Sunday, 20 May 2012

Emberton Park, Olney.

Due to the cancellation of recent VW shows due to bad weather, Big Bang and Dubs in the Park to mention just two, Zoe (from House of Dub) and I decided to arrange an impromptu gathering of VW's at Emberton Country Park in Olney, Bucks.

The meeting point in Tesco's car park, with Claude,
Myself and Sean waiting for James and
Helen to arrive. (thanks to Sean for this photo,
very well taken)

We left Aylesbury and made our way to Zoe's
House to meet the others. (from the left, Jean,
Claude, Helen, Zoe, James and Spike)

Sean and I couldn't get into Zoe's drive as
well so we were left on the road...

The convoy left for the park and met Rachael
 and the Sierra Yellow Westy en-route.
Claude inspecting the ground after we
parked up.

Just assembling the vehicles in a big circle.
Ruth's beetle, Yellow Westy, Zoe's bay,
Racheal's polo and my bay.

Vehicles parked, gazebo's up, time to fire up
the BBQ.

For such an impromptu meet, it was a really
good turn out.

James and Helen with their super clean bug.

BBQ on the go, time to chill out... even
Bear looks chilled.

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

4 Vehicles from the Ox Dubs even turned up,
thanks guys that made 12 vehicles in total.

James showing under the hood is as clean
as the outside.

A lovely period picnic hamper James picked up
at a car boot sale!

The guys for Ox Dubs, a very basic buggy and
a ratty notch back

Poor guy driving the buggy must have been
frozen as it wasn't the warmest of days.

The engine and rear end of this buggy did
look the business.

The camp from yet another angle...

This sticker was on the back of the ratty
notch and it tickled my fancy !

Ruth's beetle and the Sierra Yellow Westy
that Zoe and Spike have just sold, sorry
but didn't catch the new owners name.

I do like this photo...

Claude discussing his splitty with an Ox Dubber,
and Sean and Lisa.

Home sweet home.

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