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Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally (part 4 of 4)

This weeks blog entry is the forth and final instalment about the annual Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally which is a one day show for classic and vintage vehicles (including old Volkswagen camper vans) and is organised by the Game Club to help raise money for local charitable causes. The rally is a well established event which allows owners of classic and vintage vehicles to gather together in the glorious Buckinghamshire countryside. This event was actually their 23rd anniversary, and took place on 21st May. The new venue is at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill near Aylesbury HP22 4NN and is a fantastic location for this great one day show which attracts well over 1000 vehicles of all descriptions and the Game Club had also organised: Children's rides / slides, a fun dog show, trade stands, an auto jumble, a beer tent, speciality teas, a pig roast, burgers and ice cream stands. I have attended this event for the last 4 / 5 years and it's one show that I really enjoy due to the huge diversity of the vehicles. Find out more about the Chlitern Hills Rally from their website here:
The review continues as I wander around this great show.
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To start this weeks blog we have this stunning
1967 21 window samba. This lovely bus looked
great in it's cream and white colour scheme. I
liked the fact that is wasn't lowered and still had
the original steel wheels.

The perfectly straight body and immaculate paint
made this old bus stand out. I did like the trim on
the colour coded bumpers.

The samba is actually a 'Devon Caravette' as
you can see from the photo. This really was a
nice bus and the pastel blue and white interior
looked gorgeous.

This 1971 blue and white lowered bug looked
cool with it's aftermarket wheels and headlight

You can see just low this bug really is from this
photo. The aftermarket exhaust now exits from
the rear corner of the car and the stand off's
ensure the engine gets plenty of cooling.

This green 1967 beetle looked to have been
restored to the original specification / condition,
which always looks better that lowered.

This car really was immaculate, the chrome on
the U.S. spec towel rail bumper and hub caps
looked like new and complimented the green
painted bodywork perfectly.

I do like to see a sign written panel van and this
1965 split screen with the Brumos Racing logos
rocked my boat. This old panel van looked great
having been lowered and with those yellow head
light lenses.

The logo on the cab doors states that Brumos
Racing comes form Jacksonville, Florida... I'm
not sure if this is correct or not but it didn't really
matter as it looked so good.

The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally has many
classifications of vehicles including both British
and American classic cars.

This cool RAT look 1966 Chevrolet C10 pick up
looked great with it's distressed paintwork.  

Looking across the event field, classic cars for
as far as the eye can see. There were classic
vehicles of all descriptions from all over the

I saw this gorgeous cherry red Model 'A' Ford
5 window coupe and just had to go and get some
photo's. To my surprise it belonged to and old
hot rodding mate of mine, Bob who lives just down
the road from me. Bob and I used to knock around
together when I was into hot rods.

The car has a steel body (very rare!) and powered
by a small block Ford engine. The attention to
detail is amazing and it looked just about perfect.
Both Bob and I used to have Ford Popular's with
V8 engines back in the day, He certainly has moved
up the hot rodding ladder.

Talking of Ford Popular's, this 1954 'Pop' is
another car that's local to me, I'm sure how local
but I see it driving around from time to time. This
grey primered pop has 318 cubic inch Chrysler
V8 engine that is mated to 904 torqueflyte gear-
box. The front suspension is custom made and it
has a Jaguar XJ6 rear axle.

The Ford Pop has such a nice looking shape
as you can see. This pop has over sized rear
wings to accommodate the massive rear wheels
on that Jaguar axle.

This stunning bright red Ford Model 'B' 3 window
coupe is radical. This car came down to our last
VW club meet, but I can't remember a lot about
the car, even though I spent most of the night
chatting to the owner!

The body has been chopped and channelled over
the chassis to give the car it's low look. The fenders
have been removed which always suit a Model B.
The motor is a blown big block V8 and as the car
drives along you can hear the whistle of the blower,
and it sounds awesome.

This gorgeous car looks pure hot rod with it's big
and little wheels shod in those white wall tyres.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of classic
motorcycles at the show, this is just a small
selection of them.

Maybe there wasn't as many scooters at the show
as motorcycles but what they lacked in numbers
they made up with quality.

Military vehicles are always present at the show
and always have a great number of entrants. Again,
this is just a small selection of military vehicles
that attended this year.

More classic motorcycles including low riders
and choppers, and even trikes. This show really
does have something for everyone.

This lovely slammed Volkswagen 1600 or Notch-
back as they are more commonly know looked
super cool. The ride height along with the steel
sun visor and the roof rack helped to make this
old type 3 stand out.

I did like the all red U.S. spec rear light lenses.
This super low notchback was really straight and
solid and the chrome trim looked like new. The
type 3 was produced from 1961 - 1973.

Just a random photo of the show as I headed
towards yet more American classics. This show
gets bigger and better every year.

To finish off my blog review we have my good
friends Caroline and Matthew who were just
sat behind our buses, and chilling out in the
sunshine. Thanks for coming guy's.

So that concludes my four part review of the 
Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally for 2017. 
Overall another fantastic day out with some great
company and plenty of great classic vehicles.
Next week's blog review is all about the 'Just
Kampers' open day where hundreds upon
hundreds of both air cooled and water cooled
Volkswagens descended on the Just Kampers
headquarters for their annual open day. So be
sure to come back next Saturday.

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