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Endless Summer VW Show 2017 (part 2 of 4)

This weeks blog review is part 2 about the 'Endless Summer' VW Show that was held on Sunday 13th August at The War Memorial Park in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The location of the show was only about 54 miles from my hometown, so as it wasn't too far and as the forecast was good I decided to jump in the bus and go and check out this great little show show. The show which was billed as " a great one day family VW event in Hampshire" and was organised by Allan Shepherd who has been part of the VW scene for over 15 years. Allan decided the show could raise money for 2 local charities: Naomi House & Jacks Place and this year they raised a huge £3491.33. Entry to this show was a modest £5.00 ($8 approx) and the money went to the named charities. The location was ideal with easy access and plenty of well kept grass in the memorial park to park all the VW's on. There were numerous clean portable toilets to use, and enough traders selling everything to suit everyone. The shows Marshal's were numerous and unlike some shows I have attended, actually knew what they were doing and when to do it, which made a nice change! and it also helped the shows to run smoothly.
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Whether you like your split screen, (or any other
Volkswagen come to think about it)
looking and riding at stock height, or slammed
with the RAT look, you'll be sure to find it at this
great one day show.

The slammed RAT look 15 window bus caught
my eye as it looked pretty cool. It looks like it
has a narrowed front beam as the front wheels
are tucked right under the cab.

The interior was also stock looking with a hint
of the RAT look about it.

The faded paint was probably the original paint
and was showing just the right amount of patina.
You can see just how low this old bus really was
and how narrow that front beam was from this 


The interior was pretty bare, which meant you
could see how solid the body panels really were

even if they did have a light coat of surface rust.

On the other end of the looks scale was this
stunning green over white (or maybe it was a very
light green?) split screen. This bus was totally

The paint was flawless and in this photo the
bottom colour looks like it has a green hint.. This
really was a lovely bus.

On the tailgate this old bus had some super cool
pinstriping in dark green to match the top half of
the body. 

Inside the bus it still had the original interior with
re-upholstered side cards and cushions.

This lovely white over deep red 1966 type 1 is
an American import (like my microbus) and
when it left the factory in Hanover it had a
Westfalia camper conversion. The bus has been
named 'ruby' for obvious reasons.!

Ruby was in good company at the show with
plenty of other type 1 split screens on display.

Inside Ruby, the Westfalia SO42 interior has
been restored to a very high standard.

Regular readers will know that I like panel vans,
and this early sign written split screen ticked all
the right boxes. The colour, the patina on the roof,
the sign written sides 
and the general look made 
this old panel van stand out.

This gorgeous 1967 split was lovely. I did like the
yellow head light lenses that contrasted the off
white body colour. The standard wheels and the
twin roof racks added to the overall look.

The interior was just as nice as the outside. I'm
not sure what conversion this is, but it looked to
be complete and in amazing condition. The sun
canopy looked fantastic.

Another white '67 split screen with yellow head
light lenses, but that is where the similarity stops.
This cool RAT look bus has been seriously hit
with the lowering stick. The narrowed front beam
added to the low look. The huge full length roof
rack with the side ladder looked great and must 

come in handy.

You can see just how low this RAT look '67 really
is from this photo. You can also see the patina
that was all over this cool bus.

There were numerous catering vendors at the
show to cater for most tastes including this cool
late bay panel van that was converted into a 

mobile bar serving ice cold beer!.

Talking of bay window buses, there were several
rows of 'bays' of all descriptions and years.

This photo shows the diversity of Volkswagens
at the Endless Summer show. The reflection in
the yellow late bay give a perfect reflection of
back of the split screen.

This lovely 1971 Dormobile was stunning. The
blue and white colour scheme suited the look 
of this bus perfectly. The matching white Empi
5 spoke wheels matched the canvas of the pop
top, and bumpers perfectly.

This lovely 1971 Adventurewagon late bay was 
parked up behind me, so I just had to get some 
photos. I do like these high top buses, that have 
so much more room than the tin top.

You can see just how much more room you have
in a high top compared to my tin top. A few years
ago these high top buses were not very popular
but they are becoming sought after now, personally
I love them especially when they are this clean.

The Endless Summer show is a very relaxed one
day show, and if the sun shines it's perfect for
just chilling out with your friends.

I spotted this lovely light blue and white late bay
enter the show towing this fantastic looking highly
polished trailer. It reminded me of an old U.S.
Airstream trailer so I just had to go and have a look.

The interior was amazing and finished to a very
high standard that looked so comfortable.

You can see the size of this compact yet very
stylish trailer. It is made by a U.K. company
called 'Rocket'

The weather was glorious, the venue was perfect
and the hundreds upon hundreds of Volkswagens
that attended this show were amazing.

This 1969 early bay finished in what looks like
Kansas beige (?) looked like a nice straight and
solid bus. The narrowed front beam looked cool
as did the full length roof rack.

The variety and quality of the vehicles that came
to this show was amazing. There really is some-
thing for everyone at this great show.

This red 1970, possibly a Westy, looked great
riding at what looks like stock height. This bus
looked to be pretty much original and very solid.

This stunning Sage green (I think) and white
late bay was immaculate. The perfectly straight
body was covered in a flawless coat of paint
as the reflections show.

This lovely bay was riding at stock height which
is becoming popular now. This bus really was
so clean and almost like new.

This '67 Savanna beige early bay looked nice.
The slightly lowered stance with those cool 

Cosmic wheels helped this old bus stand out.

You can see just how clean and straight this old
'67 really was from this photo. 

So that was part 2 of 4 reviews about the Endless
Summer VW show. Next week will be part 3 where
you can see plenty more bugs and buses and a
few Karmann Ghia's, a few beach buggies and
even a type 3 Notchback so be sure to come back
next Saturday.

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