Thursday, 31 May 2012

House of Dub monthly meet.

On the last Wednesday of each month the House of Dub hold their monthly VW meet at the Hare and Hounds in Ledburn.

The response from the local air-cooled
owners to Zoe's invitation to join them at
the H.o.D. club meet was quite poor.
Only Stuart and I went.
Stuart led the way in his '67 beetle via
Aylesbury town centre.
My view while waiting at the lights. Oh,
and for those who are wondering...
Stuart did beat the Audi off the lights.!
Zoe was there in her new beetle (with faded front end!!)
Mark's lovely T5. The colour is gorgeous
in real life, and the leather interior
 is truly scrumptious

Very nice.

The good thing about the H.o.D meets is,
there is always a good variety of VW's.

This was really nice from every angle.

I'm not sure why but this just looked right.

 I thought this had a 1.8 ltr motor, but
thanks to Tony the owner, who left me a
message saying it has a 
'hybrod passat / golf 2.0 gti engine'
so it's got the looks and the power. Cool eh?


Stuarts bug.

My bus, trying it's hardest to shine
in the evening sun.

It was a lovely summer evening to have
a pint and talk VW's with good friends.

Elliot arrived in his cherry red beetle,
looking good as usual.
(the bug not Elliot !!) Sorry mate lol.

Elliot's ariel topper... super cool!

Elliot's beetle and my bus.

Very clean Polo turned up. Love the
end can!

Michelle turned up, in her decorated T4,
so did this red beetle.
(didn't catch the owners name)

It was clean and straight.

Hey, it's nothing some Autosol won't fix.

Spike arrived in Sean & Lisa's bus having
just got a new M.O.T on it for them.

I don't think it needed too much work.

The crew, having some food, a drink
and good natter.

This jet black Golf arrived later in the

I really do hope this has hydraulic

Yes it does, front and rear. Must be good fun
sitting at the traffic lights!!

Do you remember the film Christine,
about the 1958 Plymouth Fury that
was possessed?

My bus looks kind of creepy in this light.


  1. nice pictures dave. my camper has a hybrod passat / golf 2.0 gti engine wish id put one in sooner

  2. Nice Entry, The Bus Doesnt look as Creepy as the Driver LOL!