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Dubfreeze 2018 (part 2 of 2)

This weeks blog is the second instalment of a two part review all about the 30th annual 'Dub Freeze' VW Show that was held at Bingley Hall, County Show ground, Weston Road in Stafford ST18 9DB over the weekend of 16th -18th February 2018. The showground was open from 3pm on the Saturday for the hardy campers with plenty of space assured. The on site bar was also open on the Saturday night. Sunday was the main show day with the gates opening at 08.00am. The main show was held inside Bingley Hall with over 100 traders selling all sorts of VW related items. Also in the hall were numerous vehicles on display, there were plenty of food and drink vendors on the site to cater for most tastes and clean toilets. However for me the main attraction was the hundreds upon hundreds of both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's parked within the grounds of Bingley Hall. I have been to this show several times now and have really enjoyed it, so I decided to go again this year. Bingley Hall is about a 220 mile return journey from my hometown so I decided to shoot up there in my more economical and quicker camouflaged T4, rather than take my slower 1969 microbus. The show opened quite early, but I didn't get there until about 10.30am by which time the car park at Bingley Hall was full so I had to park in the overflow car park with hundreds of other Volkswagen's. The main show is located inside the hall, where numerous traders and the main show and shine takes place, in addition to this there are plenty of places to get some food and drinks. Outside the grounds of Bingley Hall provide a massive outdoor show and shine area with vehicles of all descriptions on display. The blog continues as I wander around outside the hall looking at all the amazing Volkswagens.
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This lovely low 1973 white over blue late bay
looked great parked up at the show. This really
was a lovely clean bus.

This really was a lovely clean bus and the lack of
front badge along with the two tone colour choice
gave the bus a real sleek look.

The black BRM wheels were the perfect choice
to compliment the overall look.

This stunning 1967 beetle caught my eye with
its lovely two tone green and cream paint job
and those standard wheels with the white wall

I did like the look of this bug, the single bumper
mounted yellow spot light and the chrome head
light peaks along with that retro roof rack made
this bug stand out.

The bug had been lowered down to the bump
stops and the all red tail light lenses looked
great against the green.

Another stunning vehicle was this light blue 1969
deluxe early bay. This bus looked pretty much
stock including the ride height which always suits
an early bay.

Another 1967 beetle was this amazing bright
red Karmann Cabriolet. The nose down stance
with those polished Porsche wheels looked great. 

You can see just how straight this old Karmann
was from this photo. The narrowed front beam
tucks the front wheels under the arches just

The Karmann Convertible is such a pretty car,
that will never go out of fashion. 

This lovely clean cream and blue 1972 late bay
was one of the many vehicles for sale at the show.
It had a standard 1600cc twin port engine with a
re trimmed interior.

The bus had many new parts including: brakes,
clutch, exhaust, fuel tank, tyres and so much
more. The bus was priced at £11,995 ono.
($17,100 approx)

This 1978 T25 single cab pick up is a Swedish
import that has been restored. The enzian blue
paint looked great as did the truck in general.

This lovely pick up had the type 4, 2.0 litre fuel
injection engine and running on standard wheels.
This lovely looking pick up was up for sale for
the reasonable price of £8995 ($13000 approx)

This gorgeous 1964 was another vehicle that
was for sale. This bus had had so much work
carried out on it that there was to much to list,
but some of the mods included: 4" narrowed
beam with drop spindles, CSP front disc
brake conversion and a full respray. The price
for this bus was £32,000 ono ($45,500 approx)

Team white at Dubfreeze. 

This lovely cream and white 11 window split
screen bus was slowly cruising towards the
exit and it looked great.

It's time for a bit of colour after the above mono-
chrome pictures and it doesn't get much brighter
than this pair of awesome late bays.

This early RAT look split screen panel van just
drove off  before I could get some decent photos
of it, shame as I would have liked to have a decent
look at this van.

This lovely light blue 1969 fastback caught my
eye as it was so clean. I do like these type 3's
and although they were produced from 1961-
1973 there are very few of these around.

You can see why these were called the fastback,
the car looks as though its going 100 MPH even
when standing still. 

The really is a stunning example of the fastback.
This was the TLE model which I believe had the
fuel injection engine with electronic ignition.

A lovely black 1966 beetle and a lovely 1970
earl bay parked up together. 

The '66 really was a lovely looking stock car, the
old skool rear light mounted to the bumper was
a nice addition as was the cool roof rack.

The '70 early bay looked to be an import, and a
very clean one at that. The all red tail light lenses
and the roof rack helped to make this bay stand

This cool 1966 white over blue 11 window split
had a bit of a RAT look going on with it's faded

The lowered stance with those lovely polished
Radar wheels looked great together. This bus
had a few knocks and scrapes but that just added
to it's charm.

Walking back to my bus after the show I spotted
this cool looking 1989 T25 woody! The name of
the game is to be different and this lovely bus
was certainly that.

I loved the wood effect on this bus, it reminded
me of a 'Woody' hot rod.

To be honest I don't know if this was a factory
option, or whether the owner has added this to
his bus himself, but either way it was cool.

This awesome bug was in the main show hall,
but I missed it.. must have been because it was
so low!! Anyway thanks to my mate Joe for the 
photos of this ultra cool Volksrod.

The interior was sparse to say the least, but how
cool does it look?

Another vehicle that I missed, but Joe didn't was
this gorgeous early sign written split screen 
panel van. I do like a nice panel van and this one
ticked all the right boxes.

So that was the review on the Dubfreeze show
2018. Overall another great day out with plenty
of amazing vehicles. Next weeks blog review is
all about Milton Keynes division of the Wolfsburg 
Bus Crew's 1st VW meet. All the vehicles are
WBC members and what an amazing collection
of vehicles there was! Make sure you come back
next Saturday to see and read all about this event.

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