Thursday, 26 April 2012

April House of Dub monthly meeting

This month's House of Dub VW meet was quite a small affair due I think mainly to the great British weather, on account it has rained almost every day for 2 weeks, having said that it still a very enjoyable evening with exceptionally good company.
Old and new. My '69 bay with Marks new
shiny T5

Lovely looking T5 looks so big next to my bay,
how they have evolved eh?

As nice as the T5 is, I still prefer the curves
of my Bay

This silver T25 turned up, shame but I didn't
catch the owners name.

Variety is the spice of life...

Stuarts '67 Bug next to Zoe's lowered beetle.

Again, how things have changed...Zoe was
saying she has plans to lower the beetle even
more and remove the graphics then add the
deluxe trim from a bay..!

A pair of T4's in the car park

All are welcome at the H.O.D. meet
including this nice looking Golf from Dunstable,
(I think.)

When it's bad weather outside, head
inside for some good food with, Spike, Zoe,
Andrew, Stuart

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