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NSRA Hot Rod Drags at Shakespeare County Raceway

Each year the NSRA (National Street Rod Association) hold the Hot Rod Drags at Shakespeare County Raceway. This year was the 24th such event and saw Hot Rods / Customs / Muscle cars / American / Gasser's and Dragsters race down the strip to see who's fastest. My friend Stuart suggested we go along for the day and as we are both ex-hot rodders, how could I refuse.! Check out the Shakespeare County Raceway website for more info:
As usual I took so many photos, I will post the NSRA hot rod drags in 2 parts. The 2nd part coming soon.
Walking towards the strip the standard of cars
parked up on the road was a good indication
of what was in store for the day. A pair of
Model 'A's parked in the sunshine.

Gasser style Ford 100E. A true British

I do like to see hot rod's being driven, and
this '32 Ford pick up was doing just that.

A fender less '32 3 window, in grey primer.

From the side the paint scheme on this 3
window reminds me of the 'So'Cal' paint

A true British Gasser, an Anglia estate. It was
a work in progress but looked promising from
what I could see.

Down the staging lane alongside the strip,
this 5 window model 'A' caught my eye.
Although it had a model 'B' grill, the overall
look was real hot rod.

Not sure what make this truck is, but I love it.

A stunning 1960's black and flamed Chevrolet
El Camino.

1932 Ford roadster, in gloss black.

Another 32 roadster in true hot rod guise,
red steel wheels with whitewall tyres and a
trusty Flathead V8 engine.

Yet another 32 roadster in yet another guise,
with wire wheels, sitting high and with the rag
top up.

This channelled '32 3 window coupe looked
awesome in army green with big block motor.

Just love those 15" x 15" wheels with the
Hoosier slicks.

A 1957 Chevy in true Gasser style. Bright
orange paint, decals and sitting high...

Although we didn't see this '57 run down the
strip, I bet it was fast.

Love the massive slicks under the rear end.
I think this was a Chevy truck, whatever it was
it looked so good. Love the two tone paint

Rear end of a '32 Ford with massive rear
tyres and louvres covering the deck lid.

A mark 3 Ford Cortina. I had one of these in
the same colour orange, but that is where the
similarities end..!

Pro street rear end on the 'Tina' Must have
been some serious tubbing to enable those
massive 10" x 15" wheels with slicks to fit
under the stock bodywork.

This is as British and Fish and Chips,and a
true classic. It's a Ford Consul named
'Henry Hi Rise' I remember watching this
race way back in the late 1970's. It was nice
to see it still had the same paint scheme.

The make and model of this rat looking rod
 is unknown to me but I just loved the look.

Walking through the camping area I spotted
this Dodge A108 camper. Lovely looking
classic, in what looks like original trim.

This lovely gold coloured Dodge Coronet
was so clean.

There is nothing better than seeing well
preserved 50 / 60s American motors in
original trim.

Walking through the pits I spotted this Ford
Anglia and the Mopar both sporting big block

I like going to the hot rod drags because you
get to cars / trucks that you haven't seen
before, and this is one of those examples.

Tucked away in the shade was this immaculate
1929 model 'A' pick up in pastel yellow with
red steel wheels.

A closer look at the Mopar, built purely for

In the staging lane on the way to the track,
this lovely 1932 roadster with red steels,
with baby moons and a DuVall windscreen.

Here's one for my mate Malc, who now lives in
Germany not quite a true Graffiti replica,
but doesn't it look good? A 1932 5 window
coupe in bright yellow.

True British hot rod, a late 50's Pro street Ford

'32 roadsters were abundant today, and each
one looked as good as the last one!

Another '70's British classic, 'Al's Gasser' a
Ford Popular in black and flames. Again
this car hasn't changed one bit, well
maybe just got faster.

How about this 1957 Chevy nomad in Gasser
style. totally awesome from every angle.
Close up looking into the engine bay from
under the wing. Note how clean and tidy
everything is. Love those headers.

The rear end looks just as good. Massive 15"
x 15" slicks under the stock bodywork with
wheelie bars. 

This pro street Ford Popular was bright. And
I saw later in the day on the strip, also fast!

A Gasser style Ford 'Pop'. Just love the
slicks sticking out from the original bodywork.

A true hot rod line up in the camping area.

Early blue Volvo looked quite tame, but
believe me once on the strip it didn't hang

1960's Dodge is running a 383ci motor. The
overall look of this car was gorgeous.

1955 Chevrolet in yellow with orange
perspex windows, sounds yuk, but looked lovely.

'Roarin Rat' this 1957 Chevy Gasser used to
belong to my mate Ken Brookes, not sure if he
still owns it or not as I didn't manage to track
him down in the pits.

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