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NSRA Hot Rod Drags, part 2.

Part two of the Hot Rod drags starts with the racing. Whilst watching the 2012 Olympics earlier this year I saw an interview with the guy that was going to start the 100m men's final. When asked what constitutes a false start, he replied that if an athlete reacts quicker than 2 hundredths of a second after the gun has fired, then this is a false start. He said this is because the human brain cannot react to a stimulant, be it a sound or light quicker the 2 hundredths of a second. With that in mind I witnessed several drivers race down the strip with reaction times of 2.3 / 2.4 hundredths of a second after the green light had come on. Amazing reactions which normally won them the race.
In the staging lane the green channelled '32
Ford 3 window and a dragster. When staging,
the car you are next to does not always mean
that is the guy you will race.

Talking about reaction times, the '32 Ford
got away quicker than the model A pick up.

A pair of pro street Ford Populars peel out
to ensure their tyres and hot and sticky ready
for the start.

A very even reaction time for both these,
so it's down to how much power your car is
producing when you cross the finish line.

The hotter and sticker you can get your rear
tyres,the more traction you will get.

The red Ford Pop had an amazing reaction
time and had over a cars length over the
burgundy and black Pop over the first 100m.
After this it was a case of just keep the throttle
to the floor and victory will come.

This awesome dayglo yellow Pop, 'Gas Attack'
did some amazing burn outs and got the slicks
really hot and super sticky.

Which along with his reaction times helped him
to some comfortable wins. This is one of the
drivers with the 2.3 hundredths of a second
reaction times.

My old mate from way back, Ken Brookes
in the staging lane waiting to race.

Red Gasser Ford Pop against the grey pro
street Pop. I think I'm right in saying the grey
Pop won this duel.

Lovely '55 Chevy, 'Green Onions' may have
had a slower reaction time against the Thames
van, but once the Chevy horsepower kicked in
it was an easy win.

Another old mate (who I haven't seen for ages)
is Nick in his Austin A40.

Yellow '55 Chevy against a '41 Willy's

Whatever class you race in, there is so little
difference regarding horsepower and top
speed, that it's all down to reaction times, and
the '41 Willy's driver was on the ball.

Walking through the pits I saw this dragster,
and had to look twice, yes that is 2 big blocks
mated together. The noise this made when
they started it almost made my ears bleed.!

This is the view the driver has, as he goes
down the track at 200mph plus.

'Green Onions' a 1955 Chevrolet. This is
another car that has been around for at
least 30 years, again nice to see the car
still looks the same externally.

Written above the door on 'Green Onions'
Nothing to add from me...

A better picture of Nicks Austin. Such a good
looking car.
Flathead V8 with triple carbs,the only way
to go if you want nostalgia.

Gasser style Ford Pop. If you don't need it,
get rid of it, every piece of weight counts.

Interior is sparse, but then your only in it for
about 8-9 seconds..!

This early Plymouth was gorgeous.

Remember the channelled '32 Ford, well this
is the rear end. Massive 15" x 15" wheels
with Hoosier slicks.

Red with yellow flames on the Plymouth.
Pure Hot Rod.

I spotted this brown '32 Ford 5 window in the
camping area.

Right a mid mounted V8, anyone care to have
a guess as to what vehicle this is in?

It is in a Bedford CF Van. This is another
vehicle that my mate Stuart tells me has
been around for years.

Time for a Volkswagen fix... I spotted this
lovely looking split screen in the camping

Hot rods around every corner.. heaven.

There were plenty of trade stands at the drag
strip selling every conceivable product.

Nostalgia is my thing and this high riding
model 'A' looked just right in bright red paint
and cream steel wheels with whitewall tyres.

A '32 roadster in red with contrasting black
chassis, and matching wire wheels.

This really was nice. When my numbers come
up on the lottery watch out for me driving
something very similar.

A channelled Model 'A' pick up with ratty
paintwork, small block Chevy motor and
awesome wheels, love it.

This is just brilliant. Looks so good from
every angle.

This dayglo orange Ford Pop was nestled
between 2 tents, it'll take more than that
to hide this car!

Very low single cab split screen with extra
rat look paint. doesn't get much better.

This bug is starting to be a regular on my
blog, but it is nice so I don't mind.

'32 Ford Hi-boy roadster with a channelled
'32 pick up.

This stunning 1950 Plymouth Suburban was
for sale, all totally original £13,950. Bargain.

Red and black, the ultimate Hot rod colours
and put them on a '32 roadster, you have
a winning formula.

This modern looking '32 roadster looked a bit
like a street sleeper, until I noticed the
headers. They are not there for show.

At the hot rod drags there were plenty of
quality period motorcycles, but this hard
tail really caught my eye.

Hot rods of every make and model were at
the event. I did like the brown Model 'A' pick
up, must be the rust colour.

Maybe the low stance, or maybe the steels
with whitewall tyres, whatever it was it hit
the spot.

As we started to leave I spotted this funny car
with the body up, So I couldn't resist taking
a photo.

Even the kids got in the show with their
'tot rods' most have something like a 5hp
motor, and they even go down the strip.

So that was the NSRA Hot Rod Drags, we
did talk about camping there for the weekend
next year, but that is a long way off, so we'll
have to see what happens between now and
then. Overall a great day out with some
great racing and awesome cars. Highly
recommended if you can make it next year.

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