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Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally. (part 1 of 4)

This weeks blog entry is the first instalment about the annual Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally which is a one day show for classic and vintage vehicles (including old Volkswagen camper vans) and is organised by the Game Club to help raise money for local charitable causes. The rally is a well established event which allows owners of classic and vintage vehicles to gather together in the glorious Buckinghamshire countryside. This event was actually their 23rd anniversary, and took place on 21st May. The new venue is at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill near Aylesbury HP22 4NN and is a fantastic location for this great one day show which attracts well over 1000 vehicles of all descriptions and the Game Club had also organised: Children's rides / slides, a fun dog show, trade stands, an auto jumble, a beer tent, speciality teas, a pig roast, burgers and ice cream stands. I have attended this event for the last 4 / 5 years and it's one show that I really enjoy due to the huge diversity of the vehicles. Find out more about the Chlitern Hills Rally from their website here:
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There was quite a lot of interest on Facebook
from local VW owners on attending this event
so we all agreed to meet at the local superstore
at 09.00 to have a short convoy to the show.

The sun was shining and we had quiet a good
turn out of vehicles to join the convoy.

I led the convoy (as I normally do) on the short
2 mile route from the town centre to the show
ground. We had to stop at some traffic lights and
that gave me an opportunity to photograph this
lovely old GMC 100 pick up truck that was also
heading for the show.

Once inside the show we all parked together
which made for a good display of various models
of the Volkswagen bus.

CJ joined our mini convoy in his stunning 1976
late bay. This really is a lovely bus that always has
something new every time I see it. This super
straight bus has been lowered so much that the 
adjuster nut on the beam is rubbing on the ground!

To combat the rubbing issue CJ is fitting air ride
suspension which will allow him to adjust the ride
height. CJ also has plans to replace the chrome
Empi 5 spoke wheels with chrome 356 replicas.
The Senegal red (L181) gives off almost perfect
 reflections in the straight body panels.

Tonya came along in 'Barney', her 1971 red and
white Dormoblile that is a 'work in progress' as

the damaged and incomplete 'Dormy' interior 
was taken out to be rebuilt and therefore is bare
inside. This bus is rare in the fact that it hasn't 
been lowered and is riding at stock height.

This bus has had some work done including a
new roof canvas, and some mechanical work.

The old '71 does polish up well as the reflection
proves along the side of the bus.

My 1969 VW Microbus all washed and polished
and looking good in the summer sunshine. The
entrance to the show was a bit muddy so the
organisers put some hay down to soak up the
mud, unfortunately that meant that we all got wet
 and muddy hay stuck to our tyres!

My bus does look good when she's washed and

The first thing I do when I get to a show? put the
kettle on and have a cup of tea. I would normally
cook some bacon rolls but as the show was so
local to me I had time for breakfast at home before
I left to meet the others at the superstore.

Matthew and Caroline came over in their white
over blue 1969 Westy. Eagle eyed readers will
notice that Matthew and I have sequential number
plates. This is because both buses got imported
from California at the same time and also registered
with the DVLA at the same time so they gave them
sequential plates. Matthew and I do like to park
up together at shows and watch the public as they
walk by and suddenly notice the number plates.

This really is a nice looking bus and has the
complete Westy interior. Matthew has just had
a leisure battery and propex heater fitted, an
essential accessory for camping in the U.K. !

Eddie came to his first show ( I think) in his high
top 1986 T25 Autosleeper. Eddie's bus has a
1.9 litre water cooled motor. This really is a nice
clean bus.

Eddie's bus has many accessories including:
the bike rack, a gasure LPG kit, a stainless
steel exhaust and a propex heater for those
chilly nights sleeping in the bus. It has the original
Autosleeper interior and the seats have been

Claude and his partner Jean came along to this
great one day show in his 1960 split screen Kombi.
Claude has had his bus for as long as I can
remember and has done, and continues to do
improvements to it.

This lovely old bus has been lowered and has
a narrowed front beam. The logo on the tailgate
'Tesoro' is actually from the days when the bus
 was in the U.S. transporting oranges.

This lovely clean 1977  baby blue late bay parked
at the end of our line up at the show. I don't know
who it belonged to but it did look nice. I did like
the colour coded air conditioning unit on the door.

This really was a very clean and straight bus. You
can see how straight this bus was by the reflection
along the side. I did like the Fuchs style wheels
that suited the clean and crisp look of this bus.

