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Slough Swapmeet 2017 (part 3 of 3)

This weeks blog review is part 3 of a 3 part review all about the Slough Swapmeet 2017, which last year was held on Sunday 5th November at the Montem Leisure Centre, Montem Lane in Slough in Buckinghamshire. SL1 2QG. This annual event is organised by Vince and Robin, and it's a great place to pick up some air-cooled bargains. The Slough Swapmeet is held inside the sports hall and is a table top sale / auto jumble that caters for primarily the air cooled Volkswagen's, although water cooled VW's are more than welcome as is anything German including old Porsche's. Being one of the last events of the season it's a great place to socialise with old friends, and even make new friends. The Slough Swapmeet has been going for at least 10 years and I have been attending this event for the past 6 years. The organisers present trophies for the 'King of the car park', which is for the best vehicles parked up in the leisure centre car park. The venue for the swapmeet is only 51 miles from my hometown so it was a great chance to get out in my early bay one last time as this is the last show / event of the VW calendar for the year. Even though the weather forecast was for dry sunny weather, don't let the photos fool you, it was still bitterly cold with the temperature hovering around freezing all day but then it was November in the U.K.! I had arranged to meet my good mate Matthew at Beaconsfield  services just off the M40 for a short cruise down to Slough and the swapmeet where we had also arranged to meet and park up with the Wolfsburg Bus Crew. The blog continues as I wander around the show car park.
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My mate 'Derik' came along in his awesome
RAT look 1970 early bay. This bus has a very
nice 2054cc motor. 

Derik's bus also has a hand painted 'Flat Four'
logo on the doors and tailgate. 'Flat Four' are
the people to go for quality custom clothing. If you

don't believe me check out their web page here:

I loved the paint scheme on this 1964 black and
turquoise Karmann Ghia.

Two early sixties bugs, but so different in looks.

The late 1950's / early 60's silver bug looked
sleek in its all silver paint. The chrome head light
peaks and the KOSH style horn grilles added to
the overall smooth look.

This bright red 1965 bug had the U.S style front
bumper and the Porsche head light grilles which
gave this bug a completely different look.

If you like the patina look, then you'll love this
early split screen panel van. The whole body was
covered in a surface rust. 

The winter sun sits low in the sky and makes
taking photos tricky... that's my excuse for this
poor quality photo !

Another vehicle with the patina look was this
slammed early split oval bug. The body had just
the right amount of patina and that super narrow
front beam added to its cool look.

I haven't learnt about taking photos facing the
sun... anyway you can just about make out how
narrow that front beam was from this angle.

This blue oval window bug also had just the
right amount of patina, but it also had some shiny
paint.. look at that reflection in the door! This
bug had also been slammed in the weeds and
also had a super narrow front beam.

You can see just how low this oval window was
from this photo.

The leisure centre car park was crammed full
of air cooled vehicles of all descriptions.

This 1966 beetle looked cool with its lowered
stance and those chrome wheels with the domed

A great assortment of both air cooled and water
cooled Volkswagens in the swapmeet car park.

The car park does get busy and it's normally a
case of park wherever you can. The guys were
parked up on the exit road.

This oval window body shell was for sale, it was
pretty rough and needed a lot of TLC, but if you
had the time and the know how, this could have
been a good project. 

The main body seemed to be good enough, I
didn't find out how much this was up for sale for
but I assume it was priced to sell.

You really do have to park wherever you can and
this slammed KG has done just that! I wouldn't
have thought anyone would mind though as this
is one seriously cool car.

An unmolested KG still with its original paint.

Going from an original KG to this amazing fully
custom 1971 wild blueberry candy pearl painted
beetle. This car was a feature car at Volksworld

Again apologies for the poor quality photos, but
this bug had suicide doors with hidden openers,
and a sideways opening deck lid.

The front hinged bonnet was unusual but looked
good. The car is powered by a type 3 1679cc
motor. This bug was up for sale for £4995.

 A stunning KG cabriolet  parked up at the Slough
Swapmeet. I have only just realised that this
lovely cabriolet is parked next to the WBC club
line up.

The gorgeous white cabriolet was parked in
front of Joe's immaculate 1971 microbus and
behind Luke's 1975 baby blue and white bus.

The Swap meet car park is more like a VW show
with top quality air cooled and water cooled cars
and buses everywhere.

Yes please!! This immaculate 1989 light grey
Doka was gorgeous. The light grey of the body
against the black trim looked fantastic.

You can see just how clean and straight this
Doka really is from this photo. I did like the chrome
roll bar and grab handles down the sides.

 Looking at just a handful of WBC members 
buses from the rear. Dave who owns the slammed
red '57 panel van would have parked closer to the
kerb but there a piece of rubbish on the ground 
and as Dave's bus is so low the bus couldn't get
 over it !! (only joking Dave!)

This beautiful Type 14A (Hebmuller) is quite rare
 as only around 700 being produced from 1949 - 
1953. They were actually built  by Hebmuller and
Sohn for Volkswagen. 

The Type 14A was basically a type1 beetle, using
the same floor pan, brakes and engine.

The main difference is that on a 'Heb' the deck
lid and truck were of similar size as can be seen

You can spot a Hebmuller from a mile away with
that gorgeous rear end.

The owner is part of the Hebmuller Registry that
has 157 registered  type 12A's. 

You can see the beetle heritage from inside the

A bit more modern was this lovely type 3 fast-
back. The type 3 came in 3 variants, including
the square back, and the notchback.

I do like the type 3's, (which were produced from
1961 - 1973) especially when they are this clean.

This lovely 1964 beetle has appeared many times
of my blog, and it's easy to see why. This really
is a lovely car.

This slammed 1966 dark green beetle was
gorgeous. This car had so much detailing from
the lowered stance to those beautiful wheels.

The body was perfectly straight and the paint
had been applied flawlessly. The chrome Porsche
headlight grilles and the chrome bumpers were
in contrast with the green colour and looked great.

This 1967 lowered bug caught my eye, not only
because of the Jack Daniels logo on the doors,
but also because of the slammed stance, that
narrow front end and the colour.

The owner of this fantastic looking 1969 beach
buggy should have received some sort of award
for coming along to the swapmeet in a buggy in
November where the temperature hovered around
freezing all day.

This was a really cool looking buggy. I'm not sure
what type of body shell this has but I did like it.

This lovely high riding T25 syncro left early so I 
just had to get another photo of it. I really do have
a liking for these syncro's.

The variety of quality air cooled vehicles at the
swapmeet was immense. 

Just me trying to be artistic...!

If you like your vehicles with patina then you'll
love this oval window.

This really was a lovely looking car. The patina
was across the whole roof and on the wing tops
and looked great, as did those original wheel
trims and the white wall tyres.

The variety of air cooled vehicles parked up at
the swap meet was amazing.

An awesome sight leaving the leisure centre car

I took this cheeky photo of Matthew as we sat at
some traffic lights. 

Matthew's SO42 Westfalia looks good in this
action shot. This is around where Matthew and
I went our separate ways on the way home as

Matthew off onto the M40.

So that was my 3 part review about the Slough
Swapmeet. Once again it was a great day out.
Thanks to Matthew for meeting me for the short
cruise down to the show. Thanks to Rich from the
Wolfsburg Bus Crew for organising club parking
and all the WBC members that attended the show
to create an impressive club line up. Next weeks
blog review is all about the Campermart Show
2018 where you can see plenty of quality bugs
and buses including the only remaining coca-
cola barndoor bus, so be sure to come back
next Saturday.

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