Tuesday, 10 April 2012

M.O.T. for my bus...

It's that time of year again when the M.O.T. is due on my bus. I didn't think there would be much work required for it to pass, so the only thing I did before I went off to the M.O.T station was to fill the washer bottle with water and as the washers work off a vacuum system I used my trusty bicycle pump to pressurise the system to ensure they worked when required.

Here we go, it's always a nervous time while you wait especially as it was my first MOT with this bus, and only it's second since arriving in the UK.

John Docherty, the M.O.T tester from Elmhurst Service Station spent ages looking all around the bus, and what seemed like an eternity underneath with his torch. Although a lot of the local VW owners take their aircooled VW's to John, and because John knows so much about VW's I was beginning to get worried, and I found myself pacing up and down like an expectant father..!

After about 45 minutes John reversed her out of the garage and said the only thing he failed it on was the washers as they were not working...Doh!. He laughed when I told him that was the only thing I had checked... so I quickly pumped more air into the system and hey presto, the washers worked. He also said that "it was a pleasure doing that MOT because it's so solid" He said "you could take 2/3 normal cars, put them all together and they still wouldn't be as solid as this bus is underneath" which I have to say is a testament to House of Dub for importing such quality vehicles, Big thanks to Spike / Zoe at H.O.D Imports.

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  1. Yay Princess Fiona!! She's a good girl and I love her! xx