Thursday, 6 September 2012

Outcast VW Club.

In my hometown of Aylesbury a few of us VW owners wanted a regular meeting where we could discuss VW's (and various other topics) and also to keep in touch with each other so a few of us decided to get together a new club. This was the first 'official' club meet and the variety of vehicles was good and considering it was the first meet not a bad turnout. The new club will be called 'The Outcast VW Club'.
I arrived at the new venue first, closely
followed by Stuart in his '71 bay with
his trademark chequered front.

A photo of the line up early in the evening.
(L to R) Andy's blue panel split, James and
Helen brought 'Toby' his blue beetle, Claude
brought his grey split screen, my '69 bay and
Stuarts bay.

Nice photo of the club line up from the front.

Andy's split screen panel van, with the
'Union Jack' flag painted on the roof.

'Toby' James's  immaculate trophy
winning beetle.

'Toby' as the sun sets over the car park.

Claude, back from his native France brought
his California import split screen along. Check
out Claudes blog for lots of VW stuff.

Claude's split with the 'Tesoro' livery as the
sun goes down.

My bay window named 'Princess Fiona' due to
being green and having the big ears, (extended
air vents) on my 1969 California import
bay window.

My best mate Stuart, from
brought his bay window with the very distinctive
hand painted chequered front.

Stuarts bay from behind as the sun goes down.

New member to the group is Matt who brought
his newly acquired bay window, which he
purchased from House of Dub Imports.

Trust Matt to be different. If this carries on he'll
start a new trend in how to park in the line up.!

Nice shot of the car park.

A nice surprise was Adrian who turned up
in his 'Fire Bus', which is soon to be lowered.

Looks like Adrian went to the same school of
parking etiquette as Matt did.
(only joking guy's)

I'm not fluent in German, in fact I'm not even
sure the sign writing on Adrian's fire bus is in
German, but it does look good.

You can see just how high Adrian's bay is,
hopefully this will be cured, very soon.

Outcast line up from the rear.

Another nice surprise was to see Zoe from
House of Dub
who with her partner Spike had spent all day
unloading a container with their latest bay
window California imports.

House of Dub are now the proud owners
of another 3 bay window California imports.
If your looking to purchase an early bay from
a 'dry' state, give House of Dub a call.

The club members enjoying the atmosphere,
the good company, oh and the cold beer. The
evening was enjoyed by all, and a very
promising start for a new club.

That was the first official Outcast club meet.
The club meets of the first Thursday of each
month at the 'Charter' public house on the A41
Bicester Road in Alyesbury from 7.00pm

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