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Wolfsburg Bus Crew, Milton Keynes division 1st meet up (part 1 of 2)

This weeks blog review is a two part review all about the 'Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas' division of the 'Wolfsburg Bus Crew's first meet up. The Wolfsburg Bus Crew (WBC) is a Volkswagen club based in London with over 700 members from all over the world. The club was started a few years ago by Rich Coxhill for people in his local area of West London for owners of split screen, bay window and T25 buses. Today the WBC has two divisions of the London based main club, these are the Midlands division and the Milton Keynes & Surrounding Area' division. As I live quite central to both London and Milton Keynes I'm lucky enough to be able to attend both the London and M.K. meets. All divisions of the WBC usually have a line up of vehicles at all the major shows throughout the U.K. including Volksworld, Stanford Hall, Stonor Park and many more, and they also organise cruises to various shows throughout the season. Ken and James volunteered to run the M.K. division and organise the meets, camping and cruises. The first event Ken and James arranged was a casual meet up that was held at Jacks Hill Cafe, near Towcester in Northamptonshire on Sunday 11th March 2018. The forecast wasn't brilliant, with the risk of showers but the number of buses that turned up was very impressive, especially for the first ever meet up. (as you'll see below) If you want to join the WBC, you can follow the link here. (you may need to copy and paste)  I think you can also find them on Instagram, but as I don't have instagram I cant tell you how !! So the least you could do is check out the face book page. 
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This lovely Ratty 11 window bus belongs to Ken, 
who along with James organised this meet.
Ken's bus nicknamed the church bus as it used
to ferry people to the church in a previous life in

This really is a RAT looking bus that looks great,
the low stance is thanks to a 'Rustbox' 4.5" beam
and Ken describes his cool ride as 'Low and slow'.

The owner of this lovely beast is Graham. The '67
split screen panel van is running a 3.2 Porsche
Carrera motor with a 5 speed gearbox. The rear
beam is also from a Porsche. 

To help stop this van it has Porsche 911 discs on
all four corners and twin 8" remote servo dual
circuit brakes.The engine pushes out around
230 BHP and I can confirm it sounds awesome.

The inside of Graham's bus is a little sparse, but
when you have a Porsche motor tucked under
the engine lid, it doesn't really matter!

A nice Stella Artois bottle opener on Graham's
van, I'm not sure why but I liked this !

Alistair owns this cool 1978 Westfalia that was
imported from California back in 2005. This is
Alistair's first Volkswagen and I think he's made
a good choice for his first bus.

The bus has had a back to metal respray, and
Alistair has a few minor modifications planned
that include lowering the bus a little and adding
some alloy wheels, but that is about it.

This 1958 LHD ex- Swiss Army radio bus is the
pride and joy of James and has featured many
times on my blog, and it's easy to see why. The
bus had a bare metal respray about 5 years ago,
and it was painted in that lovely anniversary Ducati
red paint, with hand painted Ducati decals on
 the doors.

This bus is not all show and no go, it has a big
1776cc engine with electronic ignition, external
oil filter, deep sump and genuine Webber 44
carbs. It also has Porsche 944 disc brakes at
each corner.

The bespoke leather interior features a rock and
roll bed, cupboard storage, full electrics and a
microfibre headliner.

This lovely 1978 Westfalia Champagne edition is
owned by Rob. The lowered stance is thanks to
a 'French Slammer' beam with adjustable spring

Those lovely wheels, which suit the bus so well
are 17" Zender Stars. The motor is a pretty much
stock 2.0 litre with twin Webber carbs and a 123

A close up of Rob's Zender Star wheels, these
really are nice wheels that suited Rob's Westy.

I'm not sure who this character was that was stuck
to Rob's side window but it caught my eye!

Julie's lovely 1978 Sage green (I think) Westfalia 
Berlin was super clean. Julie has had the bus for 
about a year after seeing it at the Volksworld show. 
The bus is a U.S. import with a 2 litre type 4 engine
and an automatic gearbox.

Future plans for the bus include replacing the
heat exchangers and maybe upgrading the old
U.S. electrics. Julie and her partner use the bus
for camping as much as possible and as Julie
says, 'there's nothing better than finding a site,
having a bottle of prosecco and just relaxing, its
my idea of heaven', I totally agree Julie !

My 1969 velvet green microbus all washed and
polished. I recently refurbished my 3 bow roof-
rack, as I don't have a lot of room to store it, I
keep it on the bus all year round.

I am so glad I chose the velvet green colour as I
think it suits the bus. The deluxe trim is a newish
addition from Just Kampers which just breaks
up the green nicely.

Robin wanted a walk through van and bought
this 1965 van off E-bay without seeing it, and 

although it needed more work than Robin wanted 
he was happy as it was so original and even 
had a full set of 5 wheels!

The bus had the standard usual lower repairs
and then was stripped and painted and detailed
with the 'Brumos Racing' decals. The van has an
adjustable beam, drop spindles, beetle IRS and
box with a 1600cc twin port engine. 

(from left to right) Julie's 1978 Westfalia Berlin,
my 1969 microbus and Robin's 1965 walk-
through split screen van.

(from left to right) Ken's 1964 Split, Graham's
1967 panel van, Alistair's 1978 Westfalia, Jame's
1958 ex Army split and Rob's 1978 Westfalia
Champagne bay.

The 'Duke' does have a Champagne lifestyle !

(from left to right) Ken's 1964 11 window split,
Graham's Porsche powered panel van and
Alistair's 1978 Westy.

This very sorry looking bus with its dull faded
paint was probably my favourite bus at the meet.
The bus was riding nice and high, and talking to
the buses owner, David, he was saying its going
to raised a little more with big off road tyres in the
near future. 

The reason for the height increase is that David 
is planning a short European trip followed by a
trip into the Artic circle and wild camping in Sweden
and Norway where he is going to need some
extra ground clearance and grip on those snowy

uneven Scandinavian forest roads.

David paid just £6000 ($8500 approx) for this
bus that actually requires very little work. I did
ask if he was installing a heater for the Artic trip

but David was confident he wouldn't need one...
that would have been the first thing I would have
had installed! Anyway Good luck David, hope all
goes well with your trip.

This stunning 1967 finished in titan red and pearl
white belongs to Brett who has owned this lovely
bus since 1997, although it didn't look anywhere
as nice as this when he acquired it. It used to be
blue with polished Empi 5 spoke wheels. The bus
underwent a full restoration between 2013 / 2016.

The refurbished interior is a bespoke Devon style
set up and finished to the highest standard.

The engine is a 1600cc unit with twin Webber
34 carbs and mated to a Vintage Speed exhaust.
It has a Red9 front suspension (something I'm
thinking about for my bus) and an IRS. The wheels
are original Porsche Fuchs items.

So that was part one of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew's
1st meet up at Jacks Hill Cafe. Next week will be
the second instalment where you can see more
bay window and split screen buses a T25 Komet
and not forgetting 'Archie' the biggest and cutest
puppy so don't forget to come back next Saturday.

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