Sunday, 6 May 2012

Beaconsfield Classic Car & Bike Show

Christian Peck from the Wolfsberg Weed Huggers VW club posted a message on Facebook about this show and asked if we wanted to join him. So I met Sean and Lisa and we set off to find out what this show was all about, and man am I glad I did. A cracking little show that will definitely be in the diary for next year.

Sean, Lisa and I were the first to arrive
at the agreed rendezvous point en-route to the
show to meet Christian and the others. Joe in his
blue bay was next to arrive, then the
guy who owned the Karmann Ghia.

This was the convoy we had from the
meeting point to the show.

Nice line up, with a good variety.

Blue flamed Anglia was looking good.

How many MK1 Mexico's do you see that
are this clean...

Immaculate, everywhere.

Interior was race orientated.

How much..!!!!

Vauxhall Victor as it left the factory in it's
original trim.

This early Chevy truck was so sweet

Yep, works for me.

1950's Chevy stepside pick up truck in matt
black 'n red.

Dodge Charger looked and sounded tough.

No mistaking the front of this classic.

Nice looking crew cab.

VW's keep arriving all day.

Ford Popular with a chevy motor, and a roof
chop.. sweet.

Brings back fond memories...

Mid 50's Ford pick up truck.

Not sure it's the original colour, but it still
looked good.

RS Mexico, very sought after now.

How shiny is this Prefect van..??

Big block chevy motor, narrowed rear,
and very bright paint.

This guy means business.
Interior was super cool.

OK it's a Trabant...

with a blown motor... !!!!!

So when was the last time you saw a Prefect
estate... Can't remember? No nor can I.

I think this was a Trident or something...

Air filter was as big as one of my bus wheels..!

Classic Capri, a blast from the past.

This chevy was so big, I think it had it's
own postcode!

Driving this on British roads must be a blast!

Another chevy that's as big as a house.

Nothing quite beats a bitchin '57 chevy.

Well, unless you've got a bitchin '55 chevy!

Mustang looked nice and original.

This bug belongs to Amanda Carter from the
Wolfsburg Weed Huggers crew who joined
us later in the day.

Had a lovely chat to Amanda who owned
it and her friend. It was very clean indeed.

The whole show on a football pitch, but it
seemed bigger.

This 3 piece band were playing rockabilly
type music through out the day, they
were brilliant.

'Pass the vomit bag, Parker', 'Yes m'lady'

Matt black Ford F100 pick up... Mmmm.

When my 5 numbers come up on the lottery,
this'll be what I'll be driving about in.

Steel bodied, 1932 Ford model 'B' Hi-boy with
an original 32 stud flat head V8, with a rare
Duvall windscreen, running on radial tyres
and drum brakes...

Perfection can be so simple.

Early Karmann was so clean and straight.

This belonged to Peter Reilly of the Wolfsberg
Weed Huggers, very nice.

Joe's bargain of the day.. a playboy badge. I'm not
saying nothing Joe!! (lol)

This lovely looking beetle belonged to someone
from the 'Lo'E'Nuf' vw crew.

I loved the old skool pin striping

Unusual headlights for a bug.. but I did
like them.

This 1928 /29 Model 'A' was pure hot rod.

Chevy motor with triple stromberg carbs,
whitewall tyres and jet black paint.

Just how a Model 'A' should be.

Bright yellow Ford Pop with a blown motor

I know first hand how much fum these
motors are.

I think this guy really likes his Ford Pop

But I think he really wanted a '34 Ford judging
by that rear bodywork shape.

Claude and Jean popped in to join us en-route
back from Vikki Farm, I think they really
enjoyed the show. Thanks for popping
in guy's, really good to see you both.

Claude's bus still looking good. Andy
also turned up to have a look at the show and
he also loved it.

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