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Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally, (part 3 of 4)

This weeks blog entry is the third instalment about the annual Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally which is a one day show for classic and vintage vehicles (including old Volkswagen camper vans) and is organised by the Game Club to help raise money for local charitable causes. The rally is a well established event which allows owners of classic and vintage vehicles to gather together in the glorious Buckinghamshire countryside. This event was actually their 23rd anniversary, and took place on 21st May. The new venue is at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill near Aylesbury HP22 4NN and is a fantastic location for this great one day show which attracts well over 1000 vehicles of all descriptions and the Game Club had also organised: Children's rides / slides, a fun dog show, trade stands, an auto jumble, a beer tent, speciality teas, a pig roast, burgers and ice cream stands. I have attended this event for the last 4 / 5 years and it's one show that I really enjoy due to the huge diversity of the vehicles. Find out more about the Chlitern Hills Rally from their website here:
The review continues as I wander around this great show.
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This lovely 1970 baby blue and white early bay
belongs to friends of mine, Andy and Annelise.
Their gorgeous bay is a U.S. import and it's
really straight and solid. The full length roof
rack came of Andy's old split screen panel van.

This really is a nice looking bus that Annelise
uses as a daily driver. Andy keeps the bus on the
road by doing all the maintenance himself.

This stunning 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 looked
amazing with it's super straight body and it's
perfectly applied Raven Black paint. The chrome
trim and bumpers were just like new and looked
great against the black paint.

This old '64 500 had the 390 cubic inch, 6.4 litre
V8 with the 4 barrel carb and the 3 speed manual
gearbox with overdrive.

This car is quite rare in the fact that it's a 4 door
sedan, finished in the black and black option
(black paint and black interior) as only 295 cars
with the specification were ever made, and this
is the only one with this spec in the U.K.

This old Ford Cortina 1600 GXL looked a bit
sorry for itself in it's un-restored condition. I had
one of these Ford many years ago and I loved
it, and could easily have another one, except that
the price for these old 'Tina's' are selling for, even
in this condition is sky high.

These really are nice looking cars that bring back
many happy memories for me. Although this car
looked a it rough around the edges it is still a very
desirable car.

This lovely solid looking 1971 white bug caught
my eye as it was so clean. This old bug looked 
great with it's chrome towel rail bumper and 
chrome head light peaks.

You can see just how clean this old bug really is
from this photo. I did like the white mud flaps that
give a period feel to this lovely car. I did notice
that it had a 'Wolfsburg Weed Huggers' ( a local
VW club) sticker in the back window

This Citroen DS23 Pallas IE caught my eye as
this was my dream car as a young kid. This 1973
model looked stunning. The DS was revolutionary
with it's 'new' hydraulic system that operated the
steering, suspension, brakes and gearbox. The
DS was the first mass produced front wheel drive

The body design was ground breaking and when
it was first unveiled at the 1955 Paris motor show,
Citroen took over 12000 orders for the car on the
first day! The DS had a 2347cc 4 cylinder engine
with a 5 speed manual gearbox.

Another car of my youth was the Ford Capri, and
this 1970 baby blue 1600 XL is another very
sought after British classic car. The Capri was
produced from 1968 - 1973 at the Dagenham
and Halewood plants.

The 2 door fastback coupe was originally called
the 'Colt' during it's development stage, but Ford
were unable to use the name as it was already
trademarked by Mitsubishi.

You can see the design was loosely based on
the Ford Mustang. Over 1.9 million Capri's were
sold in it's  production lifetime.

This very distinctive T4 belongs to a mate of
mine, and a fellow Outcast VW club member Mike.
Mike's satin black bus has hot rod style red
scallops down the side (which Mike still has to
outline in white!) red painted steel wheels with
white wall tyres and a red and black chequered
bonnet bra.

This really is a cool looking bus, that stands out
wherever it goes. I do like the clear rear light
lenses and the black and silver number plate.

The interior of Mike's T4 is super cool, and looks
fantastic and I believe it recently won a 'best interior'
award at a show, a well deserved award I say.

This camouflaged 182 Kurierwagon looked great
in the sunshine. The 182 (or 181 for U.K. models)
was produced by Volkswagen for use by the
German military during WW2.

The 2 wheel drive, 4 door vehicle clearly has
a military influence. The 182 (also known as the
Trekker) had the floorpan from a Karmann Ghia
as it's wider than a beetle, and many mechanical
components from the beetle.

This black over bright red 1972 bay looked good
in the summer sunshine. The bright red paint was
in stark contrast to the black roof and the two tone
combination worked so well.

This really was a nice clean and straight bus, I
did like the painted bumpers that matched the
Empi 5 spoke wheels perfectly.

This super clean 1987 T25 Caravelle looked
amazing. It was so straight and clean, and the
paint was spotless. I do like these T25's and
could easily have one myself.

This 1973 late bay looked really nice in it's white
over light olive (sort of!) colour. This deluxe bus
was really was lovely and clean and straight. I
did like the sun visor which gives the bus a very
distinctive look.

It's a shame the camping chair is in the photo
but you can still see just how straight and clean
this bus from this photo.

This cool satin black beetle belongs to a local
guy called Matt. This lowered bug has a hot rod
feel with the satin black paint and the red rimmed
painted steel wheels.

This '67 bug looks so cool and the all red rear
light lenses just add to the overall look. It looks
as though this old bug may have a narrowed
front beam judging by how far under the front
wings the wheels are..?

This lovely old step side pick up truck looked
cool with it's bare metal bodywork. To be honest
I'm not sure what this is.. was, as it's had so many
body modifications and sheet metal work it's hard
to tell. One thing I do know is that I liked it.!

The truck had been seriously lowered and those
front fenders look as though they have been

The rear end had also has been reworked with
some serious metalwork modifications. I did
like the custom tail lights

This gorgeous 1970 early bay looked great in
it's pastel blue paint. This really was a lovely
clean and straight bus. 

I think this gorgeous bus may be an import. I did
like those polished Radar wheels which suited
this old bay perfectly.

So that was the 3rd instalment of 4 about the
Chiltern Hills Vintage Rally. The fourth and final
instalment will be next week where you can see
more bugs and buses including a lovely split screen
panel van, a gorgeous Modal A hot rod, amongst
a few others and so much more so be sure to come 
back next Saturday.

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