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BeachBuggin VW Show 2017 (part 4 of 4)

This weeks blog review is part four of four all about the 'Beach Buggin' VW show which this year was held on Sunday 6th August and which is now in its 17th year, and is the ultimate VDUB show by the beach due to the amazing location on Southsea Common in the heart of the Portsmouth seafront, on the South coast of England. You can walk on and off the site all day and make the most of all the local attractions including the beach, (which is only about 100 feet from the show ground) amusement arcades and of course the award winning pier. This show always attracts plenty of enthusiasts, clubs, and general public, and of course plenty of quality Volkswagen's of all descriptions. The show is unique as it's free to the walk on public who come on mass attracted by the amazing displays. The show originated with a group of beach buggy owners displaying their vehicles way back in 1998 and is run with 3/4 of all the money generated from the show going to nominated charities. This show since 1998 has so far raised well over £80.000 ($104,558 approx) and although the show is called BeachBuggin, you get an incredibly diverse display of Volkswagen's as well as Hot Rods and American cars / trucks, bikes and scooters. This is one of my favourite shows of the year mainly due to it's location but also for the sheer diversity of quality VW's.  This fantastic show always has a impressive turn out with about 2,500 / 3000+  vehicles that all ascend onto Southsea common for a show that has to be one of the best one day shows on the VW calendar. The review continues as I wander around this huge show looking at all the fantastic Volkswagens.
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A lovely pair of 1973 late bays parked up in the
gorgeous sunshine at BeachBuggin. Both buses
were stock looking, a lovely white over blue bus
and a Ravenna green bus and Apple green with
 a blue vinyl strip around the belt line.

This bus with its wild paint scheme is actually a
rare bus. Its an original 'Wild Westener' that came
from the Volkswagen factory in these colours. In
1973 for one month only, VW made only 200 of
these buses for the Californian market. An
owners register for these Westerner's was created
and there are only 53 are know globally to still exist.
Apparently when the dealers had them in their
 showrooms they didn't sell that well, so many
were repainted in more conservative colours so

it's hard to tell exactly how many exist as the 
owners may be unaware of their buses true 
identity. This is  believed to be the only one in the 
U.K. and I for one haven't seen another one!

This stunning 1958 Chevrolet Apache 310 step 
side pick up truck was gorgeous. This truck had
been slammed on the ground and must have had 
some sort of air ride. 

The stunning coat of black gloss paint has been
applied over the perfectly straight body panels.
The lovely chrome wheels with low profile tyres
add to the overall look and the ride height.

The lovely wood lined bed looked fantastic with
the gloss black sides. This really was a lovely
looking pick up truck.

This gorgeous 1967 ( I think) Chevrolet step side
pick up truck looked great in its custom light blue
paint. I'm sure this colour wasn't available from
Chevrolet back in the sixties, but maybe it should
have been as it really suits the truck.

The '67 was the start of the 'second generation'
of Chevy pick ups and had some modifications
that were new including coil over springs instead
of leaf springs and a small back window.

The light blue and white banded steel wheels
looked tough and the perfect choice for this old

The original truck came with either a 250 cubic
inch or 283 cubic inch V8, but the extremely

clean and shiny motor in this truck looks to be 
a bit bigger.

Another American classic with light blue paint
was this gorgeous 1967 2 door convertible
Chevrolet Impala. The white lower half of the
body with matching hood looked great.

The '67 Impala was redesigned and enhanced
to earlier models with 'Coke bottle' styling that
featured Corvette style front and rear fender

This stunning 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door
hard top in a gorgeous blue and white colour
scheme. The tri-Chevy's ('55, '56 and 1957) are
probably the best known American classic cars.

This old '56 was incredibly straight and the paint
was flawless.This really was a lovely car.

This pastel pink 1962 Mercury Monterey was
pure classic 1960's American design. It was huge
with lots of chrome and almost futuristic designs
especially in the rear lights.

You can see those incredible rear tail lights in
this photo. Design back in the '60's was far more
important than aerodynamics as you can see.
This old Monterey really was immaculate.

Leaving the American section of the show, this
row of classic beetles caught my eye. There must
have been hundreds of bugs at the show and
each one was different from the last.

One of the classic bugs that stood out was this
gorgeous chocolate brown oval window. This
slammed bug was super straight and looked
great sitting so low.

The unusual colour actually suits the car really
well. as do the banded steel wheels that were
painted in an off white colour that complimented
the body colour perfectly. I did like the Paris sun
roof that was definitely needed as the weather
was perfect for a VW show by the sea.

Looking through the oval rear window of this
lovely bug.

This custom cycle caught my eye. I do like the
more unusual cycle and this one fitted the bill.

I'm not sure of the origins of this bike, but I did
like it. Those chunky white tyres looked great and
suited the overall look. 

A lovely period light on top of the rusty forks was
a nice addition that looked great.

More beach buggies all lined up. The variety of
styles and of course colours was immense.

This, or rather whats left of this split screen bus
was up for sale. It had had the roof section
removed, and pretty much everything else!

The rear quarter has also been removed along
with many other panels.

Engine and gearbox had also been removed...

This would be a challenging project.

This was the asking price. (approx $6500)

This guy was having fun riding around the show
on his scooter. It didn't look very stable, but I
never saw him fall off so it must have been.

I headed back to my microbus for a cup of tea,
and this is the view out of my side widow. OK it's
not a Volkswagen, but it is a lovely 912 Porsche.

My 1969 VW Microbus parked up at the Beach
Buggin show. This is one show on the VW
calendar that I never miss.

My old bus does polish up quite well, and I think
she looks good in the summer sunshine.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of after
market wheels on the market, but I still love the
look of the Porsche 356 wheels.

As the show drew to a close, people started to
leave. The guy on the pushbike was holding onto
the door pillar of this cool bug as they drove out
of the show.

With a lot of zoom (maybe too much!) I spotted
this lovely metal flake blue buggy just getting
ready to leave the show.

The queue out of the show was getting bigger
as everyone started to leave the venue. The
queue wasn't you normal traffic jam, this one was
nose to tail of cool looking classic Volkswagens.

This 1973 bug was queueing up at the same time
as me so I couldn't resist a final photo. The rust
effect looked on this bug looked cool as did those
aftermarket wheels.

So that was my four part review of the BeachBuggin
show. If you missed any of the previous reviews
you can find them in 'My Blog Archive' at the top
left of this page. Overall this show has been another

success with the show being packed with quality
Volkswagens. If you haven't been to this show, I
strongly suggest you come along next year as I'm
sure you won't be disappointed. Next weeks review 
is all about the 'Endless Summer' VW show, so be 
sure to come back next Saturday.

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