Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW meeting

Christian Peck from the 'Wolfsburg Weed Huggers' VW club sent out invites via facebook to all the local VW clubs to join them at their show at the Squirrel Pub, in Penn Street, Bucks. So a few of us from the Aylesbury area decided to go along...

At the usual meeting point on the A413. The
 Aston Martin obviously felt intimidated
when 5 air cooled VW's parked up, so
he quickly left... the accleration as
he blasted up the by-pass was amazing.

I think Blue is this years colour...(back to front)
Sean's blue bay, Dave's blue split, Stuarts yellow
bug and James's blue beetle.

This very clean '71 Karmann Ghia was the
owners entry vehicle into the VW scene.
Having never owned a VW before, he just saved
his money and bought his dream car, Most of
us start out with an old beetle bought
cheaply off a mate.

Classic shape of the Karmann... it will never
go out of fashion.

This is an american import from California, so
quite solid with no real rust issues. 

This spilt screen belonged to Christian, the
organiser of the show.
Good show Christian, well done.! 

Rear of Christian's splitty...

A super clean,super straight bay.

Polished Empi's and lowered suspension
complete the look.

Sean's bay, with his new louvre window fitted
by 'Spike' of 'The House of Dub'.

Dave's split window, looking good as usual.

Another clean and straight bay window.

It was a nice surprise when James and Helen
 decided to join us in their super clean beetle.
You will be hard pushed to find a
cleaner beetle, I have never seen any dirt
what-so-ever on this bug!.

Engine bay is as clean as the bodywork.

Yes Sean, very funny... !!

Another friend of our's Neil, turned up in his
newly acquired Syncro. He was telling us
about his recent off road experience, sounds like
great fun!

Early beetle turned up, with some nice period

Very nice period picnic basket.

Under the hood was more accessories
including period suitcase, and a retro light.

Nice late orange bay

This beetle arrived sporting these graphics.

Looked kind of retro...

Nice Convertible Karmann beetle turned up

This super low beetle caught my attention.. there's
something about a bug this low.

Looked lovely from behind...

This bay window is a regular up the Ace Cafe
on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

This beach buggy had a serious roll cage and
some serious rubber at the back.

This bumper sticker made me smile.. not sure
the cop's would accept the excuse though.

This deep red early Karmann was super clean.

Looked stunning in the sunlight.

Engine bay was clean, as you would expect.

This 'Monte Carlo Rally' style beetle was lovely.
It featured some real nice touches.

The headlight grille's, and twin spot's made
the front of this car.

This looked good from every angle. I loved
the single red light on the bumper.

Very bright green early bay was shining in
the sunlight.

A pair of 'fastback's' show how different
styles can make all the difference.

This Baja looked like it could be fun off road.

Single cab late bay window in German fire
truck livery looked good. 

Super low Caddy in matt black slipped
into the car park.

Although the sun did shine (occasionally) 
there was a cold wind. (left to right) Dave,
Angela, Sean, Lisa, Tim, Stuart and Bear
(the german shepard).

A late arrival was another early Karmann
finished in silver.

Low stance made this look so sleek.

My bus, in front of stuarts beetle in
the show area, this early blue fastback is
owned by a guy called Ed and won the
vote for best in show and is another regular
at the Ace Cafe.

This square back was another late arrival,
but when you look this good it's acceptable.

Sun bleached panels and original trim made
this just about perfect.

The 'Aylesbury' line up, (left to right)
James blue beetle, Stuarts yellow
beetle, my green bay, Dave's blue
split, and Sean's blue bay.

This was my view driving back to Aylesbury...

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