some way.

This super low 1972 bug looked cool with it's
narrowed front beam, sitting so low 
and that 
extensive wheel camber on the rear wheels. 

This baby blue '72 was another bug that had been
lowered so much that it almost sat on the floor. 

The narrowed front beam with those painted steel
wheels looked good, but add the white wall tyres
to compliment the baby blue paint and this old
bug looked fantastic.

If you thought the red bug (above) had some
serious camber on the rear wheels, well how's 
this for some really outrageous wheel camber?
I did like the rear pop out windows which always
look cool on a bug.  

It wasn't just the beetles that had been lowered,
this lovely 1970 imported Westy had been
seriously hit with the lowering stick and looked

so much better for it.

Buses as far as the eye can see, from early
split screens to T4/5's and everything in between.

As along as it's a VW you'll be sure to see it 
at Stanford Hall.

This 1958 beetle looked amazing in its Diamond 
Grey paint. This seriously low bug was so clean 
and straight and looked to be pretty much original.. 
apart from those lovely polished Porsche wheels 
of course!

This gorgeous car had those lovely rear fender
skirts and still had semaphore indicators. You
can see just how low this old bug sits from this
photo and how narrow that front beam is. This
gorgeous car was up for sale at the show for
£13,000 ($16,500 approx)

This was in the windscreen of the lovely bug, I'm
not sure what it is.. maybe some form of service
date reminder? I do know its in Danish so maybe
this old bug was imported from Denmark?

The grounds of Stanford Hall are massive, which
enables the show to have plenty of room to display
the hundreds upon hundreds of vehicles that turn
up to attend this great one day event.. 

Just a trio of bugs from different years, and all
different styles. This show really does have
something for everyone.

My Face book friend Paul was at the show with
his cousin in Paul's satin black hot rod themed
T4. Paul painted the bus himself including the
cool looking flames. Paul has named his rodded
bus 'Betty the Bitch' after his liking for Betty Boop.

This stunning 1966 Karmann Ghia looked so
nice in it's restored to original condition. The red
paint was gorgeous and the perfectly straight body
gave off some almost perfect reflections.

The Karmann Ghia has a timeless shape that
will never go out of fashion as you can see from
this photo. This car really was 'just like new'.

Another vehicle that provided almost perfect
reflections was this 1966 dark green 1300cc
beetle. Just look at the reflection in the passenger
door and rear quarter panels.. amazing.

This lowered bug looked great with it's painted
steel wheels and bright chrome work.

The iconic image of an early split screen bus.
It's easy to see why the majority of merchandise
you can buy that is VW related has the front of
a split screen on it.

I spotted this 1986 Karmann Gipsy in the distance
and made a bee line straight for it. I love these
Gipsy's and could easily have one myself. This
T25 model had the 1.6 turbo diesel engine and its
only had 2 owners from new, including the present

This lovely bus has been in the current owners
possession for 11 years after he purchased it
from its original owner in Berlin, Germany. This
Gipsy has only covered 77,000 miles and still
has the original paintwork (!). This Karmann
was up for sale for £16,900 ($21,300 approx)

This 'Martini' racing Karmann Ghia looked really
cool in with its race themed paintwork. However
this old KG is not what it seems, the 1973 body
sits on top of a 2001 Porsche Boxster chassis.

The Porsche chassis complete with the 250BHP
engine, and all the running gear has been
modified to take the Karmann body shell.

This lovely old imported 1962 was an original
SO22 Westfalia that was mostly original including
the faded paint. This really was a nice straight bus. 

The OG paint is starting to show its age, but that
gives this bus some character. This bus has a
new 1300cc engine and all new brakes. It has
been U.K. registered as was up for sale for
£35,000 ($44,500 approx)

The price may seem high but this is a lot of
bus with the original Westfalia interior.

Everything is there, as it left the factory including
the curtains!. If you want an original bus then this
 is the bus for you.

Okay I know it's not a VW, but I couldn't resist
taking a few photos of this lovely 1967 Dodge
A100 panel van. The A100 was made in various
guises from 1964 - 1970.

I do like the old Dodge panel van. Yes it looks
very 1960's, but that is exactly why I do them.

Talking of panel vans, which I do have a healthy
liking for, how about this side shot of a lovely
split screen panel van. I'm not sure what it is about

a side shot of a panel van, but it works for me
every time.

The last vehicle in this blog review is a super
low bug that I spotted in the public car park. This
old '69 bug had been lowered, and with that old
skool roof rack and the O.G. paint it looked great.

So that was my 4 part review of the Stanford Hall
VW show for 2017. If you missed any of the
other reviews on this show simply go to 'My Blog
Archive' at the top left of this page. Next weeks
blog will be a 4 part review of the 'Chiltern Hills
Vintage Vehicle Rally' that I and a few friends
attended. In this review you will be able to see
many classic Volkswagens along with many
British and American classic cars and some
really cool hot rods, so be sure to back next

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