This 1971 Westy was another bus that joined us
in the line up. Again, I don't know who owned this
lovely looking bus but I did like it. The clear front
indicator lenses and chrome headlight peaks all
help to make this early bay stand out.

Mark is a friend of mine and made his own way
to the show in his distinctive lilac 1972 beetle.
This lowered bug really does look good with it's
centre line style wheels.

Mark's bug is I think his daily driver and although
it's gets plenty of use it still looks clean and fresh.

This gorgeous 1957 Ford Thunderbird looked
amazing in it's all white paint scheme. The '57
T-bird was reshaped with a larger grille, a new
shape front bumper, bigger tail fins and larger
rear lights.

The '55-'57 T-birds also had the addition of
circular portholes in the fibreglass roof to aid
rearward vision.

This must be one of the most recognisable cars
of all time... well almost! It's a 1966 Ford Mustang
Coupe or notchback as some people know it.
This lovely candy apple red coupe had the 289ci
V8 engine with a 3 speed automatic gearbox.

The car was imported from Texas in 2014 but it
was built in the San Jose plant in California.The
current owner ( the first since the car arrived in the
U.K.) said the car has not or will ever be restored
but is undergoing a sympathetic preservation!

This lovely 1955 Buick Roadmaster looked great
in it's bright green and white colours. I think this
is the 4 door Riveria hard top model, but I could
be wrong!

The '55 model had the 322 cubic inch V8 motor
with the 2 speed dynaflow automatic gearbox.
other features of the '55 model were broad lower
rear fender bands and a gold coloured  script
badge on the trunk.

This immaculate 1966 Ford Thunderbird looked
gorgeous. It had the 390ci, 315 BHP V8 motor
with the 3 speed cruise-o-matic box

This 2 door convertible really was so clean and
straight. The revised 3 piece tail lights that go
the full width of the car is a distinctive feature.

The classic interior of the '66 T-bird looked to be
all complete and original.

You can't really see the pods behind the seats
but when the roof is down on this old classic it
looks very sporty.

This lovely 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible
looked stunning in the sunshine. The Guardsman
blue paint really suited this massive car. This is
believed to be the only 500 convertible in the U.K.
The car is 18 feet long and weighs 2 tons. The fuel
consumption, as you would expect isn't that good
as this car returns just 18 miles per gallon!

The engine is a 6.5 litre, 390 cubic inch big block
 motor with a 3 speed manual column change
gearbox. This car has power steering an a power
roof and even has the original AM/FM radio.

This huge 1951 Pontiac Chieftain convertible 
looked great in that baby blue paint. The Chieftain 
came with numerous accessories including, a gas, 
ammeter and oil pressure gauges, a neat tissue 
dispenser, under seat heaters and a Remmington 
auto / home shaver!

The Chieftain had a 268 cubic inch motor but
because of the size and weight of this lovely
classic the 0 - 60 time was 15 seconds but then
again you don't drive a Chieftain for it's speed.

You just have to love the American pick up truck
as I do and whether you like them restored and
original or patina'd and customised there was
something for everyone.

This gorgeous 1954 Chevrolet 3100 finished in
light blue really did stand out. The '64 3100 had
the 235 cubic inch straight six engine, and you
could have a hydromatic automatic transmission
as an optional extra. The 1954 model had the
newly designed curved windscreen rather than
the flat screens of previous years.

Other design changes for '54 round tail lights
rather than rectangular items and cargo bed rails.
You can see just how clean this old truck really was.

This RAT looking GMC 100 pick up (circa 1954)
is actually a Chevrolet. The GMC versions were
just re branded with the GMC logo.

This really was a lovely honest looking truck. It
hasn't been restored and looks just fine as it is.

This gorgeous 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Custom
Catalina looked amazing in it's turquoise and
white colour scheme. This really was a pristine
example of this sought after car.

This is another huge American car that is 17feet
6 inches long and 6 feet 4 inches wide! The engine
is a 287 cubic inch motor with 4 speed dual range
hydra-matic gearbox.

This stunning GMC Swindon step side pick up
looked fantastic in it's off white colour. This really
was a clean truck, the chrome work was like new
and those banded chrome wheels suited this old
truck perfectly.

The truck had some neat touches including some
really cool pinstriping.

There was more pinstriping on the rear fenders
and the tailgate.It's small touches like this that
really help to make a vehicle stand out.

So that was the first of four instalments about this
great one day show. Next week you can see
plenty more classic British and American cars
and trucks and so much more so be sure to come
back next Saturday.

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