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Brighton Breeze 2017 (part 4 of 4)

This weeks blog review is the fourth and final instalment all about the Brighton Breeze which was held on Saturday 7th October 2017 on Maderia Drive in coastal town of Brighton. The Brighton Breeze show is organised by the S.S.V.C. (The Split Screen Van Club) which founded in 1983 by a group of guy's who loved the split screen bus. The main purpose of the club was to preserve the pre '67 Volkswagen split screen and all the expertise needed to maintain and restore them and keep them on the road. The S.S.V.C. attend many shows throughout the year, and each year they put on their own show, called The Brighton Breeze. The show is held in the same location every year, along Maderia Drive in Brighton, West Sussex on the south coast of England. Maderia Drive runs East / West from Brighton Pier to Black Rock and is only a stones throw from Brighton's infamous South facing pebble beach. Brighton Breeze is normally held on the first Saturday of October, and this is a show I have attended for many years. Being a south facing beach, if the weather is good, it is really good, however if the weather is bad, then you really are in trouble. Over the years I have experienced 70 degree heat with blazing sunshine (including getting sun burnt) to storm conditions with high winds and almost horizontal rain with freezing temperatures and as it's held in October this shows success really is in the hands of the weather. This year's forecast wasn't good with heavy rain forecast all day but that didn't put me off, as I had arranged to meet up with the Wolfsburg Bus Crew (WBC) at Pease Pottage services, (which is about halfway to Brighton for me) for a club convoy down to the show. The forecast wasn't good but how bad could the weather be!? So early on the Saturday morning I jumped in my 1969 microbus and set off for the southbound services on the A23, but the closer I got to the services the heavier the rain was coming down. The blog continues as I wander along Maderia Drive looking at all the fantastic vehicles.
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The weather was grey and overcast but along the
seafront the hundreds upon hundreds of colourful
campervans brightened up the day.

Oi, Oi, here is a bus I recognise it belongs to a
Facebook friend of mine Simon, who is part of the 
Herts VW Club. Simon's '79 import has been
converted to RHD and in the 4 years Simon has
owned his bus, virtually every panel has been
replaced and also had a recent respray. The Breeze
isn't kind to Simon as for two years running he has
had to be taken home on the back of a recovery
truck, this year due to a smashed windscreen. But
I guarantee he'll be back at the Breeze next year!

Another Herts VW Club member, and Facebook
friend of mine Robert was also at the the Breeze
in his 1983 high riding T25.

Robert's T25 parked alongside another Herts
VW Club members two tone brown T25 belonging
to Carlo.

The Herts VW Club at Brighton Breeze 2017.
The Herts VW club always attend this show and 
often offer their services to marshall at the event.
Photo courtesy of Simon.

The Brighton Breeze is organised by the Split
Screen Van Club, and as you would expect there
were hundreds of split screen buses that attended.

This immaculate lowered cherry red 1965 split
screen looked amazing. It was so clean and
straight. I did like the Porsche 356 headlight
grilles that suited the overall clean sleek look.

This lovely Jurgens Autovilla is quite a rare sight.
Built by Jurgens a South African company, have
been producing the Autovilla a coach built camper 
since 1973.

Only about 1000 of these type 2 conversions were
made by South Africa's largest manufacturer of

caravans. The Autovilla is an aluminium framed
and clad unit.

The Jurgens is often mistaken for the Karmann
Mobil, which is very similar in design. In fact the
Karmann was produced under licence from
Jurgens so it's no surprise they are very similar.

A couple more split screen buses. I did like the
two tone black and deep purple colour scheme
on the '65.

So many split screen buses, yet everyone was
different, which made for a great display.

The same applies to all hundreds of T25's that
were parked up on Brighton seafront.

Wolfsburg Bus Crew member Davyd striking a
pose with his ultra cool 2.5 Subaru powered
1991 slammed T25.

A better look at Davyd's ride. This bus sits so low
thanks to a remote Ryvern Hydraulic set up. This
really is one seriously cool bus.

Robin is also a WBC member and owns this
awesome imported '65 walkthrough split screen
panel van. The bus has an IRS and 1600cc TP
motor. The wheels are Porsche 356 replicas with
original Porsche hub caps.

It may have been cold and wet, but when there
are classic Volkswagen buses everywhere you
look, the weather doesn't really matter.

A trio of colourful late bays, again each one was
different. It was great to see so much diversity
in just one type of vehicle.

This cool looking RAT look single cab slowly
cruised past as I wandered along Maderia Drive.

This cool 1974 bay caught my eye, I love those
retro stripes and the Cosmic wheels. The stance
was just right and the yellow headlight lenses with
the twin yellow spot lights were neat additions.

