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Wolfsburg Bus Crew, Milton Keynes division 1st meet up (part 2 of 2)

This weeks blog review is the second instalment of a two part review all about the 'Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas' division of the 'Wolfsburg Bus Crew's first meet up. The Wolfsburg Bus Crew (WBC) is a Volkswagen club based in London with over 700 members from all over the world. The club was started a few years ago by Rich Coxhill for people in his local area of West London for owners of split screen, bay window and T25 buses. Today the WBC has two divisions of the London based main club, these are the Midlands division and the Milton Keynes & Surrounding Area' division. As I live quite central to both London and Milton Keynes I'm lucky enough to be able to attend both the London and M.K. meets. All divisions of the WBC usually have a line up of vehicles at all the major shows throughout the U.K. including Volksworld, Stanford Hall, Stonor Park and many more, and they also organise cruises to various shows throughout the season. Ken and James volunteered to run the M.K. division and organise the meets, camping and cruises. The first event Ken and James arranged was a casual meet up that was held at Jacks Hill Cafe, near Towcester in Northamptonshire on Sunday 11th March 2018. The forecast wasn't brilliant, with the risk of showers but the number of buses that turned up was very impressive, especially for the first ever meet up. (as you'll see below) If you want to join the WBC, you can follow the link here. (you may need to copy and paste)  I think you can also find them on Instagram, but as I don't have instagram I cant tell you how !! So the least you could do is check out the face book page. 
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Nichola and Spencer own this stunning 1972 cross-
over Danbury poptop. Both Nicola and Spencer
have always been into beetles but always wanted
a camper and last year after lots of searching they
found Molly Mabel.

Just before Nichola and Spencer bought the bus
it had a full restoration with stage by stage photos.
At the moment Molly Mabel has a 1500 single port
engine, which they say seems slow compared to
their 1600cc twin port powered beetle. Both Nicola
and Spencer love the bus and find any excuse to
get out in Molly, even if it's just a trip to the shops.

Jack's Hill Cafe is a bikers cafe, and I spotted
this motorised bicycle parked up outside. I'm not
sure if this was factory built or something that is
homemade, but I quite liked it.

This lovely clean 1974 late bay Westfalia belongs
to Matt, who I didn't realise only lives about 10
miles from my hometown. Matt's Westy rides at
stock height, which always suits a bay window.

Matt has christened his white over baby blue bus
'Humfrey', so he's a masculine bus. He's pushed
along by a 1700cc type 4 engine.

Humfrey's interior looked to be all there and in
really good condition.

I didn't find out much about this blue 1969 / 70
early bay but I did like it. The super straight body
was finished in that unusual shade of blue paint.

The stock ride height was refreshing after all the
lowered and slammed buses, and something I'm
thinking about doing to my microbus. The deluxe
trim breaks up that blue paint nicely. 

This very distinctive 1978 Devon Moonraker is
the pride and joy of Mark who has owned the
bus since 1998. Mark has christened his bus
'Velma' who he says is just evolving.

Velma started life with a standard white over
orange colour scheme, but over the years with
light restoration work and minor accident damage
repair work the bus has evolved with this cool multi
coloured paint scheme.

Mark has added many extras and fabricated lots
of other items. The interior has the original Moon-
raker cooker, sink and cupboard, and Mark has
re-upholstered the seats. The engine is now a
2.0 litre unit with a single carb, after the original
1.8 litre type 4 twin carb motor blew up.

Part of the WBC line up at Jack's Hill Cafe, the
variety of buses at the meet was amazing.

A nice reflection of Robin's walk through split
screen van in the rear panel of Nicola and
Spencer's 1972 Danbury.

My 1969 microbus surrounded by quality buses
from the Wolfsburg Bus Crew. (it's a shame that

motorcycle was in the way!)

I think the owner of this 1971 white over early bay
wasn't actually a WBC member, but just happened
to come to the cafe on the same day. I did have a
chat to the owner and his brother but as the meet
was nearly a month ago, I've forgotten most of
what he said!

I do remember that the owner currently lives in
the bus full time due to circumstances beyond his
control and that he wants to make a few changes
to his newly acquired bus, like removing those
black side windows for a start.

This is Archie, the biggest and cutest puppy
you'll ever meet. Archie belongs to James and
his partner Andrea and after the excitement of
meeting all the WBC members he needed to
have a sleep in the back of James's  'Ducati'

ex Swiss Army split screen bus.

Aaron is the owner of this cool looking 1990
Autohomes Komet high top conversion that he
has owned since 2016. He actually bought the
bus the day before he attended 'Bug Jam 30'.

The bus is powered by the 1.7 diesel engine and
Aaron has covered many miles across many
countries in it so far, with more of both to come
in the near future.

I was chatting to James about nothing in particular
and he was saying that he was getting a reputation
for always cleaning the 'Duke'... as he polished
the safari screens on his bus...! 

Anyway all that cleaning and polishing must have
worked because James
 won  the members 
choice award for of best vehicle with his 1958 
Ducati split screen bus. Here James (on the
left) receives the trophy from Ken. Well done 
James, a very well deserved win. (thanks to Ken
and Nichola for this photo)

So that was my blog review all about the WBC
Milton Keynes division's 1st meet. Overall an
excellent day with some top quality buses, and
really friendly owners. A huge well done to both
Ken and James for organising the event, and
to all the WBC members who came along to
the venue to make the meet so successful.
Next weeks blog review is all about the
Volksworld show, which again saw plenty of
WBC vehicles on display. So be sure to
come back next Saturday.

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