Saturday, 12 May 2012

Vee Dub Club meet

I got to hear about this new VW meet by a friend of mine, James, who put a message on facebook saying he was going to check it out and would anyone like to join him. So Stuart and I gladly said we'd also go along. The Vee Dub Club is a brand new event and this being only the 2nd meet the attendance was promising. It is held in the 'H' Cafe, Dorchester on Thames, OX10 7LY on the 2nd Friday of each month. As the cafe is only about 45 Min's away, and as the route is country roads and very scenic I think I'll be attending this show again, and again. It is a pleasant way to spend a sunny Friday evening.

Stuart's '67 beetle and my bay waiting for James
in Thame Service Station

James and Helen arrived shortly after us.

James led the mini convoy to the cafe.

Sunny Friday evening on country roads with
scenic views, with some friends on the way
to a VW meet...after a rough week at
work, it's just what the doctor ordered.

For only the 2nd meet it was quite well attended.

Two lovely Karmann Ghia's.. a very similar
colour to my bus, except shiny!

A ratty notch back, it had a lot of details that
made this stand out.

A good selection of T4 / T5's were also
present. There were vehicles from 5
different clubs there, The T4 forum,
Aylesbury Low Life's, Ox Dubs and
The House of Dub and one that I have
forgotten!!! (sorry)

Three Beetles shining in the evening sunshine...
oh and my bus trying it's hardest to shine!!

James does like to show off his
rear end....!

The meet must have been good, and
the conversation with good friends
interesting because we were the last to leave.

Here's one for the diary, look very

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