You can see just how clean and straight this bus
really is from this photo. I liked the way the retro
stripes were added diagonally across the engine

This clean 1972 beetle had a Herbie replica
paint scheme which looked good.

It must be fun driving around in this bug as I bet
it gets plenty of attention wherever it goes.

This gorgeous ivory 1965 11 window split screen
bus was stunning. This bus had a stock look to
it which always looks good.

Everything about this bus looked just right. The
ride height, the white painted towel rail bumpers,
and the matching stock wheels, everything.

Another stock looking bus was this very original
double cab split screen pick up.  Judging by that
rear side window this bus looks to be a coach-
built bus by the German company Binz.

The Binz company took a single cab pick up,
and added an extra passenger cabin of their own
design. These Binz conversions are quite rare.

This cool looking 1964 split cruised slowly past
looking for somewhere to park.

Looking down on my 1969 microbus, a sight that
I very rarely see! I was parked up in the WBC line
up along the sea front with Robin's cool '65 panel
van next parked to me.

Looking East along the sea front, most of the
vehicles in this photo are WBC vehicles. The

Breeze line up goes on for about a mile into
the distance.

And looking West, again a lot of these vehicles
are Wolfsburg Bus Crew members. You can see
just how busy it is at the Breeze!

Another photo of my microbus, but this time with
Brighton's famous Pier and the English Channel

 in the background.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Volkswagens lined
the entire length of Maderia Drive. The line up
went right up to the buildings in the distance.

I've not seen any official figures as to how many
vehicles attended this year, but it didn't seem to
me to have been as busy as previous years, but
maybe that's just me..?

All these buses, or most of them are WBC
buses. I've spotted my old mate CJ in the centre
of the photo (wearing his shorts!) 
on his phone yet 
again!! He hasn't seen me yet taking a sneaky 
photo of him....

..Oh wait, he's just spotted me!! That's not a very
nice gesture CJ.. !!

The Wolfsburg Bus Crew at Brighton, or some
of them anyway.

Looking towards Brighton's Pier and the English
Channel. It's early October and the sea looks a
bit choppy to say the least!

There have been years when the beach is packed
with sunbathers and the temperature is in the high
70's (F), but unfortunately not this year.

It didn't matter that it was cold and raining, as
everywhere you looked there were cool buses
and bugs parked up.

More Facebook friends of mine, Matthew and
Julie were at the show in their slammed '72 bay.

Matthew's Savannah Beige crossover bus has
a 1641cc engine and rides on French Slammer
narrowed front beam and adjustable spring plates
on the rear.

Matthew's bus has a home built interior with a
pair of Porsche tombstone seats up front. You
may recognise this bus as it was featured in an
advert for Sainsbury's a few years ago.

Matthew's bay window bus parked up with lots
of other bay window buses. 

Ooh yes please! This gorgeous 1957 split was
just about perfect. I liked everything about this
lovely bus. The gold on the Empi 5 spoke wheels
against the blue of the body was a perfect choice.

This is what I mean about maybe not as busy as
previous years... a few years ago there would not
have been spaces like this on Maderia Drive.
Maybe it was the bad weather forecast that put a
few people off?

This 1964 Devon (I think) had an unusual paint
colour, but it worked so well and looked really
good. The white wheels and bumpers break up
the lilac colour.

A better look at this lovey bus. This really was a
lovely clean and straight bus, and that lilac colour
really helped it to stand out.

This is how I like to see buses, totally stock. This
1964 11 window bus looked to be 100% original
and even the paint looked original. 

On the way home after a fantastic day, the A23
northbound, which is normally a boring road to
drive was made much better by lot's of VW's
of all descriptions heading home.

Rich sent me this great photo of the Wolfsburg
Bus Crew (or some of us anyway) making our
way onto Maderia Drive. Robin's 1965 walk-though
panel van in the foreground, with my 1969 micro-
bus just in front of Robin. 

This handsome man is my good buddy Rich 
Coxhill with his '72 bay window bus. Rich is the 
main man behind the  'Wolfsburg Bus Crew' VW 
club. The 'WBC' is a great club to be part of, so if 
you haven't already, why not join us? Just follow this
 link to their Facebook page. (you may need to copy 
and paste the link)

Thanks to Chris for sending this photo to me of
just a few of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew's buses on
Brighton seafront. Chris's bus is the orange beauty
on the right of the photo.

So that was my 4 part review all about the annual
Brighton Breeze VW show 2017. Next weeks blog
review is a 3 part review about the Slough Swap-
meet 2017. The Slough Swapmeet is probably
the last show of the year and it always attracts
plenty of air cooled vehicles before they get put
away for the winter, so be sure to come back
next Saturday.

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  1. The stock Red/white 1964 split you like is mine! :) Glad you like it. This is my site to follow my adventures in and with it…